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The Timeline
A chronological documentation of Suikoden world history.
The Star List
The list of stars of destiny in Suikoden 1 and 2.
Suikoden Geography
A trove if facts on the Suikoden Setting.
Suikoden Legacies
Tributes and in-depth articles on particular groups within Suikoden.

Legacies List

  • Blight Family
    The Highland Kingdom's royal family. This is a family racked with tragedy. Everyone either dies or disappears from history one way or another.

  • Howling Voice Guild
    The guild of gunners and assassins. They symbolize protection and betrayal.

  • Leon Silverberg FAQ
    A rather lengthy document that talks about facts that would change your misconceptions concerning this genius strategist.

  • Mcdohl Family
    A powerful military family, where fate led father and son to fight against each other.

  • Rugner Family
    The Scarlet Moon Empire's royal family. They ruled the empire for more than 200 years, but was toppled by the people.

  • Silverberg Family
    A family of strategists and military leaders who are usually involved in major conflicts. You can not have Suikoden without them.

  • Vampires and their Hunters
    A number of vampires appear in the Suikoden series, along with people who hunt them, and others who befriend them.

  • Windamier Family
    A family that has produced many military leaders within the Highland Kingdom.

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