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[Phase 15] Golden Seeds in the Azure Plains

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Following their victory in the Azure Plains by routing the bandit forces, Tinto Republic fighters prepare for the true reason they have come to the Azure Plains---to plant one of the Golden Seeds found from within the Sun Gourd. Gondthel the leader of Sean Elves proceeds to bury one of the remaining seeds into a patch of dirt. She quickly finishes her task and returns a safe distance away in case a kakodryad sprouts.

Soon a rumbling is heard as a sprout pops up rapidly from the ground. Stalks grow at an alarming speed as a single massive pod forms. The stalks thicken as the pod increases in size to roughly the body of a single human being.

Suddenly the pod opens-- revealing what looks like an exact duplicate of Sonnenblumen. Her eyes closed, she looks just as she was when the Tinto explorers discovered her in the ruin a long time ago. Her eyes open, and she peers around-- Gondthel and Anathel look on carefully, hands on the hilt of their sword.

Numerous flowers bloom from her green hair and wilt at the same time as she takes a deep breath. She then leaps from the pod--grasses grow around her with each footstep. Stopping in front of a tense Gondthel, she says, "can I have the other seed, please?" in a polite voice. Gondthel hands her the golden seed.

She takes a close look at the seed, and abruptly crushes it as she clenches her left fist. She then opens her palm, showing all that remains--golden powder. "Don't be afraid," she says as she holds Gondthel's hand. She then blows the golden powder off from her hand---the powder scatters about, and a sudden gust of wind disperses them further. As the glimmering specs settle to the ground, sprouts of various flora emerge from the soil, growing at an unnatural rate.

"It will take a while, and the care of elvenkind to make this forest live once again, as it did during the times of Pak-Tor" she says.

"So you are Hyldevinde?" Gondthel asks.

"Some used to call me by that name, others called me Sonnenblumen, but before that I had no name---as I am one with this land," Sonnenblumen responds as she kneels down to look at a plant sprouting right in front of her.

"My redemption is complete, the satisfaction I sought has been achieved," she says plainly as she watches a tree grow beside her.

Sonnenblumen runs to Gil-galad and Ati-Anyaka, "For that, I have to thank the brave soldiers of Tinto, who took me out of that dungeon and brought me back under the light, aiding me in my quest to destroy those who betrayed me. Now the cycle of destruction and creation has come full circle... and we can once again--create."

"However, my powers are limited. I am still new in this incarnation. This land continues to die as poisons flowing from the mines of the east threaten us. I will need the aid of elves to counter this and bring balance--if Tinto wishes this. Otherwise, this land is still doomed."

"What is your choice, Tinto?"

[Continued non-publicly]
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