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Sturm (Storm) is the sacred gun of the Howling Voice Guild. Sturm posesses sentience, and not everyone is allowed to use it. Although the Elders are the official rulers of the Howling Voice Guild, even they can not oppose the will of Sturm. Sturm itself is said to be posessed by an elemental spirit of an unknown nature. When Kelly became the guildmaster, Sturm refused to be used by Kelly, while accepting Elza. This lead to the duel between Elza and Kelly, resulting in Kelly's death. SInce then, Sturm has been in Clive's posession. However, when Clive tries to shoot Elza at Radat, Sturm refuses to shoot its former master. The same thing happens at Muse. In the end, Clive uses Stern in the final duel between Elza. After the duel, Elza dies with Sturm in her arms.

Stern & Mond (Star & Moon) are two guns that serve a symbolic function within the Howling Voice Guild. These guns were made specifically for dueling, and Stern symbolizes "justice," and Moon symbolizes "betrayal," which are the two functions of the Howling Voice Guild. These guns were used in Elza and Kelly's duel, but the Elders made sure Mond was unloaded. Kelly knew this and was told to choose Stern. However, he intentionally chose Mond, resulting in his death. Elza took both guns after that and fled the guild as a fugitive. Since then, these two guns have been with Elza for years until it was used in the final duel between Clive and Elza, where Elza chose Mond this time.

Talgrund is an old gun with an odd design. The gun itself is small and is wheel locked and muzzle loaded with the capacity of only one bullet. However, the gun itself is attached to the hilt of a black-bladed sword, with the barrel pointing strait towards the edge. This gun belongs to Zaj, a Squire Class Gunner.

The Elders are the unnamed rulers of the Howling Voice Guild. They are all retired Guildmasters, and are "advisors" to the Guildmaster. However, they have more power than the Guildmaster. All of them have connections with Harmonian aristocrats, and are known to do favors for them at a price. The command of an Elder is never questioned by anyone in the guild.

Master Sauro is an Elder, and also mentor to Clive, Elza, and Kelly. He is an excellent teacher of the art of assassination and bodyguarding, which caused the anomally of having Clive, Elza, and Kelly all pass the Knight Class Gunner test. This caused turmoil within the ranks of the Elders--Sauro having three Knight Class Gunners would give him too much power. Thus, the Elders planned behind Sauro's back to make Kelly the Guildmaster (because he seemed easiest to manipulate). Resulting in the tragedy that forced three good friends to kill each other.

Kelly is the oldest among the "Three good friends" within the Howling Voice Guild (The others are Clive and Elza). He was born and raised within "the Tower," and was one of the few to have survived the harsh training to survive until being initiated into adulthood at age 15. He continued to progress until he passed the Knight Class Gunner exam. The elders chose him to be the new Guildmaster, and he was congratulated by Clive and Elza for this. However, Kelly gradually changed from the kind guy he was into a power-monger. Yet, no one knew that his changed attitude was due to him being unable to go against the will of the Elders. Another problem was that Sturm did not choose him, which was against the guild's code. The Guildmaster must own Sturm, and Sturm's decision is ultimate. In order for Kelly to use Sturm, he had to win a duel against another who was worthy to wield it--Elza. The Elders set the duel up by only loading Stern, telling Kelly to choose Stern so that he would win for sure. However, Kelly chose Mond so that he may die as a humann being, not as a greed-infested power monger. As he died, Elza rushed over to him, and his last words were "I loved you and Clive."

Elza was born in Sajah, but was sold to the Howling Voice Guild when she was five years old due to her parents being destitute. Since then, she lived the a life of pain and constant training. She grew up with Clive and Kelly and became good friends--sometimes more then friends--with both of them. However, tragedy struck the three as the plotting Elders tore all of them apart, forcing Elza to kill Kelly, and Clive to chase after Elza to "execute punishment." As a fugitive, she wished to find peace, and was almost beckoning Clive to end her life. After she was defeated by Clive, she tells Clive about the truth of what has made her into a fugitive, and then dies.

Clive was born within "The Tower" and raised there, not knowing the comfort of family. To him, family was Elza and Kelly, and despite the realities of death and blood that surrounded him, he remained quite naive, even when Kelly died in the duel with Elza. When he heard of the news, he assumed that Elza betrayed kelly and volunteered to hunt her down and "punish" her. To the Elder's suprise, Clive was able to use Sturm, and thus he was granted permission to leave "The Tower."

Clive was unable to find a trace of Elza for years--he participated in the Gate Rune Wars in hope of finding Elza, but the only thing he found was a fake tomb of hers, a decoy.
During the Dunan Unification War, he finally found Elza in Muse, and after his persistent tracking, he was finally able to defeat Elza in the duel at Sajah. However, after hearing the true story from Elza before she died, a doubt starts to inhabit Clive's mind, making him erupt in emotion that has been pent up over the years. He realized that he still loved Elza, but by then it was all too late.

Nash Latkje was not born within the guild. He was a rare case of "internship" within the guild. Due to the fact that the Latkje family had great power within Harmonia, Nash was allowed to be trained within the Howling Voice Guild. Nash spent two years within the guild, and became friends with Elza. Nash didn't get enough training to be "chosen by a gun," but he learned the secret of the use and manufacturing of gunpower, which he uses for various purposes in his operations. Nash is the owner of a curious weapon, the Dual Snake Sword, Grosser Fluss, a sword that could be used like a whip--a family heirloom.
Nash has a hatchet to bury with Zaj--in fact, he though he had killed Zaj before, however, during one of his missions, he runs into Zaj at Greenhill. Nash realizes that he would have to fight with Zaj one day to end this once and for all.

Zaj is a Squire Class Gunner from the Howling Voice Guild. He is well known within the guild for his expertiese in torture and covert operations, and has direct connections with the Harmonian government, allowing him a certain amount of autonomy from the Guild's political structure. He was once hired to bring the Latkje family down, and was successful in his task but was "killed" by Nash's poison ridden Grosser Fluss. However, he survived the poison with the aid of the Guild's antidote, and swore to avenge his humiliation. Since then he has been trying to find Nash in order to kill him indirectly.
Zaj uses two guns. One is a palm-size pistol that is concealed in the sleeve of his suit, which slips into his palm with a spring-loaded contraption. His other gun is Talgrund, the gun-sword.