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Nation Profile for: Highland Kingdom
Nation Profile Highland Kingdom Stats

Highland Kingdom
King of Highland:  Sage
Judiciary:  None
Aristocrat:  Falcon Critical
Marquess:  Calvin
Border Guard:  SwissStopwatch
Platinum Spear:  Lunarblade
Capital:  L'renouille
Total Regions:  11
Total Population:  1210128
Mean Cultivation:  26
Mean Public Morale:  32
Mean Development:  30
Mean Culture:  31
Mean Defense:  37
Mean Commerce:  37
Military Statistics
Total Soldiers:  160672
Archer Regiments:  27
Cavalry Regiments:  11
Infantry Regiments:  35
Magician Regiments:  39
Other Regiments:  35
Nation Description


There is little information regarding the people who occupied the area where the current Highland Kingdom stands, but through the ruins found in various areas of the Kingdom, researchers have shed some light on the group of nomadic tribes known as the Caliahn. They were raiders who were loosely connected to each other and stole from nations and establishments near them. Among the tribes, was a cult that worshiped the white wolf T'arrena, appropriately called the White Wolf Cult. The Holy Kingdom of Harmonia declared them to be heretics and began to systematically hunt and exterminate them. Despite their efforts to suppress the cult, Harmonia was never able to completely eradicate them and rumor is that they were a contributing force in Harmonia's civil war.

The modern Highland Kingdom formed from the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia when Harmonia presented the land as a gift to Maroux Blight, who was instrumental in quelling the rebel uprising at the time. He was given the title "Defender of the Faith" and settled the land as his own kingdom. Harmonia also presented him with the Platinum Spear, a national treasure, and eventually the Beast Rune, one of the 27 True Runes also found its way to the Highland Kingdom. Since its inception, the Highland Kingdom has always conflicted with their neighbors in the Dunan region for control of more land, often taking advantage of the internal mayhem of the various alliances, nations, kingdoms and so on that existed next to them. These wars brought fear of the Highland Army to their enemies and established Highland as a nation of powerful warriors.

Even though Highland appeared brutish on the outside, within the nation itself, culture abounded and the people flourished. In the vast city of L'renouille, the Blight family had L'renouille Palace built to emphasize their power and lineage and it was an amazing structure to behold. The palace became the new permanent residence of the royal family. L'renouille itself became a center for art, science, trade, and culture for more than just the Highland Kingdom, only rivaled by Crystal Valley itself. Various other locales had their own charm. Kyaro was a peaceful border town with a rustic feel and Sajah Village was a quiet, little place on the northern border with Harmonia.

The last great war fought between the Highland Kingdom and the City-States of Jowston was a brutal one that saw the death of two kings, the unleashing of the Beast Rune, and the apparent end of the Highland Kingdom as City-State forces captured L'renouille and then King Jowy Blight fled while sending Queen Jillia Blight away as well. However, the newly formed Dunan Republic had trouble controlling the former Highland Kingdom, renamed the Higheast province, and there was eventually an uprising later deemed the Higheast Rebellion. Although the rebellion failed, the Republic could not eliminate the feelings of the rebels, nor all of the rebels themselves. Eventually, the rebel forces were able to break free of the bonds of the Republic and led to the newly reformed Highland Kingdom. The rebels were not led by a Blight, as they were gone, but by a man named Fliktor.

After a long reign as the new king of Highland, Fliktor mysteriously vanished. It was later found out that he transferred his soul into his dæmon Axiose in order to avoid his own death at the hands of an incurable, hereditary, life-threatening disease. He left Highland in order to search for a cure for this disease and abdicated the throne to Sage, who currently still rules as king of Highland. Sage's reign has already seen many groundbreaking events unfold: peace with the City-States of Jowston after yet another long brutal war, the return of the Lost Queen Jillia Blight, and the Kingdom's war against pirates sieging the seas. Surely, many more events of such historical significance will follow.


The Highland Kingdom's military is current broken up into the Four Royal Highland Companies, each with their own purpose, funding, and generals.

1st Royal Highland Company
The 1st Royal Highland Company is known as the White Duck Guard. The 1st RHC is under the direct command of the King, who also commands the Kingdom's entire army. Those in the 1st RHC are among the strongest and most loyal generals in the Kingdom. The 1st RHC is always deployed all across Highland, supporting the 3rd and 4th RHCs. When the need arises however, the entire 1st Company gathers together behind the King to destroy whatever threat there is to the Kingdom. Rumor is that facing the entire 1st Company is worse than being devoured by the Beast Rune.

2nd Royal Highland Company
The 2nd Royal Highland Company is known as The Royal Guard. The 2nd RHC, currently under the command of Culgan, defends the Kingdom's citizens and the capital city of L'renouille. Many of the warriors in the 2nd RHC have shown great prestige in battle defending one's nation and many have even led Highland's Platinum Spear regiment at one time. The 2nd RHC is rarely deployed in offensive maneuvers unless the lives of Highland citizens are in great peril.
3rd Royal Highland Company
The 3rd Royal Highland Company, under the command of Zonder, is known as The Blue Wolves. They are charged with repelling foreign invasions and are the first line of defense against aggression. Although more commonly sent on offensive missions than the 2nd RHC, they are still rarely sent out on such campaigns. Due to their emphasis on defense, the officers of the 3rd RHC are well versed in defensive battles and tactics and are unyielding when it comes to holding the defensive line.
4th Royal Highland Company
The 4th Royal Highland Company is known as The Blue Unicorns and is commanded by Hamal Jhee, going under the name of Falcon Critical. The Blue Unicorns are Highland's primary strike force and are the first to be sent into enemy territory. They are a constant threat to Highland's enemies due to their ability to quickly mobilize and strike deeply into enemy territory. While the 4th RHC initiates the attacks and disrupts enemy lines, the 1st RHC often follows in behind them, to finish the task and reinforce the attack line.

The Unicorn Brigade
In addition to the four companies, the Highland Kingdom revived the Unicorn Brigade and placed it under the guidance of Meghan. The Brigade differs from its previous incarnation that was dedicated solely to the training of young soldiers. Today, it not only seeks to prepare the young officers, but also the less experienced soldiers for future missions with the four regular companies. Those in the Unicorn Brigade are meant to see action in the near future, just not without proper training first.

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