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Reality and Rituals

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 4:05 am    Post subject: Reality and Rituals Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

I want to talk and learn more about "reality" (in a far-fetched sense) and will give you some examples, two about an influenced test and another two about more or less unconscious episodes of life. The last two things are examples for rituals.

1.) A professor tests 10 students. He shows them pictures with some different lines on which one of the lines is smaller then the rest. The students only have to tell the professor which one is the smallest of them. The special condition at this case is that nine of the ten students are told to lie at a certain point of the test and say that one line is the smallest one, although it isn't obviously that special one. Only one student doesn't know about this change.
It is fascinating to see how this lone student chooses to react. Some, the smallest group decides to keep their own opinion as answer, although nobody else does and the nine student look at him oddly. The highest percentage of students choose to follow the rest and tell that the wrong line is the smallest. It is incredibly to realise how many choose to disbelieve their own judgement. Of course some people only deny their own judgement in order to avoid the social disapprovement, but the fact is that they stop telling "the truth".

2.) Two persons are tested separately, but at the same time. Both watch pictures of either ill or healthy organs. They have to decide which are ill and which are healthy. The first person gets the correct answer on his guesses. He will see whether his judgement was right or wrong. The second one gets only answers on a random level, no matter whether his decision was right or not. After a few dozen pictures both persons meet in a room and are ordered to tell the other one why he chooses illness or healthiness.
The important point is that the first person talks about colour of the organs or form or something. The second person, who couldn't get answers that were correct had to deliberate more and explains very detailed why one organ is ill or not, keeping an eye on really small things the first person haven't even noticed. Then both were separated again and watch another row of pictures. Interestingly, the first person changes almost every time the basement for his judgement and suddenly starts to imitate the way the second person decides.

3.) During the world war were many American soldiers in England. At this time many of these soldiers thought of the English women as either frigide or nymphoman. How can this be? It was a result of the different levels of a relationship for Americans and English women. Both got about 20 steps from firt meeting to sex, but the sequence is different. It is (or perhaps was) pretty normal for people from America to kiss rather early, but uncommon for those women. Kissing was at level 7 and 13. This means when a soldier kissed a woman he did something normal for him, but the woman herself felt cheated, because she didn't experience the for her necessary levels 7 to 13. Now the woman had to decide whether she wants to do the next step after kissing (for her) or denies any other contact.
If she chooses the first one, the American feels that she goes directly from a normal thing (for him) like kissing to a step that lies way above this one. If she chooses to deny, he thinks that she reacts strange, because he didn't anything wrong at his point of view.

4.) Armament was a big problem during the cold war, maybe one of its main problems. The original idea was to own so many weapons that a war would be highly unlikely. This idea alone might sound reasonable, but unfortunately the other party will increase their arsenal of weapons, because they feel threatend by the opponent's action. Of course they will armament as well, to strenghten their "defense". This will lead to another armament for the first nation, because they feel threatend as well. This circle goes on and on until both nations are strong enough to destroy the enemy a dozen times and everything else with the same attack. Although not one of them really want to use the weapons the danger of using them increases by their quantity.

As a last note: Am I the only one who sometimes feels like the horse which had been taught that everytime the bell rings a flow of electricity will led through his hoof and causes some pain. The horse learns of course pretty hast that there is a connection between the sound and the pain and will start to rise his hoof as soon as the bell rings, even if the electricity is switched off. Unfortunately the horse won't ever get the chance to realise this, since he will avoid the pain that can't come in reality. This is actually how rituals starts to work...

The very last thing about is about rituals...
Tests with rats about this topic are interesting. A rat enters a limited space from one direction. The other side of the space can be opened by a mashine that gives food to the rat. If the rat get in less then twenty seconds to the other side nithing will happen, but if the way tooks longer than those twenty seconds food will be delivered automatically. At one point or another the rat realises this for the first time.
The rat "assumes" (as far as we can tell) that something she did may have started the process. The rat will almost never realise that it has something to do with the time she needs, but rather what way she walks and what movements she made. In the end she will try the same things the next time and again she will get food. Now she will continue with this sceme... A ritual is born!

The Fool
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