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What is Yuber?
Yuber has been an enigma among Suikoden fans since Suikoden 1. Initially appearing as a terrifying adversary during the "Cave of the Past" episode, Yuber has struck fear in many hearts hither-yonder. In the beiginning, all we knew about him was thet he was "The Black Knight." However, in Suikoden 2, a few more tidbits about him has been revealed, and in Suikoden 3, a while lot has been revealed. Let me list these--
  • "He is like a shadow" according to Pesmerga.
  • He hates True Runes according what he said to Riou in Suikoden 2.
  • He is not human according to multiple sources.
  • He is has the Eightfold Rune which we barely know nothing about.
  • He craves chaos, and actively seeks it according to what he said in Suikoden 3.
  • He has participated in most major wars according to Konami.
  • He has to be "summoned" by some sort of means. A method that both Leon Silverberg and Albert Silverberg have learned.
  • He has little understanding of True Runes although he is an owner of one. At times he shows a suprising naivette towards the subject of True Runes.
  • He is chased by Pesmerga for some unknown reason.

With all the above information, we can come up with a few different theories on the nature of Yuber--

He is an unfortunate member of the Rock Band, King Krimson, who is being pursued by a deranged fan (Pesmerga)
How is this possible? Well, just look at Yuber's hair, he totally looks grunge, he also uses serious pyrotechnics during important scenes. Pesmerga is just a fan who is obsessed. Obvious!

Yuber is a deranged fan running away from King Krimson members
Yuber stole King Krimson's precious armor and is on the run. He needs to stay involved in war to make sure he can be unreachable by normal means. Thats OBVIOUSLY why Pesmerga has to join Tir and Riou's army so he can possibly get a chance to get his armor back.

Yuber is the incarnation of Chaos
The Eightfold Rune, is probably a rune symbolizing chaos. This is because the Eightfold Star in Daoist Alchemy, along with the number 8 (Highest Yin Numeral), is a symbol of chaos. If this is the case, it is understandable why Yuber has an insatiable desire to create chaos and wade in blood. This also legitimizes his fury towards other True Runes because all True Runes naturally are against each other, just like how various forces of nature compete against each other, creating much change -- chaos. The fact that Yuber is the only one who seems to summon undead creatures (skeletons, bone dragons), seems to point towards his innate inclination towards nevarious beings.

Yuber is the incarnation of the "Sword"
In the beginning of the Suikoden World, there was a huge battle between the brothers -- sword and shield -- which resulted in the creasting of the 27 True Runes. Some say that Yuber may be the "Sword" described in this conflict, but this theory is often based on a false assumption that sword = chaos. However, as with many references to philosophy such as Thomas Hobbes' "Leviathan," sword = order due to the fact that it is the power to enforce. In the Suikoden world, the Shield symbolizes chaos. Who knows how the "power to protect," can be considered as promoting chaos, but that's how it is in the Suikoden World. Regardless, it is hard to say that Yuber is a shield, because there is nothing about him that is very shield-like.

Yuber is a creature from the World of Emptiness
Some people have mentioned Yuber and Pesmerha's similarity with the monsters "Mirage." In fact, the Mirages perform an attack that is nearly indentical to Yuber's Eight Devil Rune. Additionally, Yuber has been sighted "among" the monsters at the Ceremonial Site at the very end of Suikoden 3, as if stating that Yuber is a monster summoned just like all the other beaings summoned by Luc and Sarah. In fact, Yuber was summoned by Albert Silverberg, who used some arcane method call forth this being from the World of Emptiness.

So what in the world is Yuber?
With all this said, it is still hard to say what Yuber is. Although official information declares that a fight between him and Yuber can only take place in the final Suikoden, Yuber himself is not a character who can be seen as a final arch-villain. He is naive in terms of his understanding of the world, and is almost child-like in his comprehension of the world. He hides incredible powers for sure, but he is not the type who can be a leader--he lacks the skill of manipulation that is necessary for all leaders to possess. Yuber is very simple in purpose, he craves chaos because the order imposed by True Runes generates pain for him. Destruction and the taking of life is what soothes his mind and soul (if he has one). For that reason, he is more like an animal trying to survive. For Yuber, survival is to cause chaos the best way he can.

Written by SARSadmin
Aug 24th, 2003