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Sheena is Apple's Ex-Husband

Sheena is the only character openly flirtatious with Apple in the series.
Unless a romance occurred behind-the-scenes, Sheena is the only character in any of the games who flirted and romanced Apple. Shu was more of a father or brother figure.

apple speaks her mind about ex-husbands
Apple speaks her mind about ex-husbands
Divorce does not seem commonplace in Suikoden
Which we can lead to mean that in order for a divorce to take place, one party must have committed a grievous wrong. Apple doesn't seem the type, but Sheena is quite the ladies' man, and would be likely to cheat on a spouse.

Sheena is absent in Suikoden III
Although numerous characters from the first two games are missing in the third, Sheena is very conspicuously absent. As a possible heir to the presidency of Toran, he would be an important political figure and possibly an ally in the war against Harmonia. However, he is missing. Why? Because he cannot bring himself to show his face near Apple, who he loved and lost.

sheena probably ran away from apple because she talked too much about Mathiu and Shu
Sheena probably ran away from Apple because she talked about Mathiu and Shu way too much.
Apple doesn't talk about her ex.
All Kidd can find out is that she was divorced. Why wouldn't Apple talk about her ex-husband? Because she is embarassed that she fell for Sheena's smooth talk and suave charm. In her mind it is yet another failure.

Shu, the other candidate, seems unlikely.
Shu's relationship with Apple throughout Suikoden II seems less like a romantic one and more like a familiar one, or perhaps just one of convenience. He treats her like a younger sister and uses her as a tool. Apple is too intelligent to think of him as husband material.

Lepant is very orange!
Lepant is very angry about his son, but he himself was a playboy in his past.
Lepant says he was once like Sheena.
Apple most likely assumed Sheena would change and become like his father, so he would make a good husband for her when he calmed his wild ways. This did not happen, and, fed up, she divorced him.

Conclusion: With the above evidence in mind, and realizing that there are no other viable candidates to be Apple's ex-husband, one must draw the conclusion that Sheena is in fact the mystery man.

Written by Jeane the Vampire
Feb 22nd, 2004