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Define Your Regiment
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Blazing Conflagration

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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 4:27 am    Post subject: Define Your Regiment Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

I've been browsing the forums, and I've seen some highly interesting regiment names, from The Booze Men to The Anla'Shok, and the mysterious Der Trauerzug. Cool names, but I want to learn more about what your regiment is like. I think it will help add some overall flavour, and it might just give the battle writers a way to add more personality to the battles, which is always a good thing. Here's mine:

Valor's Blades

The path to Valor is one of Courage and Loyalty. This is a motto that every knight in the Valor's Blades regiment knows. Courage guides the actions of these brave knights on the field, and their actions off of it as well. It is no surprise to see Valor's Blades leading the charge, pennants flapping in the wind as the earth rumbles under the stamp of their horses. Valor's Blades are the first ones to meet the enemy on the field, and are more than loath to retreat. They believe that the tide of battle can be turned by a single Courageous man, and will fight to the last breath.

Loyalty is the second fundamental virtue of the knights of Valor's Blades. To win the day a knight must be able to trust every other member of his regiment to follow orders. One man fleeing his post or moving at the wrong time could open a weakness in the formation and lead to the death of many. The knights of Valor's Blades all know that they can trust their bretheren explicitly, and will follow orders unquestioningly. They are not puppets, however; this trust extends to the chain of command. The knights trust their leaders, and especially their commander Kalidor, with their lives, and they have not failed them yet.

The equipment of the knights of Valor's Blades befits those who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of the values of knighthood. All of the men are furnished with steel platemail armor, that they attend to religiously, keeping it at a burnished sheen. It becomes something of a point of pride for the men that they glitter in the light of the sun upon the field. Each man is also outfitted with a lance, and a longsword made of fine steel, plain, but befitting those used to battle. Officer's swords are made of mithril, and never lose their keen edge no matter what trials they are put through. Each knight has his own warhorse as well, and barding to protect his steed.

All right, that's my cavalry regiment. Let me see the uniqueness of your regiments. I'm looking forward to it.
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Horned Loa

Guardians of the Merchant

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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 6:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Good idea there Kalidor. Might as well tell my story.

Lucifer's Legion

This choice was not an easy one as I had another name in mind but decided to go with this instead. As I've already mentioned with my title, I've acquired the name through a quiz I took on a random website about which angel a person is most associated with. You can easily guess which one I got haha. Well the paragraph simply said the following: "Lucifer. The most misunderstood of all the Archangels, you're most like the Archangel of Light. You've seen the dark side and have opted for something better. You need better press, though chances are no one will really understand your motives".

Seeing quite a bit of myself in that passage I decided to adopt the name "The Archangel of Light". I did some further research on it and apparently before the bible was written the Archangel of Light was an actual bringer of light and it referred to the stars. To top it all of the name just sounded really cool so I decided to go with it. When the region name feature was added to the site I couldn't decide between "Lucifer's Legion" and "The Knights of the Fallen Angel". Since I already had the word Archangel in my title I went with the second one, not to mention that a Legion suits my regiment far better then Knights but it was rather a tough decision to make. It really doesn't matter however as I will use the two terms interchangeably as they are really one and the same.

Lucifer's Legion does not stand for nor represent hell, evil and all that is unholy; especially since I am a high ranking member of the HOLY Kingdom of Harmonia. It is a fierce and skilled legion of warriors however and one that will fight until the last man and the until the last drop of blood has been spilt. Like their master (myself), the legion believes in and values honor, pride, trust and loyalty above all else. There is no differentiation between the four as all the traits are held in the utmost regards and these soldiers believe in these virtues so blindly that they would gladly take their lives should their master even look upon them with a disappointing gaze. I would not label them courageous like Valor's Blades, however these men do not fear death and as such would gladly face it in combat should their master chose for them to do so.

The knights that join Lucifer's legion have pledged their lives to me and have relinquished material possessions and as such only value that which is given to them by their master. Rather than stand and fight as fair and virtuous fighters, each member of the legion has been trained as an expert assassin and educated in the arts of magic, the skill of the sword, the swiftness of the staff and the precision of the bow and arrow. Some have even been taught how to use the famed guns provided by the Howling Voice Guild. Their lives are spent training and as such they do not know of art, literature nor any other activities that humanity labels as leisure. Their lives revolve strictly about improving their skills and examining tactics and strategies as to better themselves as more proficient killing machines. Asides from individual training the entire legion was built as an extermination unit that will swiftly and efficiently cut down through the toughest opponents. They are equipped with light and but extremely durable equipment that allows for swift maneuvering whilst giving the capability of striking hard. They are not the best defended because their primary tactic is "strike first and strike hard" or in other words attack the enemy before they attack you and end the fight with as few blows being dealt as possible. Efficiency takes into account conserving one's energy.

However they are feared even in the Holy Kingdom by their comrades in arms who have heard of the horrific and brutal battles they have won and when seen on the battlefield the soldiers of Harmonia breathe a sigh of relief as they know the enemy is about to face a force that was built for carnage and destruction, relieving them of all the hard work and a possible death. Lucifer's Legion has no gain from rape but since plundering strengthens the kingdom they take what they can acquire and would not hesitate to slaughter any creature they see as a threat, even potentially dangerous women and children (mind you in Suikoden even five year old girls can fight).

This gives you a brief outline of what the Lucifer's Legion aka The Knights of the Fallen Angel are all about as well as a little outline as to how the name was acquired. I'd be interested in seeing several more of these as many names interest me.
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The Squirrel Mob

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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 6:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

I hope that the report writers do actually check this thread becuase it would make the reports a lot more interesting(assuming many people post here).

Squirrel Mob

I'll start off with how I got this regiment name. It is the name of a card in my MtG. My deck is entirely based off of squirrels because there are plenty of squirrel cards and I just find the concept of being beaten by squirrels humorous. Ever since I made my deck I have had an obsession with squirrels and I decided to play on that obsession here because it was rather unique.

The Squirrel Mob is one of the more unique military units in the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. It was created when a squirrel farmer managed to breed squirrels the size of horses. He has become the leader of this odd unit, seeing as he is the only one who knows how to breed them. The unit was made in order to try to the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia an advantage simply from something that had never been seen before. The horse sized squirrels have the ability to climb trees while they are mounted, but this is a very terrifying experience causing most riders to pass out. As such they stay to the ground for the most part, except for the most experienced members of it.

As with their mounts the actual members of the unit are a bit unusual. Almost all of them are honorable men who have fallen off of their horses a few too many times, if you know what I'm saying. The members range in age from just barely eighteen to over sixty. The unit doesn't care for the gender or much else. The only real requirments for joining are that you are able to ride one of the giant squirrels and that you won't misstreat your squirrel. The members tend to form a bond with their mount. Should a member's mount ever die they are investigated first to make sure they aren't reponsible for the death in anyway. If they are found completly innocent they are given a new squirrel. If not, they are kicked out the unit permanetly.

This should give you a good idea of the one of the oddest units in the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia.
"Ye shall be as gods."

Titles: Harmonian Tenki Star, Harmonian Jousting Champion
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Rangers Of Mielikki

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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 6:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

I know a regiment name you could have used, !Shadow Wolf!, something along the lines of 'The Black Fang'...Nah that would never work, no one would use a name like that :wink:

Here's mine: 'Deliverance Into Darkness'.

Well I only added this regiment name the other day, and to me it serves no real meaning, it just sounded cool and wise. It is also very fitting to my avatar, of the Dark Elf Drizzt Do'Urden. It employs a dark surrounding and an even darker past to my character (which has not been revealed to anyone, even in my nation via a story, but it shall come:)

Of course my regiment name can be viewed in many simple ways. Such as, I am going to put an end to your life. And send you to hell...something like that. I enjoy writing cool things like this, which can have multiple meanings and interpretations. Mess with me, and you will be 'delivered' to the many various levels of hells labyrinth. Haha, or a fate similar to that.
“Firbolgs die with honor,” Morten explained as the logs beneath Tavis began to burn. “We don’t beg for mercy. We don’t show pain. We just die.”
“Maybe we skin you alive,” Noote warned. “That hurt plenty."
- The Twilight Giants, Book I.
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SB90's Mechanized Monsters

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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 7:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Well I created a character around my stats. What type of magician would be highly skilled, quick, and have low magic. I figured someone like Jupo a tinkerer. So that is where the name for my regiment come from. I picture my regiment to be made of of brilliant, and no so smart sceintist type people. We would really be using more machine than magic, and in some cases a combination of both. Once again I imagine Jupo, and his robots from Suikoden 1. Or maybe other tyoes of creations. I picture the leader Earthquake as a Mad Sceintist type. Sometimes making sence, other raging like a lunatic, and lashing out.
If anybody asks about the avatar, I did it for Jess.
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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 8:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Despite my title as the Red Knight Captain, my regiment name is The Czech Knights, obviously inspired by the Czech Republic, which is not where I come from. But to make it sound more plausible to be in the Suikoden World (particularly City-States of Jowston), I made them to be a knight under Matilda Knighthood. So here goes the entry for the Czech Knights.

The Czech Knights
Based in Matilda region of City-States of Jowston, the Czech Knights are the elite knights of Matilda. They are so elite that there was no one outside the Czech Knights themselves that knows about their existance. Only the chosen ones could join the Czech Knights, and the secret would have to die with them too.

Some people say that the Czech Knights are nothing but rumor, some people say that the Czech Knights are just a hired army out of Matilda, and some others say that the Czech Knights only existed in the past. While there was no way to confirm this unless you become one of the Czech Knights yourself, it could be confirmed that the Czech Knights exist, and they have a secret location in the Rockaxe Castle as their mini-headquarter.

So who are the people behind the formation of the Czech Knights? There was no definite answer to that question, but the many different sacred documents inside the castle showed hints that the Czech Knights were formed by the sixth White Knight Captain named Dejan who led the Matilda Knights a few generations before the infamous Gorudo. Dejan formed the Czech Knights with the Captain of the Red and Blue Knights by recruiting the best knights of each. From then on, there was no definite documents that showed the existance of the Czech Knights, but it is believed that they now play more roles from behind the curtains.

But now with the Suikoden World War happening, it is time for the Czech Knights to once again step out and protect the town that they love with blood. The Czech Knights are fearless, and they are willing to die to protect the land of Matilda. Long live City-States of Jowston, long live Matilda Knighthood, and long live the Czech Knights.

~City-States of Jowston and Tinto Republic~
06.06.2004 - 20.01.2008

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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 11:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Well, seeing that you mention my men in your post Kalidor I assume you are truly interested, I hope my explanation satisfies you.

The Booze Men:

The Island Nations Elite Magic Unit stationed at Kanakus withdraws the power of the ancient Kung Fu method "Drunken Style" combined with E.R.P (Elemental Rune Power), for maximizing damage.

The very famous system known as drunken style is said to have been based on the tale of themythical 8 Immortals, who during their travels, were attacked while drunk in bar. In order to prevail they took advantage of their their inebriated states, to trick, evade and defeat their attackers.

This Legend quickly spread through the region of Kanakus because of the highly profitable wine commerce and vineyards located in the area, and an alternate form of this combat involving this skills and rune chanting was developed:

D.E.R.C (Drunken Elemental Rune Chanting)

Eventough the legend's popularity throughout the island nations, only true pirates can develop this skill succesfully. This is because the clumsy and relaxed fighting stance (inherent of the method) can only be accomplished through sever booze drinking, which normal people cannot handle.

This explains why the regiment also excells at hand to hand combat which can make the most rabid fighter tremble.
Surprise is the most important factor in D.E.R.C, because the opponent cannot defend against at what is not expected.

The method in which The Booze Men focus their magical strenght for summoning a specific element of nature (Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth) is unknown, but rumors spreaded through the region claim that the elemental attack type depends on the liquor the soldiers drink before battle.

Their Leader Futch, is the only known person capable of teaching D.E.R.C, therefore his approval is needed in order to join the regiment.
The process in which candidates are selected is a "mano a mano" drinking feast between both of them.

Factors which determine who gets accepted after the contest are completely unknown. "Last Man Standing" is a choice which was discarded as Futch has never fell before any man, beast, or god...


PS:Sorry for writing so much, If there are any questions feel free to ask!
This is an excellent and fun to write in topic by the way.
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Azure Flames

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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 12:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

The Demonic Tribesmen of the Black Flame

There is an epic tale about the origin of this Demonic tribe, which is led by the entity known only as the Revolving Sphere. This being goes by many aliases, one presently being demon eye and another being Urn, "The Dark Storm".

The Demonic Tribesmen originated from a land blessed by the god, Helios or Solarian of the Sun. Originally the tribe was named Taiyo, but due to a disaster they would become nameless and cursed. The story of the tribe would be told through stories, mostly hearsay and none could be trusted, but today I shall tell you the truth about the origin of this supernatural tribe.

The story goes like this:

The leader of the Tribe was loyal to his liege, leading his tribesmen into battles after battles for the good of the kingdom he had sworn to protect. The king relied on the tribe, as their strength was matched by none. The members of the tribe were seemingly blessed by the god, Helios a.k.a. Solarian, with the fiery courage and undying light of the Sun. The leader of the Tribe, Aramus, was very respected and adored and this reflected badly on the king's son who feared that his father would promote Aramus as his successor. What made matters worse is that the king's daughter had fallen madly in love with Aramus. The prince would not tolerate this, so he devised a plan to shame Aramus and his people.

There was legend of an ancient relic that could bestow god-like powers, it was the very essence of Helios' strength and the tribesmen of Taiyo worshipped it. The prince spread rumors telling the king that Aramus planned to betray the kingdom and use this weapon to conquer the kingdom. The king could not ignore his son and ordered that an investigation take place. The prince would lead a massacre on a village under the control of the kingdom. The prince had his soldiers dress up in the garments of the tribesmen of Taiyo and also left a note marked in the seal of the tribe, that the royal palace would be next,

After finding out about this incident, the king was enraged and ordered for the destruction of the Taiyo and ordered for his men to take Aramus' head. Loyal to the kingdom, Aramus surrendered himself to the punishment of the king to the dismay of his people. Aramus planned to sacrifice himself to save his tribe. This was the deal agreed to by the king, but on the day of Aramus' beheading, while the tribesmen of Taiyo were preparing to mourn for their leader, the prince led a massacre on the entire village killing all of the villagers except one mere boy infant.

Just before Aramus' death, he receives word of the atrocity that befell his tribe. Before his head is removed, he prays in his native tongue to the god, Helios to grant him revenge in the afterlife. As his head is removed, the relic the people of Taiyo worshipped, glowed an eerie black glow and black flames spewed forth consuming the entire land, razing and burning all that it touched.

From the black flaming abyss, emerged the members of the tribe, tranformed into hellish demons constantly ablazed in all consuming black flames. They lead horrible massacres and topple the once great kingdom. The body of Aramus was never found, but rumors state that the last thing the prince and king saw was the blade of his sword as their bodies were shredded and burned to ash.

The only survivor of the clan, was embued with the seal of the clan, and given the contract of the black flame. Helios had given the tribe their revenge. The boy would come to be known as the Revolving Sphere, but originally be named Urn. The seal of the all consuming flame can be seen ablaze on his back. From that day on the tribesmen of the village of Taiyo would become known through legend as the Demonic Tribesmen of the Black Flame to be led only by Urn. This lad would later swear his allegiance to the Queendom of Falena and the rest is history.
~ Humbly walk the path of death


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Altruistic Apparitions

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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 3:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Danger: Moderator - what is there to say really? I have been tagged by Nuklear Man. Anyone who's read Nuklear Age probably knows it, but Nuklear Man sticks "Danger:" labels on everything, for e.g. Danger: TV and Danger: Sidekick.

Previously, my regiment were the Binders of Orannis, and I know Ninjar and Dark Horizon Angel will get the significance.

But Binders of Orannis were those connected to the bloodline of the original Seven Bright Shiners who bound Orannis (the destroyer) anew when he had even tried to escape. The Binders were also joined by Yrael, who was himself bound by the Bright Shiners long ago before Orannis.

Orannis is the destroyer and its sole purpose is to annihilate planet after planet. Eventually when he came to the Old Kingdom, he was captured, but it took all of the Seven to bind him. This is the song of Orannis:

I'll sing you a song of long ago-
Seven shine the shiners, oh!
What did the Seven do way back when?
Why they wove the Charter then!
Five for the warp, from beginning to end.
Two for the woof, to make and mend.
That's the Seven, but what of the Nine-
What of the two who chose not to shine?
The Eighth did hide, hide all away,
But the Seven caught him and made him pay.
The Ninth was strong and fought with might,
But lone Orannis was put out of the light,
Broken in two and buried under hill,
Forever to lie there, wishing us ill.

Orannis never managed to escape, and only let lose a miniscule portion of his power, and yet, the Binders could not seal him alone. The Binders were known under the following titles: The Abhorsen, the King, the Remembrancer, the Clayr, Kibeth the Dog, the Wallmaker and the Princess. They would all fail if it was not for the Eigth that was punished long ago. Yrael. He was forced together and re broken in two, and finally buried under Edge Hill.

[Axiose] [Fliktor]
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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 3:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Der Trauerzug is a group of a bunch of drunken pot-bellied southern German men in lederhosens, riding on horses and wreaking havok with ther numerous barbaric weapon of genuine Germanic style. Oh yes, and they all wear pitch black armor and generally look very scary and creepy and they really kick ass, yep.
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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 4:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Pirates in Tights
Well as you can tell, my men are archers. The pirates came from playing Sid Mier's Pirates (not Joe Schmoe's one, Sid Mier's!) a while back... so yarr. me started 'alkin like a pirate.

The 'Tights' are a reference to the movie "Robin Hood: Men In Tights." I figure a pirate using a bow is just as weird as a pirate in tights... Although more pirates wore tights than used bows. It's actually a funny mental image so I decided to roll with it.

Here's our fighting song, borrowed from the movie:

We're men, we're men in tights
We roam around the forest looking for fights
We're men, we're men in tights
We rob from the rich and give to the poor, that's right!

We may look like sissies
But watch what you say, or else we'll put out your lights
We're men, we're men in tights
Always on guard, defending the people's rights.

So if you ever come by North Sparrow Pass and you hear us singing this. First stop laughing at me hearties, then be ready for me firestorm. ...ummm yarr... :? 8)
______ "We're still flying"

___ "That's not much"

"It's enough"
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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 4:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Since I used to have my regiment name as a quick way to describe me, I have recently changed it to something that describes how I'd want my men to fight.

Passive Resistors is about my no longer secret desire to have my soldiers learn Tai Chi. With their mastery of this special, non-agressive martial art, they shall hold off all opponents who believe that to to win you must attack, attack, attack.
Can anyone tell I'm bored?
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Covenant of Cuchulainn

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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 5:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

I had a really boring regiment name before, but I changed it after looking up some Celtic mythology I knew about before.

Covenant of Cuchulainn

This regiment located in Addervon is named after a promise made between Cuchulainn and Connall the Victorious, that if one was slain in battle, the remaining friend would seek vengeance. Connall managed to avenge Cuchulainn by taking the head of Lugaid, Cuchulainn's killer. Cuchulainn himself was born from divine lineage, the son of human parents, yet he is the ancestor of the god of light, Lugh.

This is a promise made between soldiers of the Covenant, yet ironically the leader (being myself) has no one to make a Covenant with until they either find a spouse or a close, close friend. Once the promise is made, there is no backing out, and you are a member of the Covenant.
"Luca Blight, patron saint of population decrease." -- Benit, MST149

Benit149: First Lady of Addervon, Princess of Slight Fever, defender of the Nameless.

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Faithers of the Defend

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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 6:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Both my custom title (Champion of the Faith) and regiment name (Keepers of the Balance) are just Harmonia-related. The High Priest owns the Circle Rune which is supposed to govern order, so that is pretty much the foundation of our nation. My title reflects the religious/Temple Faction aspect of the nation while Keepers of the Balance refers to me being the military unit that "restores order" (i.e. killing a lot of people).

If I wasn't in such a high position within the nation, I might revert back to my previous regiment name, the "Riders of Flatulence" (which at the time was a play on SARSadmin's regiment at the time, the "Riders of Pestilence"). ;)

Some interesting explanations and stories in here! Stuff is beginning to make some sort of sense, hehe.
~~Harmonian Tenhei Star~~

It's hard to bargle naudle zauss with all these marbles in my mouth.
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Scarlet Assassin

Disciples of Death

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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 6:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Velvet Moongazers

First off, I just changed my regiment name. I searched google for "Scarlet assassin" and came up with (after my Suikoden RP on Pro portaria Morta stats) a deviant art entry known as "The scarlet assassin" in the google description I saw "Moon gazer" and then in another entry I saw "velvet" (and velvet kicks ass)

Now for the description:

Under the king of Kaimuttal himself, the Velvet Moongazers are one of the most fearsome archer regiment (bested only by "Some Dudes with bows") These men are picked specifically by the king to be his soldiers. THe choice is made frmo thousands, even millions of youg people in Kaimuttal. Due to the abundance of cliffs and moutnains, archery is heavily favored in the area, so to be chosen as one of the Moongazers is a great honor.

Chief of Beat-em-up Honeys Division, Devoted Protector of Lady Tifa Lockhart
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