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Queen is Jillia Blight

Many wondered what may have happened to Jillia Blight following the Dunan Unification War. The last time we saw her, she was living in Harmonia by the initiative of Jowy Blight. Nothing has been heard of her since then, and it seems as if she faded into obscurity.

However, it is possible that Queen, who is a member of the Harmonian Border Guards, is Jillia Blight. Here are the reasons--

Age - Queen is 31 years old in Suikoden 3. Jillia was 16 during Suikoden 2, and there is 15 years in between the two games. This means Jillia and Queen are the same age.

Name - Queen's name is an alias, but it may actually carry some truth. Jillia Blight was the Queen of Highland after her husband, Jowy Blight, assumed the throne. This, Queen's code name may be based on some truth.

Background - Kidd's investigation reveals that Queen comes from an aristocratic background. This seems to fit well with Queen if she is in fact Jillia Blight.

One possible counterarguments to all the above is that Queen mentions her origin as being "Sanady," which was defeated by Harmonia. How can Queen be Jillia if her place of origin is Sanadia? Here is why-- it is known that this is the Kingdom of Sanadia, which was conquered by Harmonia sometime around IS 440. Queen was born in IS 444, which makes it impossible for her to be born in Sanadia, or witness their downfall as Queen explained.

Instead, we must consider the fact that Agaras Blight's wife, Sara, is a Harmonian. It is possible that Sara Blight is originally a member of the Sanadian Royal Family. That would not be far-fetched as a political strategy of Harmonia to keep ex-royals out of thier homeland at the same time strengthening ties with Highland-- thier vassal state.

Jillia may have thought of Sanadia as her actual homeland due to her mother's background (that is, IF Sara is from Sanadia). In that case, her loyalty to a nation that was destroyed before her birth makes sense.

Who knows how the weak-willed princess may have turned into the strong-willed swordmistress who stands at Geddoe's side at all times. Perhaps the fact that she understands Geddoe's pain as a true rune bearer comes from the fact that she once loved Jowy Blight, who was tormented by a similar fate

Written by SARSadmin
June 18th, 2003