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Kranach Rugner is known as the one who founded the Scartlet Moon Empire. He was originally an aristocrat within the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. Being a powerful knight, he was called the "Knight of the Scarlet Moon," which later became the name of his new empire. He was originally in charge of protecting the Holy City of Rupanda, but when a civil war erupted within Harmonia, Kranach rebelled against Harmonia in a bloodless coup with the helo of Julian Silverberg. He renamed the area of his rule as the "Stacrlet Moon Empire," and renamed Rupanda as Gregminster.

Karnach Rugner was the Emperor preceeding the rule of Michelan Rugner. Not much else is known about him. He is also the father of Geil Rugner.

Michelan Rugner was the father of Barbarossa Rugner and brother to Geil Rugner. His rule was peaceful, but due to his lack of political power towards the end of his rule, he allowed his brother, Geil Rugner, to gain influence within the court. This lead to the "Trial of Sovereignhood" which robbed Barbarossa of his right to thr throne, and caused the Succession War.

Geil Rugner is the brother of Michelan RUgner and uncle to Barbarossa Rugner. He was the older brother, but due to Karnach Rugner's dying wish, Michelan was chosen over Geil as the successor and Emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire.

Geil was unhappy with this result, and convened a meeting of the House of Lords, issuing a decree that Barbarossa should have his right to the throne removed. The other aristocrats, influenced or blackmailed by Geil's henchmen, agreed and Barbarossa's right to the throne was removed. Thus, Geil became Emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire.

However, his reign was short lived due to Barbarossa's effective military campaign against Geil Rugner's military. Barbarossa defeated Geil within a year, and Geil was killed in a final confrontation.

Barbarossa Rugner was born as the 6th son of Michelan Rugner, and thus was raised without any chance to succeed the throne. Thus, he grew up playing with kids in the street while studying what he wanted to study. However, two of his older brothers died from different illnesses, and the other brothers were weak from years of being pampered. Worried that his sons have become corrupt, Michelan declared Barbarossa as Crown Prince, and he married Claudia.

However, while on a pilgrimage to pray for good harvest in Kunan, Michelan Rugner died from illness, and Geil Rugner claimed the throne for himself following a staged parliamentary vote. Thus, Barbarossa was robbed of his right to the crown, casting Toran into a civil war. During this war, Claudia died, but Barbarossa emerged victorious, winning back his throne.

Since then, he ruled his empire with balanced justice and compassion, bringing much prosperity to the nation. For that reason, people called him the "Golden Emperor. However, this came to an end after the appearance of the Court Magician Windy. Windy resmbled Claudia, and Barbarossa fell in live with her, neglecting his duties as a result. The empire nose-dived into disrepair, and political corruption became rampant. The initial hopes that people had for a benevolent rule vanished rapidly, and bandits started to roam the countryside, pillaging villages.

This lead to the Toran Liberation War. Barbarossa himself stayed in Gregminster throughout the war, showing his disinterest in the whole ordeal. In the end, he was defeated by rebel forces that stormed Gregminster Palace. It is said he fell to his death, but his body was never found, leaving some to speculate that he still lives.