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Teo McDohl was one of the Six Great Generals of the Scarlet Moon Empire. He served under Barbarossa since the Succession War. During the Succession War, he had a duel with Pahn and defeated him. Since then Pahn has worked under him. Teo was often sent to the Northern borders with Jowstone to keep an eye out on Jowstone forces, and thus was rarely home at his house in Gregminster. His wife died soon after giving birth to Hero McDohl, and his long time servant, Gremio, has been taking care of his son ever since.
Teo is a powerful swordsman and a highly competent general, and is often refered to as "The General who never loses." He leads the armored cavalry, which is virtually unstoppable. In battle he commands two Lieutenant Generals, Alen the "Fire General," and Grenseal the "Thunder General." Their loyalty towards Teo is without question. Teo's former subordinate, Ain Gide is a good friend of his and is also the captain of the Captial Defense Force. Shortly before the Gate Rune Wars, Teo was given a sword called "Prakk" from Emperor Barbarossa.
During the Gate Rune Wars, Teo initially was ordered to keep defending the northern borders. However, he was ordered to destroy Rokkaku and then attack the Liberation Army, which he did. He lead his Armored Cavalry towards Toran Castle, and easily defeated the Liberation Army. However, in their final attack against the Liberation Army, the Liberation Army used "Fire Spears" and completely annihilated Teo's Armored Cavalry. After his defeat, he challenged his own son in a duel and lost. In death he was content that his son has become greater than himself.

Hero McDohl is the son of Teo McDohl, and was the leader of the Toran Liberation Army after the death of Odessa Silverberg. He grew up with the kind guidance of Gremio and the strictness of his father. He has been taught how to fight from Kai when he was young, but after Kai suddenly left, he trained on his own.
When he was young, he was once abducted by rogues, but fortunately was saved by Gremio.

Upon reaching adulthood, McDohl was put into the Royal Guards by his father with the blessings of Barbarossa himself. However, he was put under the cowardly Captain Kraze. Working under Kraze and working with Vice-Captain Kanaan taught McDohl of the corruption within the Empire.

When Windy discovers that Ted owns the Souleater, McDohl accepts the rune from Ted without question and becomes a fugitive. He escapes with the help of Viktor and is introduced to Odessa Silverberg. He works with the Liberation Army for a while, and through that experience is taught by Odessa of the hardships of being a leader. After Odessa was killed, he escapes from the Land of Arlus into the Gouran Area in order to find Mathiu Silverberg. There he convinces Mathiu to join the Liberation Movement and soon liberates Toran Castle from the zombie dragon's curse. He was then made into the Leader of the Liberation Army.

Since then he participated in many actions and wars, and lost Gremio (and possibly Pahn), Ted, and killed his father himself in a duel, all due to the curse of the Souleater. He was able to bring Gremio back with the powers of the 108 Stars of Destiny, but all the losses has left a huge gas in his mind. After thw war was over, he was supposed to become the first President of the Toran Republic, but he left Toran with Gremio.

Gremio was a soldier in the Scarlet Moon Army during the Succession Wars and fought under Teo. After the war was over, he became a servant under Teo, and sooner or later became a permanent baby-sitter for Hero McDohl. When Hero McDohl was still young, he was kidnapped by rogues, and Gremio rushed into the rogue's hideout and killed them all with his axe and rescued the Hero. The scar on his left cheek was made during that battle, and since then he etched the words "I will protect my Master" on his axe.

During the Gate Rune Wars, Gremio acted as McDohl's bodyguard and confidant. He accompanied McDohl in most every action the Liberation Army executed. However, during their operation to rescue Doctor Liukan from Soniere Prison, the squad was trapped in a sealed chamber where Milich Oppenheimer released flesh eating spores. Gremio allowed everyone else to escape while he himself stayed behind to keep the door closed, thus condemning himself to a slow and painful death.
In the end, however, he was brought back to life by the mircale of the 108 stars of destiny. After the Gate Rune Wars, he left Toran with McDohl, and has been travelling with him ever since.

Ted was the owner of the Rune of Life and Death--Souleater--for over 300 years. He was born in the "Village of the Hidden Rune." The village was destroyed by Windy, Yuber, and Neclord. Ted was given the Souleater and ended up being the only survivor of the destruction. Since then, he wandered the world alone. During his travels, his Souleater was removed once, but after 10 years of searching, he reclaimed it. During the Scarlet Moon Empire's war with Jowstone, he was wandering in a battlefield when Teo McDohl found him. Thinking that he was a war orphan, Teo brought him home. Ted soon became good friends with Hero McDohl. Ted has never had a friend in his 300 years of wandering, so this gave him great comfort. He hid his Souleater from the McDohl's by wearing gloves at all times. He explained that his hand was badly burned due to war to escape suspition. However, even his careful concealment of his rune was not enough. When McDohl was sent to defeat the bandits at Mt. Seifu, he used the Souleater to defeat the Queen Ant. Seeing this, Kanaan informed Windy, and Windy summoned Ted to the Emperor's Place. There he realizes that Windy is the same sorceress who destroyed his village and barely escapes, getting severely injured in the process. He makes it to the McDohl household and asks McDohl to receive the Souleater, and McDohl agrees. He then sets himself up as a decoy while McDohl escapes. After being captured, Windy has taken control of him through the use of the Conquerer Rune. Windy used Ted in this fashion to take Souleater back from McDohl, but Ted's mind was not yet controlled. Ted commanded the souleater to take his soul, and Ted being the true owner of the souleater, the souleater obliged.

Cleo was a soldier under the command of Teo McDohl since the Succession Wars. She is a highly experienced soldier who never loses her temper in battle. She served under Teo for so long that she became a permanent member of the McDohl household. To Hero McDohl, she is like an older sister, and she protected McDohl under all circumstances while not being overprotective. She has a talent in magic use, and when McDohl was sent to the Magician's Island to receive the astrological readings from Leknaat, Cleo was given a fire rune by Leknaat, who saw that Cleo was the "protector" of McDohl. Since then, she accompanied McDohl in many battles, and although she saw her comerade die in battle, such as Gremio (and possibly Pahn), and saw McDohl forced to confront and defeat his own father, she kept on fighting without shedding one tear.
After the war, Cleo retired from military duty and maintains the McDohl household while their various occupants are gone.

Pahn was a soldier under Geil Rugner during the Succession Wars. He confronted Teo McDohl on the battlefield in a duel and after fierce battle, lost to Teo. Since then, he swore fealty to Teo and become a member of the McDohl household.
Pahn is a extremely muscular man who constatly trains himself. He is a "boar warrior," and overpowers his enemy with brute force. He owns a "Boar Rune" which allows him to unleash a barrage of powerful punches.

During the Gate Rune Wars, Pahn was the one who informed Kraze that Ted has returned to the McDohl houehold after he escaped from Windy. Pahn didn't want to bring trouble into the McDohl household and his actions were due to his loyalty to Teo McDohl. However, this action ended up betraying Hero McDohl. Later on, when Kraze abducts Eileen, Pahn accompanies Kraze. Kraze commands Pahn to attack McDohl, but Pahn relizes his error and instead attacks Kraze. Since then, he becomes a part of the Liberation Army.
Late on, when the Liberation Army is defeated by Teo's Armoured Cavalry, Pahn stays behind to stop Teo's troops. Teo tells Pahn to stand aside, however, Pahn readies his fists against his former master. In the duel, Pahn barely wins/loses, (if he lost, he is executed) and allows the Liberation Army to have enough time to prepare the Fire Spears.

After the Gate Rune Wars, Pahn goes on a journey to improve himself, but he returns to Gregminster a few years later after he runs out of cash. He remains an avid eater.

Kai stayed with the McDohls for only a few years. He was comissioned by Teo to be Hero McDohl's martial arts instructor. He taught Hero McDohl how to use tha staff as a weapon, and realized that he had incredible potential. However, after a few years of training, he suddenly disappeared without a trace. Since then McDohl had to train on his own.

Kai suddenly appears during the Gate Rune Wars. Hero McDohl met him by chance at the Fortress of Garan, and Kai joined with no qualms about the fact that McDohl is fighting against Teo McDohl. After the war, Kai's war exploits brought him the position of One of the Six Great Generals of the Toran Republic. As a Six Great General, he is not assigned to govern any specific area, but he instructs and trains troops at the Capital.