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Neclord was a kind man!

Neclord saves the Blue Moon Village
Some think that Neclord was the cause of the downfall of the Blue Moon village but what actually happened was after seeing how the villagers where forced to live the life of vampires thanks to the power or the Blue Moon rune, Neclord decided it would be better for the inhabitants to die them live for an eternity in darkness so he took the curse of the Blue Moon rune on himself in order to save the souls of the villagers.

neclord is a good good man
Brings people back to life
Neclord has the power to resurrect the dead, does that sound like something a bad person would do? No, of course not. He even brought back Viktor's loved one Daisy to make amends for all the bad blood between them but instead of thanking Neclord, Viktor lops off poor Daisy's head!

Neclord is a great host
During the wedding between Neclord and Tengaar Neclord graciously invites Tir and company to attend this joyous occasion, but upon reaching the top of the castle Tir and company ruin the event by attacking Neclord for no apparent reason.

Neclord's castle
Neclord often hosted guests at his beautiful castle. Once he invited warrior village folks to a wedding of his, but the barbaric Lorimar warriors took advantage of this kindness and tried to raid his castle.
Neclord defends himself
On at least two separate occasions Neclord has been attacked by Victor and each time he has effortlessly defeated him and his companions. Now if Neclord where truly evil he would have killed them all right then and there but Neclord is a peaceful man and instead simply walks away.

Neclord the compassionate
It is well know that the Blue moon rune governs compassion so it is reasonable to say that Neclord also knows this, so why would Neclord want a rune like this? Because he is on a mission to spread compassion across the war-torn land, but on occasion the rune's darker powers can surface resulting in Neclord's seemingly evil action's, but this is just the power of the true rune trying to turn Neclord into it's evil puppet.

Brought down a corrupt empire
How you ask? By abducting the daughter of the chief of warrior village he instigated a revolt against the Empire, while it appears that he did this for personal gain his plan was to have the mighty warriors of warriors village join the Liberation army so they could bring an end to the Empires rule. And after seeing an Imperial general kidnapping the chief's daughter the warriors did indeed join Liberation armies cause.

Conclusion: Faced with this evidence it seems clear that Neclord was a kind person who was always trying to help those in need, and although some of his actions may appear to be evil he only wished to bring love and happiness into the world.

Written by bahamutt0
Mar 2nd, 2004