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Kiba Windamier was a well known general in the Highland Kingdom. The Windamier family has traditionally been known for producing many military officers, and Kiba was no exception. He started serving in the military under Robert Blight during the Jowston-Highland War. Towards the end of the war, when Robert Blight was retreating from Jowston, Kiba protected his King with only 100 soldiers. This is well known as the Battle of Fort Retto. At the age of 19, Kiba led his 100 daredevils in a flank attack as Darel's forces pursued Robert Blight. The hundred of them dealt a severe blow to the enemy, and quickly retreated to Fort Retto, a small fort towards the east of the Jowston-Highland border. There Kiba withstood attack after attack from Darel's 3000 soldiers. After a lengthy battle, Kiba managed to defeat all of them, but in the end there were less than a dozen of his men left, including his trusted right-hand man, Dolentz. Although Kiba was honored for saving his King, this battle left a huge scar in Kiba's mind, which he kept hidden from his family.

Since then, Kiba has served loyally under Robert, and then under Agares Blight as the General of the 3rd Army, which was generally in charge of protecting Highland's northen border with Harmonia. Because Highland was a vassal state of Harmonia, Kiba's role was moreso to help Harmonia in times of civil unrest. Kiba has repeatedly helped Harmonia quench its own internal conflicts, and steadily accumulated his reputation as "The Protector." Because of this, he married the daughter of a Harmonian noble, Eliza, and had a son whom he named Klaus.

Kiba was never enthusiastic about fighting against Jowston. For that reason, he respected Agares for his decision to sign the peace treaty with the city-states. However, he was alarmed when Agares gave Luca the position of Commander-in-Chief of the Highland Army. He secretly swore that he would only serve Agares Blight.

After the peace treaty was broken by the "treachery of Jowston," Kiba participated in the invasion along with Luca, and watched with distaste as Luca slaughtered innocents. Yet, Kiba enjoyed the battles because his son, Klaus, was by his side as his own strategist.

With the formation of the New Allied Army under Riou, Kiba finally faced his match. Despite Klaus' brilliant strategy in attacking Two River, and despite having taken Radat, Kiba was defeated by the genius of Shu's military tactics and was captured along with his son. After being captured, Riou asked him to join his cause. However, because Kiba's loyalty to the King was great, he refused. Then, a message was brought to them from "King Luca," congratulating the victory of the Allied Army. Klaus, aware of the meaning of "King Luca," told Kiba that Agares was dead. This convinced Kiba that Luca had to be stopped, and he willingly joined with Riou to stop the mad prince.

After joining the Allied Army, Kiba participated in all major battles. His knowledge and skill as general, along with his extremely loyal and well-trained soldiers added great strength to the Allied Army. He always followed orders, even if the orders demanded him to place himself in great risk. In the battle where the Allied Army attacked Luca Blight's White Wolf Army, Kiba willingly took the role of luring Luca Blight into a trap. Ultimately, he sacrificed himself for the future of Dunan when he willingly accepted Shu's idea to lure Leon Silverberg to the Mercenary Fortress. Kiba led his own forces in this battle, and died a hero's death.

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Eliza Windamier
was born as a Harmonian aristocrat, and married Kiba through an arranged marriage. However, she came to love her husband regardless of the arranged marriage, or the nature of his job as a military officer. Eliza is a kind and gentle person, and has been an extremely good mother to Klaus. However, she is physically frail, and often stays in the Windamier mansion, leading a very reserved life. She is proud of being a Windamier, and wishes for Klaus to follow in his father's footsteps. However, because Klaus inherited her frailness, she often worried that he may not be able to become a military officer. But Klaus decided to become a strategist, so Eliza gladly allowed him to study military strategy in the Soledt Academy in Crystal Valley.

After the breakout of the Dunan Unification War, Eliza was worried for her husband and son's well-being. After Kiba defected from Highland, she was put in danger for being the family of a traitor. However, her status as a Harmonian noble protected her from punishment. Although the news of her husband's death saddned her, the news that he died a hero's death provided her with some consolation--and the return of Klaus was greater joy to her for sure.

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is Eliza Windamier's brother. His last name is unknown, but he is also a member of Harmonian aristocracy. He often visits the Windamier household from Harmonia. He travels quite often, and is very laid back. Klaus enjoyed his stories of foreign lands, and liked to see Greg and Kiba get drunk and talk about all the battles they fought in together. Being Eliza's brother, he was a close confidant to her worries, and constantly thought of ways Klaus could fit in inside the overly militaristic Highland culture--especially the Windamier household. For this reason, he purchased the "Chronicles of Harmonian Heroes" and gave it to Klaus. The chronicles exposed Klaus to a military profession he had never heard of before--that of "military strategist."

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The archetypal "good uncle." He is not bald, which must give Klaus great hope for his future.

Klaus Windamier
is the son of Kiba and Eliza. Having been born in the militaristic Windamier family, he has been thoroughly educated in the ways of the military. However, he is physically frail, and has often been unable to keep up with kids of his age. For this reason, he often stayed home reading books. He strived to become like his father, who he considered his personal Hero, but deep down he knew he could never become like him.

When he became 14 years old, he was allowed to accompany his father on a patrol mission. During the patrol, Klaus was taunted by a soldier who called Klaus a "weak excuse for Kiba's son." Klaus challenged this soldier to a duel. During the duel, the soldier proved to be more than what Klaus could handle, and Klaus became further aware of his weakness. However, Klaus used his brains, and tricked the soldier. He acted like his eye was hurt from the soldier's attack and kept his left eye closed. The soldier thought that victory was certain, and lunged at Klaus. Then Klaus knocked the torch on the ground, creating sudden darkness. Because Klaus' left eye was already accustomed to the dark, he was able to easily defeat the soldier, who was blinded by the sudden darkness. Klaus was called a "cheater" by the soldier, but Klaus realized that such methods can be used in battle.

After he returned from his mission, Klaus read the book his uncle Greg game him, "Chronicles of Harmonian Heroes." He had read this book many times, but never read the Harmonian version. To his suprise, he found a chapter he never read of--"The Tales of Soledt the Blind Strategist." Because Highland emphasized physical strength over tactical intelligence, the profession of military strategist was something Klaus had never heard of. He read the tales of Soledt curiously, and learned that strategists are extremely important to the success of military campaigns. Because physical strength had nothing to do with a strategist's ability, he knew this was the perfect profession for him. He immediately asked his mother to enroll him in the Soledt Academy in Crystal Valley--a prominent military academy created by the same strategist.

Klaus was an able and willing student, and returned to Highland as a skilled strategist. He joined his father's 3rd Highland Army, and fought alongside his father as he had always dreamt.

In his attempt to take Two River, he took advantage of the internal distrust between the Kobolds and the Humans, but Klaus underestimated Riou's ability to unite opposing forces. However, he reduced casualties on his side to the minimum by timing his retreat. However, in the battle close to the Allied Headquarters he underestimated Shu's tactical genius and ended up getting surrounded by enemy forces, resulting in a humiliating defeat. Klaus was captured along with Kiba, and encouraged by the Allied Army to join their cause. He refused like his father, but upon reading the letter from "King Luca," he realized that Agares was dead. This convinced Klaus and Kiba to join the Allied Army in order to stop Luca from destroying Dunan.

Since then, Klaus worked under Shu as Vice-Strategist, and participated in many battles where Shu was not available. He helped Jess in Tinto when Jess carelessly charged into Neclord's zombie army, which undoubtedly helped reduce the amount of casualties. He also became an unlikely love-interest of Sierra Mikain, whose help allowed Riou and Viktor to destroy Neclord.

Upon hearing that Kiba was going to the Mercenary Fortress as a decoy, Klaus knew this was a suicide mission. However, he was aware that such was the life of the military man, and bid farewell to his father whom he was "pround to be a son" of.

After the war, he continues to serve under Shu, learning military strategy.

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was Kiba's right-hand man, and served Kiba since the battle at Fort Retto. Being huge and muscular, he always wore his horned helmet and used an axe as a weapon. Despite his brusque appearance, he was extremely calm and kind, especially to Klaus. Like Eliza and Greg, he worried very much how Klaus would fit into the militaristic Highland culture. However, his worry was dispelled upon Klaus' assignment as strategist under Kiba. Dolentz served Kiba even after the general defected from Highland, and at the Mercenary Fortress, he was seen fighting alongside Kiba till the end.

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