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[Phase 16] Kanakan Exploration of Eloise du Chatillon

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2007 12:39 am    Post subject: [Phase 16] Kanakan Exploration of Eloise du Chatillon Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Dear Diary,

My bestest friend Gertrude told me I should start keeping a diary!
Gertrude is so cool cause she's real smart and knows lots of stuff and she has such great taste in clothes!
Mom hates her though, she says that she's bad influence for me.
Even today she said, "you are a du Chatillon!" like she does every day!!!

AHHHHHHhhh!!!! Annoying!! I don't care about "our business"!!
It's boring and dull!!
I don't want to spend my life thinking all day about selling and buying wine!!
It'd be much cooler to be like Madame LaRouche... working with exotic animals and training your own cavalry!!!
I rather die than having to be holed up in my office all day, staring at invoices!!

It's so boring here too... I live in the middle of nowhere, between La Mouette and Haine Cordiale.
Yeah, totally the bestest place to ride horses, but mom doesn't even let me ride unless I get good marks at merchant school in Haine Cordiale...

I saw this girl in Haine Cordiale... she was like the same age as me but she was fighting against large guys in the military academy!!
She beat the guy senseless!
Other girls at merchant school told me she's called Asra-Mara, and she's not from Kanakan.
I'd like to go to the military academy instead!!

Guillot the butler hasn't brought me letters yet.
I wonder who will write to me?
Maybe somebody will give me a good idea on what I should do... where I should go?
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2007 2:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Dear Diary,

Guillot told me I received a letter today!
I opened it, and it was an advertisement I think?
A foreign nation wants to recruit me!! Ahaha!! So funny! :P
I'll paste the letter right into the diary!

somebody wrote:
Dear Eloise du Chatillon,

Somehow we have learned way up in the Nameless Lands of your wish to leave the boring life of becoming a wine merchant. I am hereby informing you that we can provide you with an opportunity to start an exciting life full of adventure.

On the west coast of our nation, in the region of Logantaro, there is the famous Griffon Academy based. Here, brave men and women aspire to become proud members of the glorious Nameless Winds, warriors who ride on the backs of the majestic race of griffons. Only the bravest and strongest of humans and griffons alike become part of the Nameless Winds. Training is hard and challenging, but the reward is overwhelming. Soaring the great skies on your very own griffon partner, the ultimate sense of freedom and the experience of a lifetime. The strength of the Nameless Winds is often required, so there will be plenty of action for anybody attending the Griffon Academy, for the full-fledged Griffon Rider as well as the trainees and breeders.

We promise no offices, no invoices, but a great experience in a far away land with a unique culture, perfect for anybody seeking adventure and working with exotic animals. I look forward to your reply.

Riding a Griffon and flying!! That sounds so cool!
But... there's no way I'd leave Kanakan!
Maybe after I become an adult I can go to the Nameless Lands.
I've learned about them a bit in school!!
They're important for trade betwene Harmonia and Zexen... well, not anymore I guess... but the books still say that!
They seem to be a bit strange too... I don't think they take baths very often? That would suck!

I'll have to show this to Gertrude tomorrow!!
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2007 5:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Dear Diary,

School was boring.
Mr. Paulo was lecturing about the importance of currency... really boring!!!
Of course, if mom would give me my allowance so I can go to Persall's in La Mouette and buy some new clothes, currency is all good!! :) :) :)

I saw Gertrude at school so I showed her the letter from yesterday.
She laughed, but also told me I should be careful...
She said that people would want to take me away because I'm a du Chatillon.
Maybe for ransom... like what happened to Francois few years ago?
Gertrude is so smart!! <3 <3

And once I got home, Guillot gave me another letter...

someone wrote:
Though normally I'd say you should listen to your mum, you seem to really like Gertrude, and you two seem to be really good friends, so don't let your mum tell you who you should be friends with. Though I wouldn't say I have a great taste in clothes, I try and stay practicle and fashionable, perhaps Gertrude would be able to give me fasion tips heh :D.

You know, if you can't go to military academy, why don't you ask that girl to train you. I mean, she sounds strong, and by the sounds of it she's not making many friends since arriving in Kanakan. She'll probably enjoy the company, and you'll at least be able to learn some stuff from her.

Wow, somebody understands me!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll be friends with Gertrude forever and ever and ever and ever!!!
And mom can't do anything because Gertrude goes to merchant school too!
...I'd like to invite her to my house though so we can ride together...

I think I'll try to say hi to that girl when I pass by the military academy. Maybe she needs friends, and it'll be so cool to have a friend like her!! :D
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2007 1:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Dear Diary,

It was raining today so I had to take the carriage to Haine Cordiale.
I like it much better when I can just ride Lucienne.
Sitting inside a carriage is unconfortable because the road is so bumpy!
Hurts my butt!!

I saw that girl training in the rain! She must be very dedicated!

Oh yeah, Gertrude told me today that griffons like to eat horses! That's mean! I think I hate griffons!! Gertrude knows everything...

And... I got some more letters.

somebody wrote:

Dear lady du Chatillon

Iíve heard of your unrest and must warn you to be careful. I come from a wealthy family to the west and when I was a child of your age yearned to leave my family and become distant from my families duties. Iíd planned to become an artist and paint in the windows of the churches of the Holy Kingdom and never return to my dull and boring family. Fate though had a different plan and during my travel to the kingdom I was kidnapped and eventually this led me down the path of becoming a vagabond and a criminal and lost my hidden dream, but realized a new dream to become what I am today.

You may not be preordained to become some warrioress Calvary rider, but that doesnít mean you canít become friends with someone of that life and support and learn from them. But be wary that any change though can bring unexpected and possibly unwanted side effects.

P.S Whatís your favorite flower? Mineís the rose!

Favorite flower!? Never thought of that really... I don't know about flowers much. Maybe the lilac because the purple is pretty.

...anyways this person sounds so serious! Wow! like... wow!
loosen up maybe?
me? unrest? Ahahahah!!!!

And now another letter!

someone wrote:
Hiya again Mademoiselle du Chatillon.

I'm not sure if you got my last letter, but after I sent it I had a BRILLIANT idea.

See I got the idea from how my Leader treats me. He's like my Godfather or something, the way he acts. He can be a bit of an ass at times, like the time I wanted to go fishing with Pef and a few other friends. We were having an arguement about what would win, a whale or a shark, so we wanted to test it. I thought a shark would win, he thought a Whale, what do you think? Anyway, the leader (ass) said no, because apparently we're at war. But I don't like him telling me who I should be friends with and fighting, so I still talk to them and have fun.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the best way you can get around your mum is by pretending to do what she likes, but really getting your own way. You mentioned that Gertrude was smart, but is she above you in the marking scheme? I'm not saying she is, because you seem really really clever, but if she is, maybe you can convince your mum that she's really really clever, and that she's offering her services as a tutor, and that the only payment she wants is a ride on the horses everytime she comes up.

If all goes well, not only do you get to soend time "studying" (not really) with her, but you get to go ride the horses as well

Sharks are mean... I think dolphons are cute though.
I think they can kick shark butt cause their smarter.

I don't thinl Gertrude gets good marks in school.
She doesn't care about the boring stuff they teach...
like today, Mr. Paolo went on and on about the cost of flour and how other stuff affects it and everything... really really boring. like, who cares!!!

someone wrote:
Be careful in the real world if you ever decide to step out of Kanakan there are some scary people who might use you. Always train to be the best you can, and make as many friends as you can while your doing it. Try to pay attention in school for even that stuff helps you when you think of things on the larger picture.

If you ever wish to leave I would recommend heading off on your own it is rather enjoyable but lonely. Of course there are some people out there who make the journey's bareable, and you should stay close to those who make life enjoyable.

A friendly travaler.

Wow, why all of these advice? Kind of annoying!!!

someone wrote:
Dear Eloise du Chatillon,

We in the Nameless Lands are saddened by your refusal of our first offer to join our vague nation. It has come to our attention that you love horses more than anything. Well, what a coincidence, since the Nameless Lands is home to a unique breed of equine creature known as the Buck-toothed Horse. Yes, the Buck-toothed Horse cannot be found in any region of the world besides our very own Lalaland, located just south of the Northlands.

If you accept our offer, you will be made Minister of Buck-toothed Horse Affairs, a currently empty seat on our Nameless Lands Council. But you must respond soon, as this position will surely be filled in the coming weeks.

Come, share in the glory of the Nameless Lands!

Ahahaha, funny! I would like to see the "Buck-toothed horse" one day.

Oh... and on my way home from school, I saw that girl again at the military academy.
I waved at her and yelled "hello!" and she looked at me!!
She just had a blank stare though, maybe she's shy.

I asked Gertrude at school if we should ask her to become friends...
Gertrude thinks she's cool if she can "beat other guys up" but we'll have to sneak into the military academy...
Mom would be so angry if we're found!!
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2007 12:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Dear Diary,

Ysterday mom was away for business at La Mouette.
Guillot was here, but it's easy to trick him... I took Lucienne to pick up Gertrude and we went to Haine Cordiale.

I had to leave Lucienne outside town though... poor Lucienne.

It was easy to climb over the fence at the military academy! No problem!
Gertrude also climbed over it really fast!

But then came the shocker! Asra-Mara was right there staring at us!
She was training at night.
She thought we were thieves, bu Gertrude convinced her that we're just curious students from the merchant academy.
She said she thought all merchant academy students are "fat and spoiled"!!
She's right with many of the other students!! She was impressed that we scaled the walls to the military academy.

We talked and she said she came from New Armes and lives in the dormitory.
She said she doesn't know many people.
Gertrude said she should join us at lunch time because we eat outside at Le Gros Etudiant.
The school cafeteria is gross anyways.

We said goodbye and left.
Guillot didn't notice I was gone! He was already asleep when I went home.

Oh, and I have letters today.
But the first two came to me by mistake, I think...

somebody wrote:
Dear Rose,

How long has it been since we've seen each other, My Love? My heart aches everyday we are apart. But it must be so... Ever since that incident in the City States, it is no longer safe for you to travel with me, and someone must be in the Empire to watch over our estates there. I am still at war in the north, but my mens moral is at an all time high. We've recently uncovered a new foe, and work hard to subjugate them under our rule.

I do hope this letter reaches you in good health, My Love... I gave it to a grubby merchant that was heading your way, paying him a small ransom to ensure it would reach you. But I fear the potch is gone and the letter along with it..

Strange! I'll give this back to Guillot and tell him it's a mistake!

somebody wrote:

As a citizen of one of Kanakan's neighbors across the sea, I feel it is my duty that you must be careful of the solicitations you receive. Verily I fear that they might use you as a means to exploit your glorious nation's weak point, leading to a war that I fear might even reach the soils from which you shall read this letter. Take heed of this dear lady, for I fear that it could be a danger to you!

Wow! very strange! i wonder who this letter was directed to!!

somebody wrote:

You wish for knowing where you should go. I think you should explore the western coast of Kanakan, because there is a large field there that has nothing. Maybe you will find something? You can go with your friends and your horse.

Sounds like a good idea!! I'll ask Gertrude and Asra-Mara if they wanna go!! :)
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 2:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

The three girls, Eloise Du Chatillon, Gertrude Hurtibuise, and Asra-Mara head out to the western fields, based on recommendations made to Eloise du Chatillon. Eloise and Gertrude ride together on Eloise's horse, Lucienne, while Asra-Mara rieds her own horse.

"You ride pretty good, Mara!" Eloise comments while she gallopse beside Asra-Mara.

"Horsemanship is one of the basic skills of a New Armesian fighter, this is nothing exceptional..." Asra-Mara replies unemotionally.

"Horsemanship isn't required in our merchant curriculum... but maybe I will take it as an elective. This is pretty fun!" Gertrude exclaims as she honds onto Eloise.

"You said the same thing with the archery class, but you dropped it after two weeks! You get bored too fast! And I can't picture you taking care of the horses on a daily basis!" Eloise chuckles.

"That was because that archery instructor was creepy!" Gertrude replies angrily.

"Yeah, whatever" Eloise responds.

Asra-Mara suddenly stops her horse, and Eloise stops Lucienne as well to avoid crashing into her. "Hey Mara! be careful! I almost crashed into you."

Asra-Mara draws her sword and says quietly, "listen."

Eloise and Gertrude listens to the surroundings, and they hear some rustling from among the tall grass, along with some sounds of low grunting.

"What's that?" Eloise asks.

"I dunno... maybe we should run," Gertrude says in a concerned tone.

Suddenly with a roar, three gnolls stand up from grass surrounding the three, charging in with mauls in their hands. Asra-Mara draws her other sword and leaps from her horse to intercept two of the Gnolls. She quickly cuts down one of them, and then shoves her other sword into the second gnoll's gut. The third gnoll is warded off by Gertrude's fire magic. However, a larger group of gnolls appear at the distance and start charging towards them.

"Run." Asra-Mara says as she leaps onto her horse, sheathing her sword at the same time in one sweeping motion. "There are 72 of them. We lack the capability to defeat that quantity."

Eloise sends Lucienne into a powerful gallop, and the three manage to run away from the gnoll-infested fields.
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