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Ace's Identity During the Dunan Unification War

Ace is a veteran member of the 12th Border Guard Squad who appears in Suikoden 3 under Geddoe's command. One fact about him that brigs a smile to most Suikoden veterans is that he used to be a member of Golbert's mercenary force. In that capacity, he was actually involved in the Dunan Unification War (Suikoden 2's plot). Everyone agrees that he was unnamed in Suikoden 2 because he was just one soldier within the army. However, it seems like there is a plausible alternative theory--that he was the soldier who held the "Rock Climibing Game" in Dunan Castle.

Ace is in charge of Finance
In Suikoden 3, Ace is in charge of the 12th Border Guard Squad's finance. He took care of budgets, bills, and reports on unit activities. Not only that, he is one of the VERY FEW characters who has non-combat skills on his skills list. The fact that he has the "Barter" skill seems to prove that he is skilled in handling money. Where could he have picked up such skills? Obviously while he was in Gilbert's mercenary force! He was probably in charge of generating extra cash for the mercenary force, and what good way to make money than luring rich people with spoils of battle? Being a mercenary force, Gilbert's mercenary force must have fought many battles, and found many rare items and artifacts. These obviously need to be sold or it would just encumber the mercenary force with unnecessary garbage. This would explain how that one soldier has so much loot to give away.

The soldier who conducts the rock climbing game appears from the very beginning of the Allied Army's take-over of the old North Window fortress. This means this soldier followed whomever who was already a member of the Allied Army. Gilbert joined Viktor's mercenaries during the battle outside Muse, and thus was one of the initial members of the Allied Army. There is a small chance of Gilbert not being recruited depending on the player. However, the official account for Suikoden 2 according to Konami is that Gilbert was indeed recruited. This fact gives greater credibility to the theory that Ace is in fact that soldier.

Ace is very agile
Whomever that soldier may be, he would have had to be quite dexterous. Otherwise, he would have been unable to set up the rock climbing game to begin with. Ace is known to be the most dextrous among the 12th Border Guard Squad. This fact adds to the possibility that this soldier was indeed Ace.

Faced with all this compelling information, one would probably think that there is a good chance that Ace was the host of the rock climbing game. Although we will probably never hear any official information regarding this issue, there is little evidence against this hypothesis.

Written by SARSadmin
Dec 6th, 2003