The Scarlet Moon Empire occupies an area surrounding Lake Toran.
The Imperial Capital, Gregminster, is located at the mouth of Lake Toran where the lake flows into the ocean.
South of the capital is Lenankamp, the city of trade, and to the east is Mt. Seifu.
The area around teh capital is protected by the "waterbourne" fortress of Shasarazade and the Fortress of Kwaba.
To the south of the empire is the Great Forest, and to the west is Lorimar, known for the Warrior's Village, and the Dragon Knightdom.
Looking north, the border to the Empire's archrival, City-States of Jowston, lies right ahead--
a vast desert and wasteland.

Senan Area

Dragon's Den Knightdom

Kunan Area

Lorimar Area
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Dana Area

The Land of Arlus

Gouran Area

Great Forest