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Reed is an Agent of Harmonia

Reed is one of Lilly Pendragon's bodyguards who accompanies her into the Grasslands during the Second Fire Bringer War. He is portrayed as a weak-willed but loyal subject of the first daughter. However, keen eyes see a hidden agenda behind his otherwise harmless exterior. Here, you will read how Reed is secretly plotting the assassination of Lilly Pendragon. The proofs herein will no doubt shock readers, yes, readers like you! Prepare yourself to see the truth behind this monster that is called "Reed."

Reed Hides Incredible Combat Powers
Although Reed's skill and abilities are mediocre at best, we have evidence to believe that he is intentionally performing less effectively to hide his true colors. Please look at this picture. Here, we have witnessed Reed fighting a huge flame dragon by himself while the main party was off elsewhere. Because no normal player puts Reed in their party, he has plenty of time to wander about. His low profile only helps him achieve his twisted goals. And it goes without saying that he singlehandedly defeated this dragon. Yes he did!!! I saw it!

Reed Secretly Plots Lilly's Downfall
Please look at this picture. Despite the fact that Reed's purpose is to guard Lilly's life, he did not move a bit when this boar attacked Lilly. In fact, it didn't seem like he was distressed at all by the fact that she was attacked. It is not far-fetched to think that he was secretly laughing inside his head, thinking, "Heh, take that you spoiled brat!" What an evil man this Reed is!! He must be stopped!!

Please look at this picture. This is Reed's hair. Estella says that Reed was born with his hair, but regardless, he is blonde. Yes, that means he is a Harmonian First Class Citizen. This fact alone proves that Reed is an agent of Harmonia, secretly implanted inside the Tinto Republic to bring its downfall. His first target is obviously Lilly Pendragon! What an evil man!! He would be the downfall of Tinto!

With all these visual FACTS, none can possibly disagree with the fact that Reed is an EVIL, EVIL man with incredibly twisted goals that he wishes to achieve at ANY COST. Beware of Reed, you never know if he would suddenly stab you in the back while you thought he couldn't harm a soul.

Written by SARSadmin
Aug 17th, 2003