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Fighting Game Cliches

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2005 11:48 pm    Post subject: Fighting Game Cliches Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

You might think this is just a boring repeat of the RPG cliches thread where I present a URL with a giant list of fighting cliches. But this is different, because I haven't seen a Fighter Cliche list anywhere, nor do I hear that many jokes about fighters. So I want to try and make a list of my own thoughts and contributions from you guys. I might go to different boards for suggestions depending upon how good this list gets.

If it does get good, I may begin researching specific exceptions and blatant poster children of these cliches and unwritten laws. For now, it'll be a rough list.

Of the ones I have in mind, they are:

Law of Organizations
They're all evil. Not only are they evil, the head of this organization is the final boss, if not in one game, then definitely in a sequel.

After the smoke clears...
If someone, usually villains, are pronounced dead by any means (falling out of a building, exploding from the main hero's fiery attack, sword through their gut, etc.), they usually find a way to revive themselves in time for the sequel, or for big crossover games. The only time someone stays dead is if they died from old age.

Pretty Fighter Girls
Of any title around, there frequently exists a pretty girl in her teens who manages to gain instant popularity just because they're cute. Not only are they cute, they can kick ass while singing J-pop on the side. Some are weaker versions of males, while others have original skills. Some girls change their costumes either annually or once in a while, and others don't.

Don't Touch the Talent!
Along with the aforementioned pretty girl, there also exists a slightly older woman (twenties, perhaps) who is mostly memorable for her sex appeal. Her outfits are impractical and illogical, and her cleavage begs Isaac Newton to refine his law of gravity. Her weapons could be her fists, or they could belong in the dominatrix family of weapons.

Green Thumbs, Red Hands
Fighters who are on the side of nature tend to be calm and gentle (and female) while possessing some nasty skills that'll cut off a grown man's head. Imagine if WWF had environmental officers like that. O_o;;

War of Importance
There exist lots and lots of fighters, mostly males, that are easily forgettable for many reasons: annoying or lacking in personality, are old/obese/ugly/blatant rip-off of actual figures, is just another user of the same technique as everyone else, etc. Yet these characters exist in order to give the fighting cast some substance instead of just having the main characters and the girls to choose from.

When Wheaties aren't enough
Some titles have forbidden bloodlines and secret powers that the main character(s) and several villains have that make them stronger than before. The two most popular transformations are Satsui no Hadou (SnH) and Orochi Riots (I forget the name right now). These characters become more violent and unstable, forcing the surrounding cast to sedate them through desperado fights.

Sibling Rivalry
If you have two brothers who use the same technique(s), the older one will become evil while the younger one is the main character, and their fight is inevitable. The older brother is just waiting for the younger brother to train hard enough to be a challenge to him. If you have two sisters who use the same technique(s), rarely do they fight each other unless there are certain circumstances. A brother and a sister is rare, but it does happen on occassion, with various results. There are exceptions to this rule, of course.

Anime-to-game transitions
Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho and Dragon Ball are natural-born fighting titles that can survive the transition. Sailor Moon, the poster child of love and romance, does not constitute as the basis for a fighting game.

Capcom vs...
Crossovers, of any kind, only exist to have your favorite matches and pairings/groupings happen. If they have a story, it either sucks or doesn't exist. If they have a reason for the fighters of two totally different worlds to exist and band together, there isn't one explained. When you beat the final boss, don't expect them to say anything sequelriffic. While Capcom did a majority of these crossovers, there are other ones out there.

Hair Wars
Of your two main characters/rivals, one has brown hair, and the other one has blond. Exception: Kyo (brown) and Iori (red)

Law of the Night
Darkstalkers did it first, and did it right. To try and emulate a fighting game with creatures of the night would be a waste of your time and money. If you don't believe me, try Killing Zone.

The Five Elements
Of the five popular elements (fire, water, wind, earth, lightning), there exists an order of elemental popularity. Opinions may vary on this, but my interpretation is, from most used to least: fire, lightning, earth, wind, water.

Phew... that's all I can come up with right now. Any new additions, exceptions, opinions, etc., are welcome. Especially if I want to compile this list to be as accurate and funny as possible. 8-)
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