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Suikoden Geograhy
The Suikoden world is unique among many fantasy RPGs due to the fact that the entire world has not been revealed to the players. Conflicts happen at local levels, and we do not get to see the other parts of the world. For that reason, it is difficult to ascertain the locations of the various nations. This is an attempt to give some information on the places you can visit in the Suikoden World.

The Toran Republic is a new nation created in the aftermath of the Gate Rune Wars. Located south of Dunan, Toran is surrounded by natural barriers. Despite that fact, wars between Toran and the City-States of Jowston have been numerous. Toran is also the setting for Suikoden 1.

SARSadmin's Comment: A nation of fantasy rpg cliches. They have all demi-human races shoved in one corner of the country, vampires in another corner, dragon knights shoved in another corner, pirates, bandits, evil magic users, corrupt government officials, tragic royals, and lets not forget the ninjas who just seem to appear from out of nowhere.

The City-States of Jowston was a loose alliance of six city-states. They were surrounded by enemies on all sides of the border, with Highland to the north, Grasslands to the west, and Toran to the south. This is where Suikoden 2 took place.After Suikoden 2, the country has changed its name to "Dunan," and since then, Tinto broke off, forming the "Tinto Republic."

SARSadmin's Comment: A much more realistic reflection of the real world than Suikoden 1, where a nation is being eaten away from within through internal political struggles. Location-wise they are like the middle-east of the Suikoden world, with many trade routes going through the country and powerful nations surrounding them. However, we still have the ninjas appearing out of nowhere.

The Tinto Republic is a new nation created after the plotline of Suikoden 2. Following the formation of Dunan, Gustav Pendragon sought independence and broke away from Jowston. Gustave has been the President of Tinto ever since.

SARSadmin's Comment: A nation that survives by exporting their mined resources. Oddly enough, I made Tinto independent in a Suikoden RPG I ran a long time ago.

The Holy Kingdom of Harmonia is a theocratic kingdom with High Priest/Head Bishop Hikusaak at its head. It is said to be the largest nation in the Suikoden World, and has unequaled political and military power. Not much is known about Harmonia, but Genso Suikogaiden Vol.2 partially took place within Harmonia.

SARSadmin's Comment: There ain't much to say about Harmonia... Well, actually, there is--in fact, too much to say. They have their share of shady deals and political scandals. Murayama (The director of the Suikoden Series from Suikoden 1-3) compares Harmonia to Russia, but his idea of Russia seems to be a bit off because they don't seem to have vodka in Harmonia.

The Grassland is not a nation, but simply a vast grassland occupied by a number of "clans," and small nations. Conflicts seem to happen quite often between the various clans and Tinto, Zexen, or Harmonia.

SARSadmin's Comment: This is where Suikoden 3 takes place, but not the ONL place, as Suikoden 3 takes place in Zexen, and even in Harmonia to a limited degree.

The Zexen Confederacy is a republic run by merchants and free-traders. They have a strong military, and are in constant battle with Grassland clans.

SARSadmin's Comments: Older Japanese sources called Zexen a federation of free-traders, but now they seem more like a country with a rigid hierarchy ruled by old boys... which is basically the same thing I guess. Oh yes, and they also have ninjas appearing out of nowhere.

Queendom of Falena
Falena is a nation that is traditionally ruled by a queen. Falena is located far east of Dunan, across a vast ocean on a seperate landmass. It is said that slavery is prevalent in Falena, and slaves are known to be forced to fight in gladiatorial arenas as entertainment for its citizens. Falena is also known for the Queen's Assassins, which follow their prey to the end of the earth, and also for the Queen's Knights. Georg Prime is known to have been a member of the Queen's Knights, but he is also known to have murdered the Queen. A Sindar ruin exists in this country, and a tribal group exists in the country's north, which worships the "crimson bird."

SARSadmin's Comment: A big mystery despite how this country is screaming for a sequel. I mean, gladiators, assassins, knights, ancient ruins and a strange tribe of red-bird worshippers? Obviously a basis for a great plot.

Nameless Lands
The Nameless Lands is the name given to the nations that lie north of Zexen. Much trade happens between Zexen and the various nations of the Nameleas Lands. The nations that exist within the Nameless Lands ranges from barbaric tribes to sophisticated city-states, and they exist in a quagmiric and chaotic state. Not much is known yet about this area, other than the fact that Boris Wizen atteneded an academy there.

SARSadmin's Comment: What an original name for not one, not two, but an entire friggin cluster of nations! I mean, get real. At least give me a name of one or two of these nations. Look at the above description, all we know is that one effeminate puppy went to school there--it makes us look VERY desperate! [Addedndum post Suikoden 3: Well, after Suikoden 3 has been released, more have been discovered, such as how they are called "Northern Territorries, Northern Outlands, and the Outlands." Thanks goes to the translators for being so poetic.]

Kanakan is a region that exists south of Toran. It is said to be a warm place and is well known for its high quality liquor. Roundier Haia, who is Valeria and Anita's master in Falcon style fencing resides here. It is also said that a Sindar ruin lies hidden in Kanakan.

SARSadmin's Comment: A sad place that is almost always mentioned due to its liquor. Many wonder whether Kanakan is some island, or is part of some other land mass. Heck, I don't even know if it's a nation. By the looks of it, it might simply be a name of a pub located south of Rikon, where drunken sword masters give lessons.

A group of island republics that lie south of the Toran Republic and near the Falena Queendom which is a seperate landmass. The people here are said to be great sailors, and voyage far to trade various goods.

SARSadmin's Comment: Almost as bad as the "Nameless Lands."

Merely meaning "lands to the south," this doesn't refer to a name of an area or a country, but instead just points to the "far south." Wakaba is said to be from a "community" of this region.

SARSadmin's Comment: I guess this is like how in the US of A we call Georgia, Louisiana, Texas and all those states collectively "The South." They have Chinese-looking guys, Japanese-looking girls, and Indian/Arabic-looking swordsmen as far as we know.

Black Dragon Island
No one knows where this island exists, but the Black Dragon Clan rules this island with an iron fist under the rule of "Black Tortoise" Jinkai. The Black Dragon Clan is a clan of die-hard chefs in search of the ultimate recipe.

SARSadmin's Comment: Why did I even include this?

Viki's Homeland
Said to be located somewhere on the face of this planet, Viki's homeland has a surreal landscape as if you wandered into a Chagall mosaic. Doors float mid air, and windows on the floor lead to a field of flowers. Endless corridors lead you to nowhere, and tiles of various colors line the walls, ceiling, and floors.

SARSadmin's Comment: Her world makes me nauseous. No wonder why Viki gets lost so easily if she has been living in such a "Lucy in the Skies with Diamonds" world.

Village of the Hidden Rune
No one knows where exactly this village was located, but this village protected the Rune of Life and Death (Souleater). However, the village was destroyed by Windy, Yuber, and Neclord roughly 300 years before the Gate Rune Wars. The rune was protected by the sacrifice of the elder, and since then wandered the land with its host, Ted.

SARSadmin's Comment: More like "the village formerly known as the Village of the Hidden Rune."

Village of the Blue Moon
This village was created by Sierra Mikain centuries ago, even before the formation of Harmonia. This village was a haven for those who lost all hope in life. In fact, most of the inhabitants of the village were those who wandered into the forest seeking death. However, those lucky few were graced with the compassion of Sierra and the Blue Moon Rune, living all eternity as vampires. The vampires had their bloodlust under control with the help of the Blue Moon Rune. However, Neclord stole the Blue Moon Rune, leading to the destruction of the Village.

SARSadmin's Comment: A good name for a hippy commune. The "Blue Moon Rune" can easily be replaced with a huge lava lamp.

The Million Worlds
The Million Words is a general term given to the countless parallel dimensions and worlds that exist in the multiverse. Details on the various worlds are rarely known to the average person.

SARSadmin's Comment: Man, I'll have to make an entire section once they release info on every single one of these worlds...

The World of Wings and Scales
The World of Wings and Scales is the home dimension for all dragons. Dragons require the existence of the Dragon Rune to exist outside this home dimension. The World of Wings and Scales look very similar to "our world."

SARSadmin's Comment: One wonders whether Humphrey, Oulan, and Sheena were left inside this world after they were teleported by the renegade dragon in Suikogaiden Vol.2.

The World of Emptiness
The home dimension of demons and monsters, the monsters summoned using the Blue Gate Rune hail from this dimension. This world is described as being dark and gloomy. The dead are also said to be sent to this world for a while, if not for eternity.

SARSadmin's Comment: With all the monsters we end up killing, it doesn't seem like this world is quite empty.

The Edge of the World
The edge of the world that Templeton seeks to find. Whether such a place actually exists is unknown.

SARSadmin's Comment: Fundamentalists would love Templeton.