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Chiepoo & Co's Trading Store

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Potch Cats

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PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2007 4:05 am    Post subject: Chiepoo & Co's Trading Store Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

To make a purchase, please donate the funds to Chiepoo.

Meow! Welcome to the newly opened Chiepoo & Co's Trading Post! Here, you will be able to exchange your hard earned potch for a variety of services offered by Chiepoo & Co! Before you make a purchase, please be sure to have your Nation Leader's permission.

Here is a list of the stock we're offering:

  1. 300,000 potch

    If you don't like the titles of your own nation, you can pay Budehuc's own Jefferson to designate your own custom title, with a limit of 30 characters. Formatting options include bold, italics, underline and colour, which can be picked from here and here - you just need the RGB Hex Code. (Please choose only a single colour with your custom title. No rainbow text, please.)

    If you only have the Red, Green, Blue codes (numbers between 0 and 255) you can convert it to the right code here.

    Note: Nation Leaders and Moderators all are allowed to have free custom titles. If you already have a custom title, you can pass it on to another member, or edit it to something else for free.

  2. Free + 200 Regiment Experience
    (200,000 potch to change back)

    If a mercenary unit has 2 or more victory counts, they can elect to make themselves into a "naval unit" much like how nations can own naval forces. Naval Units are able to deal out double damage in naval battles, but suffer a 25% attack penelty when fighting on land. Once this switch is made, changing back to a conventional unit will cost 200,000 potch.

  3. 450,000 potch
    (To see how your leadership will fluctuate depending on the regiment you want to become, please go and talk to Hellion in her Oracle Shop)

    Any number of factors may bring about the decision for your army to learn a new fighting style. (Who knows, your cavalry just may not get along very well with horses!) Therefore, you can enter a boot camp to upgrade your skills to a regiment more suitable to your abilities. Your options at this level are:

    • Archer

      Soldiers that use bows and arrows to attack enemies from a distance. They are effective against magicians and flying enemies. They are weak against infantry and other melee-attack regiments. They function best when led by those with high SKL.

    • Cavalry

      Armored soldiers mounted on horeses that charge into enemies. They tend to be defenseless against magicians due to horeses getting frightened by the magic, but they are powerful against footsoldiers. They become a deadly force on plains, but are less effective on mountainous, desert, and badland terrains. They are most effective when led by those who have high SPD.

    • Infantry

      Footsoldiers armed with various one-handed melee weapons, armor, and a shield. They are able to withstand arrows effectively, but are relatively defenseless against cavalry. They function best when led by those who have high DEF.

    • Magicians

      Lightly armed rune mages who are devastatingly effective against cavalry and magical creatures of certain types. They are very weak against long range attacks. They function best when led by a leader with high MAG.

  4. 500 Regiment Experience +
    625,000 potch

    (To see how your leadership will fluctuate depending on the regiment you want to become, please go and talk to Hellion in her Oracle Shop)

    Once you have proven yourself in battle, your regiment may find themselves in the position to refine their skills. As such, you will be eligible to enroll into a training camp with better facilities than the average boot camp, which will outfit your regiment with state of the art weapons and equipment. Your options at this level are:

    • Catapult

      A siege engine that can hurl large objects at defensive structures and render them ineffective. When used with another battle regiment, a catapult can nullify an enemy's fortification bonus. When used by itself, they function much like crossbowmen, although their attack power is higher at the expense of their defense.
      Kooluk Empire only!

    • Crossbowmen

      Armored soldiers trained in the use of crossbows. Although their armor and secondary weapon makes them at part with infantry, they are weak against cavalry due to their slow fire rate. They are strong against magicians, and are effective when led by those who are strong in body and soul.

    • Ducks

      A race of humanoid ducks that are native to parts of Grassland. Although defensive in nature, they are wily warriors who utilize group tactics and cunning to overcome stronger enemies. They possess a mild resistance to magic, but can be overcome quite easily by a cavalry charge. They are also adept at fighting in watery terrain, such as in wetlands and out in the ocean.
      Grassland only!

    • Fire Spears

      Soldiers equipped with spears that spew fire, turning them into a deadly force against enemies who have no means of long-range attacks. The soldiers themselves are not very well protected, and are vulnerable to long-ranged attacks. Due to being lightly encumbered, they can be deployed in any terrain with little difficulty. Soldiers in this regiment must be quick and skillful to be able to properly handle the spears.
      Scarlet Moon Empire only!

    • Kamaro Knights

      Heavily armored free knights who serve no lord and instead dedicate their lives to their "quest" in order to complete their own personal "saga." They act similar to heavy infantry with an additional penchant for magic, making them a formidable force in battle. They are however vulnerable to cavalry and have slight disadvantages against magic-using regiments.
      Nameless Lands only!

    • Obel Guards

      Soldiers who grew up in Obel and have passed rigorous tests within their ruins to be accepted within the ranks of the Obel Guards. Being trained in hand-to-hand combat and magic-use on the sea, they are versatile fighters on sea--but they are also skilled in conventional battles. However, because cavalry is a foreign concept in Obel, they are very weak against cavalry charges and are no match against those who are highly specialized in their own path.
      Island Nations Federation only!

    • Pikemen

      Heavily armored infantrymen armed with long pikes. These haughty men will only follow leaders who can wield their heavy pikes and wear their thick armor. They are strong against cavalry, but tend to have difficulty against infantry.

    • Rangers

      Magic-using swordsmen who dwell in the forest. Those who are fast and skillful are the best leader of these forest men. They are strong against infantry and other melee units, but tend to have difficulty against archers.

    • Rimal Kahin

      The Rimal Kahin are ascetics living in the desert, trying to attain oneness with the sprits that inhabit the arid terrain. They serve as prophets to their people, and are able to use unique spells that are quite formidable in their local terrain. Due to the desert being a product of wind and earth, these magicians are able to control both, although they show great weakness against water-based attacks. Otherwise, they share most of the strengths and weaknesses of magicians.
      New Armes Kingdom only!

    • Temple Guards

      Harmonian soldiers who have been trained to protect their temples and engage in various other activities to aid the bishops and priests. Only Harmonian 1st class citizens are allowed to become Temple Guards, and its members are trained in melee-combat as well as in the use of magic. Not intended to be a combat regiment in large-scale war, they are not suited to engage in close-engagement battles, but are effective in dealing with long-ranged attacks and irregular units.
      Holy Kingdom of Harmonia only!

    • Undead

      Animated skeletons of the war dead controlled by powerful wizards. Venerable magicians are best at controlling these abominations. They are strong against archers and weak against magicians.

    • White Wolf Guards

      Elite infantry units of the Highland Kingdom trained from their youth to be loyal to their King. Possessing the strength of infantry while having no apparent weaknesses against other inferior regiment types, they tend to have considerable difficulties against other irregular non-military type regiments. They are trained to fight adequately in any terrain.
      Highland Kingdom only!

    • Wingers

      A group of highly trained soldiers who were trained by the old Prime Minister of the City-States. Organized and disciplined while fighting in what modern military defines as unconventional methods. Assembled in force, they are able to successfully overwhelm units unable to match their speed or range.
    • City States of Jowston only!

    • Zexen Knights

      Armored knights mounted on horses that are native to the Zexen Confederacy. Due to the lack of aristocracy, these "knights" are hardened warriors who climbed the ranks from being mere foot-soldiers, and will fight on foot when faced with enemies who are weak against infantry or when on rough terrain. Otherwise, They share common strengths and weaknesses as common cavalry.
      Zexen Confederacy only!

  5. 700 Regiment Experience +
    725,000 potch

    (To see how your leadership will fluctuate depending on the regiment you want to become, please go and talk to Hellion in her Oracle Shop)

    Once you have proven yourself further in battle, your regiment may be eligible to train abroad and learn foreign skills. The training camp may not be better, but it is certainly different. Your options at this level are:

    • Arcanist

      Arcanists are a special breed of wizards specializing in all matters occult and forbidden. In many ways, they combine the fields of necromancy and summoning, for their powers draw from the darker powers. Considered to be the bards of the macabre, they know the secrets that man dreads to hear spoken. Arcanists are very few in number, and rarely do they decide to lead other magicians in war. However, when they do, they are able to magnify their power to awesome proportions.

    • Clerics

      Dedicated to the holy path, clerics are professionals when it comes to dealing with magical creatures, particularly the undead. However, they tend to be weak against physical attacks. They are best when led by those who understand how to defend oneself from magic.

    • Mountain Cavalry

      A type of cavalry that uses special mounts that can traverse mountainous terrain without penalty. These mounts also require greater strength to handle, which means leaders of this regiment must be strong. Otherwise, this regiment has the same strengths and weaknesses as standard cavalry.

    • Mounted Archers

      Cavalrymen who are typically trained from their youth on horsemanship to the point that they can use bows on horseback. Due to their speed and long range capabilities, they are effective against a wide range of enemies. However, their attacks are weak against heavily armored opponents and their speed suffers in treacherous terrain, reducing their effectiveness.

  6. 1,000 Regiment Experience +
    800,000 potch

    (To see how your leadership will fluctuate depending on the regiment you want to become, please go and talk to Hellion in her Oracle Shop)

    Once you have proven your undying loyalty to your home nation, you may be allowed access to a very unique training camp. Each nation has their own camp and each unique regiment can only be found in their respective nations. Only the strongest and most loyal of regiments are eligible for the dangerous and difficult process.

    • City States of Jowston
      Immortal Guards

      The Immortals went through rigorous training all over the City-States of Jowston. Years of physical training at Mt.Rakutei and Lake Dunan, endless strategic lectures at Greenhill New Leaf Academy, and countless mini-combat training against the Matilda Knights' best had proven that they lived up to their names. However, arrogance could lead to their downfall when not careful against the swift simpletons.

    • Dukedom of Gaien
      Gaien Knights

      Sworn to protect the Dukedom, these most excellent of warriors swear to serve both the land and it's people. Fierce with their dual swords, they swiftly take down any who would dare stand in their way, on land or sea. As the old Gaien saying goes: "On the sea, even the great Curruid is just a Gaien Knight's mount."

    • Grassland
      Fire Bringer

      The Fire Spirits dance and swirl about these elite warriors of the Grassland. Born with a deep connection to the Spirits, the magical power offered these fierce warriors by the Fire Spirits is nearly unsurpassed. Having fire runes on both their body and weapons, the Fire Bringers combine these two arts into a devastating force. They are known for their ability to destroy the most highly trained forces, running like the wind over the plains into battle, enfolded with the power and protection of the Spirits.

    • Highland Kingdom
      Runic Werewolves

      This already elite regiment of seasoned troops have been enhanced by using the power which emanates from the Beast Rune. Using this power the soldiers are able to transform themselves into a powerful and deadly humanoid wolf. Whilst transformed they retain all of their discipline, skill and intelligence along with a massive increase of strength, stamina, speed and reaction time. Only the strongest and most experienced soldiers are successfully able to fully absorb the power of the Beast Rune.

    • Holy Kingdom of Harmonia
      Crystal Cavalry

      Knights mounted on pegasi charged with the defense of the Circle Rune. Trained in the One Temple of Crystal Valley and dressed in the classic blue of the Circle Rune and armed with large and powerful halberds, these fierce soldiers ride white horses into battle who according to myth, grant them increased magic resistance. In battle, these units will charge into opponents switfly enough to disrupt magic chanting and fell most physical foes, but will be victimized by projectile weapons.

    • Island Nations Federation
      Marine Knights

      Knights of Gaien who are highly trained in naval combat. Due to their specialized purpose, they are lightly armored and often carry pairs of swords. This makes them somewhat vulnerable on land, but they are nearly undefeatable at sea.

    • Kooluk Empire
      Disciples of Death

      The Disciples of Death are the best kept secret of the Kooluk Empire. They are not so much soldiers as they are trained murderers. In recent times, the Kooluk Emperor has brought outsider philosophy into the secretive clan to expand their power. The fighting styles of berserkers, powerful swordsmen, and the strongest of spear wielders have all been incorporated to strengthen and develop the already dominating force that is the Disciples of Death.

    • Nameless Lands
      The Vague

      Indeterminate warrior-mage-candy canes from the Nameless Lands, who astound opponents with their sheer incomprehensibility. As a deconstruction of the heroic archetype, they confuse both the simple-minded and the pedantic, rendering them helpless on the battlefield. They might also be a bunch of cuddly puppies. No one knows.

    • New Armes Kingdom
      Sons of Sobki

      An elite group of spearmen from the Sobki tribe, located near the swamps of Madra, renowned for their crocodile gear and prowess. Each warrior is trained a great deal from birth through a number of odd rituals including rigorous training fighting on or near the seas. The test of manhood in the Sobki Tribe is to kill a crocodile unarmed. The Sobki tribe views the crocodile as the gateway to strength and as such, every part of the crocodile is consumed or used in a man's warrior garb either as armor or as decor in order to try to go through the gateway of strength during battle.

    • Queendom of Falena
      Nether Gate

      Trained since infancy in assassination techniques, the Nether Gate assassin is known and feared throughout the world for their unrivaled prowess in battle. It is said that they are completely loyal to the Crown of Falena, and that they will follow their prey to the ends of the earth and beyond. They are dangerous opponents in terrain that provides ample cover.

    • Scarlet Moon Empire
      Imperial Myrmidon

      Most loyal and most elite of the Scarlet Moon Empire's troops, the Myrmidon regiments will execute their orders instantly and without question, and with no regard to the moral or ethical consequences of their actions. They fight with the most savagely effective weapons the Empire can produce, allowing them to overwhelm ranged attackers. However, the Myrmidons are highly reliant on pure aggression to achieve their goals, and units which can stay the course against their attack can often defeat them.

    • Tinto Republic
      Republic Knights

      Elite guardians of the Tinto Republic, trained from their youth in numerous combat arts as well as runic magic in the monastery on Sun's Crest. Effective even in smaller numbers, these knights are a formidable foe against any who dare to defy them.

    • Zexen Confederacy
      Falure Urn Merchants

      In Zexen's darkest hour, the merchants themselves rose up to defend the crumbling confederacy. They were clad in nothing but ordinary clothing, and due to the collapsed Zexen economy, were armed only with failure urns. Their failure urns, thrown at high speeds, shatter the skulls of their opponents.

  7. 500,000 potch

    Have you come to regret the name you were born with, or does it just annoy the living hell out of you now? Your nation's government office with assistance from Milich Oppenheimer can help you change it to something more to your liking.

    A person can change their name only oncee every phase, and only after a phase has been declared to have started up until the DOI submission deadline!

    Note: Nation Leaders and Moderators are free to change their own names whenever they wish, providing it is before DOI submission.

  8. 1,000,000 potch

    Have you made just a few too many enemies in your country that you feel it would be best to enlist in the Witness Relocation Program? Fear not! Unless your country has an emmigration charge, or the country you wish to relocate to has an added immigration fee, you can purchase an immigration permit to leave your troubles behind and find your way to the land of opportunity. Be forewarned, the permit is only the start and doesn't guarantee the success of your relocation. Rejected applicants run the risk of becoming homeless wanderers.

    Note: If you are the governor of a territory, please include which territory you oversee when you submit your request. It will make updating the Regionlist much easier and you won't make me cry.

    WARNING: Immigration Permits are non-refundable, therefore please be sure you have reached an agreement with the nation you wish to immigrate to. Also be sure to have consulted your current nation leader to avoid any possible fines that may be dealt.

  9. Variable

    Tired of that useless subforum you spent PP to revamp your nation? The description doesn't quite match? Have you recently assassinated the original Nation Leader and want to take the nation in a new direction? With this you now can! Pecola will change any descriptions on any usergroup within your nation or the description for your subforums or nation itself. Is that sub forum bugging you? Outdated and not getting the activity you desire? Build it and they will come. They havn't? Why not change the name of it to fit a new content! Customize your nation in any way you desire with this new item.

    • New Subforum - 500,000 potch (maximum of 5 subforums per nation, not including "Leaders" forum)
    • New Usergroup - 15,000 potch
    • Usergroup Descriptions - 5,000 potch (only necessary if you want to change a current description, otherwise is free to add a description to a usergroup without one)
    • Forum Descriptions - 5,000 potch (only necessary if you want to change a current description, otherwise is free to add a description to a forum without one)
    • Name Changes - 5,000 potch per edit of the names of current forums, subforums or usergroups.

    Note: Deleting or altering permissions on usergroups and/or subforums is free as is deleting subforums themselves when their use is no longer required.

    Refunds: Nation Outfitting can be refunded in the form of store credit. If you're unhappy with a purchase for whatever reason within 30 days, you can change it for free.

  10. Variable

    Does your nation lack a decent navy? Or do you simply have spare potch and want an extra shiny ship to go explore with? Whichever it is, feel free to browse our list of available ships our master shipsman Tov can build for you! Don't forget to check your ports development stat though - potch needed to buy ship/10000 is the minimum Development status needed so for a Schooner you'd need a Development Stat of 10. Mercenaries can also purchase ships that need up to 25 Development points and only a maximum of 2.

    • Schooner (100000 potch): A light, fast vessel that is not terribly hardy.

    • Longboat (150000 potch): A single-sailed vessel that can also be rowed. The vessel has a very short range, but can withstand long voyages.

    • Trireme (150000 potch): A combat vessel that is oar powered, and therefore lacks a mast, making the ship slower, but resilient to attacks compared to Schooners.

    • Xebec (250000 potch): A versatile vessel that is fast and reasonably hardy. It is often equipped with a Corvus for quick boarding attacks.

    • Caravel (400000 potch): A very fast vessel with a relatively sturdy hull. It tends to have a well protected stern castle, which protects the rudder from enemy attacks.

    • Dromon (400000 potch): A fast vessel with a tower, giving it excellent range. Ideal for long-ranged combat.

    • Frigate (650000 potch): A large vessel with three main masts. It is fast for its size and is quite hardy.

    • Galleon (800000 potch): A massive war vessel equipped with various weapons and protected with thick lumber. This class tends to be slow, but its range and defenses more than make up for that.

  11. Variable

    • Regional Descriptions:
      Just conquered a nation? Had worthless explorers discover a new region for you? Are you tired of reading the same description on an outdated region? At no cost at all, Cheipoo & Co has hired Templeton so you the consumer can can have any description on any region your nation owns to be re-written to reflect the changes in national geography and political history of the land.

    • Regional Development:
      You will need to go into your very own "Nation System Profile" to use this option. To do this, simply go


      Tired of living in Badlands? Do you want something better for your people? Perhaps you want to help allies? Now you can! All you need to do is to go into your profile, change your location to the EXACT (spelling is important) region you want to improve, select from one of the options below and key in the necessary money. 40,000 potch for 1 point improvement, 70,000 potch for 2 points of improvement and 100,000 potch for 3 points of improvement. Regional Stats can only be upgraded once per phase and will all be taken into account at the end of each phase.

      • Agriculture: Direct the cultivation of land.
        This means you'll be directing citizens and soldiers of your own to cultivate the land and increase the region's "Agriculture" stat. Higher rate in agriculture means your region will be able to sustain a larger population, and will lead to higher recruitment of soldiers.

      • Happiness: Dispense money and provisions to the citizens.
        This means you will give money and food away to your citizens to appease them. This act will improve the region's "Happiness" stat. A happy populace would be more willing to help you in various situations. An extremely unhappy populace can do some surprising things.

      • Technology: Invest in advancing technology.
        This means you will invest in engineers, inventors, and artisans to improve the region's technological prowess. This action will improve the region's "Technology" stat. Advancement in technology will make various advanced features available, such as advanced naval vessels and regiment types. A region with high technology may also increase the threshold of their region stats.

      • Ethics Promote measures for better education.
        This means you will take your time to educate your citizen by building schools and paying teachers. This action will improve the region's "Ethics" stat. A region with high ethics will attract immigrants and boost the population, while a region with low ethics may attract bandits and other nasties.

      • Security: Boost security within the region.
        This means you will beef up regional guards, build up defenses, and make sure everyone within the region is protected. This action will improve the region's "Security" stat. A region with high security will gain a bonus when defending against an invasion.

      • Trade: Provide a better environment for commerce.
        This means you will actively work to promote commerce within your region. This action will improve the region's "Trade" stat. A region with high "Trade" will gain more potch each phase.

  12. Variable

    Current Exchange Rate: 1,000 potch will yield 1 soldier.

    By offering some well placed bribes, you can convince soldiers to join your regiment, but the soldiers have a minimum charge of 1,000 potch. Remember, once you buy their services they will not return the money under any circumstances, therefore you will be out of luck should they decide to leave your regiment. (Basically, you will not get potch back for any soldiers which you donate or which are removed by a moderator)

If you wish to exchange your potch for any of these services, please inform me, the proprietor, by donating the necessary money with the item you wish to purchase. If you have anything you want to pay for now but have it executed at a later date, please include that in your donation message - but also be aware that you will need to send the PM on the date you want it actioned just to stop me forgetting cover all eventualities.
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