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Who is Hugo's Father?
In Suikoden 3 Hugo's father is never revealed. Many speculations have been flying around concerning the identity of his father. A few facts have been revealed to aid us in our search:
  • He was a kind man according to Lucia.
  • He has black hair according to Fumi Ishikawa, the character designer of the Suikoden Series since Suikoden 2, the black part of Hugo's hair comes from his dad.
  • He is no longer a member, nor is he in (a part of) the Karaya Clan because Lucia and Hugo live by themselves. Either Hugo's dad is not a Karaya clan member, or he is a dead Karayan.
  • We have already been introduced to his dad although unconfirmed, due to Konami's insistence to keep Hugo's father's identity a secret, many assume that we have already met Hugo's dad.
  • Hugo was born right after the Dunan Unification War which means Lucia got pregnant, or was pregnant during the war. The Dunan Unification War lasted 6 months, and seeing that the normal human gestation period is nine months (although this may be different in the Suikoden World), she may have been pregnant before the said war. This means she may have interacted with any black-haired male in Suikoden 2.

Lets see what the possibilitues are--

Sgt. Joe (AKA Jordie) - Although he is a duck, and he doesn't have black hair (feathers?), Sgt. Joe is a strong candidate for being a possible mate of Lucia. Not only does he know her from "a long time ago," he is also entrusted with an unspoken trust. Perhaps there is some sort of forbiddance of marriage between ducks and humans and thus they are not together, but if that is the case, this theory will gain some credibility! He also fits the "He is a kind man" requirement. Besides that, Sgt. Joe treats Hugo like a father treats his son. Hugo probably doesn't know, which adds to the drama and intense emotion that would be felt if this in fact is true. We know very well that Lucia hangs out with ducks and lizards, she really doesn't care. Her circle of freindship is not limited to human-kind, like many other human characters. Also, the fact that Sgt. Joe is considered good-looking and can possibly be a player, makes this a possible match.

Beachum - A fan favorite, Beachum has been a loyal supporter of Lucia. During the Dunan Unification War, he led a daring attack to allow Lucia to escape. The huge scar on his face is a medal of honor he earned that day. He has been a fierce supporter of Lucia, and is obviously a huge influence on Hugo. However, the fact that Beachum already has a wife and his own children seems to make this match improbable.

Jimba - Another popular theory ciculated by boneheads who can't seem to get through their skull the fact that Hugos dad must have black hair. Although Jimba is a father/brother figure to Hugo, the only direct child of Jimba is Chris Lightfellow.

Well well, I got a fanletter below concerning this theory--

From the Behemoth Sat Mar 6 23:01:26 2004
From: "the Behemoth"
Subject: hugo's father
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2004 00:01:26 -0700

i disagree on ur theory that Jimba can't be Hugo's dad. If you watch the movies
in suikoden 3 where jimba is wyatt, he DOES have black hair, AND Jimba even
admits he changed his appearence when he went into hiding, which would explain
why he has normal karayan hair.

First of all, take a look at the picture on the right.
The dude on the left is Wyatt, right side is Jimba. Now get a color chart, look under "black."
Does Wyatt's hair look black?
If it does, see an eye doctor immediately, because you are likely blind.
Otherwise, CONGRATULATIONS! You just proved that "ur" a bonehead!

Han Cunningham - Although he is an old codger, he actually fits every single one of the requirements mentioned above. He is kind, we know him, he was present in Highland when Lucia was there, and of course he has black hair. Although there is no in-game dialogue between the two, they have certainly met before, as Lucia is under Han's command during the final battle. In fact, she is the last boss you fight before you get to fight Han Cunningham. Although there is no hard evidence, there is nothing that really discounts the possibility that Han is Hugo's dad.

Leon Silverberg - Similar to Han Cunningham, he is sort of old, but not as old as Han. Whether he is "kind" is debatable, but we don't know his casual side so we wouldn't know. For all we know, he can be a humorous chap when off-duty. Being the only other foreigner in the Highland Army, she may have opened up to him more than she did to others. In Suikoden 3, Caesar asks Lucia to vouch for the power of the Silverbergs, and she basically said that she has seen a Silverberg in action, and that she can vouch for how incredibly wondeful and cool they are. Perhaps she meant something more than mere strategic skill *cough*. Anyways, besides the "kindness" part, there isn't much that can be said against this theory.

Riou - Some fans say that this could have possibly happened when Lucia snuck into Riou's bedroom late at night. However, this theory has a critical flaw -- the fact that Lucia was there to KILL him. She did not go there for the purpose of procreation, and the Karaya Clan doesn't have any odd traditions of copulating with enemies before you kill them. Simply, no. If you believe this, you've obviously read too much slash.

Georg Prime - Georg Prime is known to be a vagabond and a possibly a playboy. He is certainly kind, powerful, and he has black hair. Timeline-wise, it is possible for him to have had some contact with her before he joined the Allied Army, as he seems to have been traveling everywhere within Dunan during the Dunan Unification War. He has been spotted in Muse, and Greenhill before he joined the Allied Army, and Lucia has been seen at both places.

Despite all this speculation, there really are no convincing theoroies regarding the nature of Hugo's father. For now, the toery that it was some random Karayan male who died a while ago seems to be most probable.

Written by SARSadmin
Aug 17th, 2003