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Tagaart is a Highland Spy

Tagaart is one of Warren's servant who joins the Toran Liberation Army. He is portrayed as a low-profile but loyal subject of the wealthy land owner. However, keen eyes see a hidden agenda behind his otherwise harmless exterior. Here, you will read how Tagaart secretly plotted to trigger the Dunan Unification War, acting as an agent of the Highland Army. The proofs herein will no doubt shock readers, yes, readers like you! Prepare yourself to see the truth behind this monster that is called "Tagaart."

Tagaart Hides Incredible, Hidden Powers
When Tagaart first arrives at your castle, he is apprehended by Krin and Kasumi at the ground floor. Take note the fact that the Toran Liberation Army HQ is isolated in the middle of a Lake! How did he get to the HQ? Did he swim? Unlikely, because we know that the elven warrior, Kirkis, nearly died swimming to the island. Besides, Tagaart was not wet at all!
Could he have used a ship? Unlikely, as manning a ship alone is nearly impossible, especially in a lake as difficult as Toran. Fishermen in Kaku says that "only reckless Tai Ho would ever think of sailing to that island!"
In that case, how could have Tagaart arrived at the headquarters? He teleported, obviously. That is the only possible explanation of how he may have arrived at the Lake Castle!

Tagaart Orchestrated Warren's Capture
Warren was captured by Kasim Hazil because he was hiding rebels in his manor, specifically, Viktor. Viktor was on his way back from his mission to deliver a letter to Anabelle, asking her to send troops to attack Moravia. Obviously having known this, Tagaart must have informed Kasim that Warren was hiding a senior member of the Toran Liberation Army, leading to Warren's capture along with Viktor.
Why would he have done this? In order to provoke the Toran Liberation Army to attack Moravia, obviously! He did this to ensure Tinto and South Window will send their army fast enough to destabilize the balance of power within Jowston. Because it is official information that the turmoil caused from the Jowston-Toran war lead directly to Highland's invasion of Muse, the above is not far fetched at all. In fact, it is the only plausible explanation!!

Tagaart is a Highland Citizen
It is very clear that Tagaart is a Highland citizen. Look at how he dresses. He wears completely WHITE clothes! The Highland Kingdom's official color is also "white." Coincidence? I think not!! Also, look at the fact that Tagaart has Black Hair just like every single member of the Highland Royal Family! How can anyone not see these obvious links!?!?

Tagaart is The DEVIL!
Case in point: Look at Tagaart's star of destiny. He is the Chima star, which is known as the Devil Star!! What more proof does one need to see the devious nature of this deliberately low-profile political criminal!?!?

With all these in-game FACTS, none can possibly disagree with the fact that Tagaart is an EVIL, EVIL man with incredibly twisted goals that he wishes to achieve at ANY COST. Beware of Tagaart, you never know if he would suddenly stab you in the back while you thought he couldn't harm a soul.

Written by SARSadmin
Aug 24th, 2003