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Who is Nash's Wife?
In Suikoden 3 Nash mentions his "missus" a number of times. Many people have speculated who may possibly be his wife, or if he indeed has one to begin with.

There are a number of possibilities due to Nash's playboy ways. Lets analyze all the women Nash has come in contact with and analyze the possibility for each unfortunate female.

Elza - Nash was very close to Elza while he sudied in the Howling Voice Guild. Now, although Elza is supposed to be dead, no one is for certain if the "Clive Quest" (The entire ordeal in Suikoden 2 where Clive must chase Elza with a time limit, etc) ending is the official way things are supposed to be. The game can end either way. Besides, Murayama said "A character who is supposed to have been dead may come back." She would fit Nash's missus description, because she is definately the kind who would take charge in a marriage.

Teresa Wisemail - Nash helps Teresa numerous times in Greenhill when the city is under siege by Rowd's forces. It is not far fetched to think that Teresa may take a liking to him, an aristocrat, instead of Shin, who is a foreigner. However, this match is unlikely because Teresa later becomes the president of the Dunan Republic, and she would definately not posess the scary characteristics that Nash describes his missus to possess.

Nina - Nash was Nina's second crush after Shin. As Flik said, "people change, including their hearts." Thus, who can say that Nina would never reconsider Nash if he ever shows up in her life again? Nina is of high social rank, just like Nash, and she has blonde hair so she would fit in easily inside the Harmonian first class citizen culture. She is also obsessive, and can very easily fit the "missus" that Nash describes.

Wakaba - Nash goes through a strange ordeal with Wakaba as they pass through the deep forest. The two end up in compromising situations, which would make an ideal situation for romance comedy movies. However, the two end up parting after they get through the forest. However, who can say this can't happen? If Wakaba uses Nash as a punchbag for her training, his fear of her "missus" would make sense, won't it?

Jeane - While in Greenhill, Nash is completely powerless against Jeane. Jeane approaches Nash as if she is interested in him, and Nash doesn't even try to keep a distance from her. Jeane is definately scary though if you get too close to her, so she would probably fit the "scary wife" image.

Lena Suphina - Lena is Nash's aunt. "Bleah" you say? Well, she is only two years older than Nash, and they kiss in the game. Yeah, you heard me right, they smooch. Heck, in midieval times, it was normal for cousins to marry. It's still considered an honorable marriage in some parts of the world. It certainly isn't far-fetched. Besides, Lena certainly has the attitude necessary to instill fear in Nash's heart. And ofcourse, official literature claims that Nash lived with Lena and his sister Julie back in Crystal valley before he was dispatched to the Grasslands.

Eilie - Nash bumped into the entertainer trio when he happened to be in Milit village. He ended up going on a date with Eilie after she made her into a human pincushion. There was definately something chemical there. I mean, Eilie is just recovering from her separation from Riou, who she loved. So now she needs the assuring arms of an experienced older man like Nash! Ofcourse ofcourse! Yeah, okay, this one IS far fetched, but at least Nash being scared of her would make sense.

Jillia Blight - Nash met this princess while he was disguized as a soldier. Nash witnesses a bitter sibling encounter, and conforts Jilla after her brother abuses her. Certainly the princess felt something when she was touched so causally by a dashing young man like Nash. What would she think if she learned his true identity -- that he is the heir to the powerful Latkje family? Yes, Jowy would not even HAVE A CHANCE! Plust, seeing how Jillia is able to ask him to make tea, she can probably be scary as well (although she nides this). Also, if this is a fact, then Jillia can definately be a scary girl! Lets also not forget the fact that Nash is a member of the border guards, and thus could have possibly introduced Jillia into the ways of the mercenary.

Aisha - Aisha is a girl who works in Caleria's mercenary outpost as a maid. She has a crush on Nash, and became sick after hearing that Captain Parge captured Nash and was going to execute him. Nash finds her sick in bed at the mercenary HQ's infirmary and tells her "I will come back for you after everything is taken carfe of." Ofcourse, Aisha doesn't know that Nash just smooched her aunt. Regardless, Aisha is a girl who is most obviously in love with Nash. But she won't fit the "scary wife" description at all because she is just a sweet girl.

Julie Latkje - Julie is Nash's younger sister. So what? I mean, sibling love was common back in the days. Besides, Nash constantly things about her during his journey, and Julie talks to Lena about him all the time. It's possible that Julie can get incredibly jealous and controlling if she is so obsessed over her older brother, and turn into the dangerous "missus" that Nash speaks of.

Humphrey - Nash meets Humphrey in a small village in Harmonia, and the moment they see each other... Just kidding!!!!

Sierra Mikain - Nash starts out his ill-fated journey with Sierra, and ends up becoming a glorified porter, and at one time a easy "drink" for the Mistress of the Vampiric Coven. However, she is also affectionate towards Nash -- moreso than she shows to the average mortal. Later on, Nash tells her that he would not mind enduring the curse of being a vampire if he can be with her, but she says he is not her type. However, he actually is her type, and she kisses him after she sucks blood from him (and disappears). Much later in Suikoden 3, Arthur's newspaper mentions Nash meeting a pale young girl at Budehuc Castle, and Yumi mentions meeting Nash's wife. This along with the Genso Suikoden development team's mention of the answer of this mystery being in the "castle newspaper" one can say Nash has the higest chance of being married with Sierra! Her personality certainly fits his fear of his own wife, and his reaction towards Sierra's role in the Neclord play seems to confirm this.

Written by SARSadmin
June 18th, 2003