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Your suiko house!
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 8:04 pm    Post subject: Your suiko house! Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

here is a fun topic, pretend to show us around the town you claim to be settled in here, but mostly its a topic to show us around your "suikox house"

give, of course we have one...that is if you don't live in a castle headquators. If so, your room is enough.

I ballance simple homey-ness with exiqusit decorating, a rug on the floor that has greens, golds, reds, and blacks sport abstract desings. Wandering in the house is a pi-bald tabby. The walls sport some art and various convosation pieces such as masks from far away lands I got off of shady peddlers.
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Milich Oppenheimer

La Rose Noire

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 8:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

I would assume that all of you are familiar with my house. It is adorned with the finest and most exquisite of all the plant life of the world; the red rose. I have bred hundreds of bushes so that my house shall always be surrounded by their beauty. Due to my skill, they do not perish even at the height of winter. Gregminster has an almost magical resistance to harsh conditions in any case, and my prodigous ability is simply added upon what attributes already exist.

Within the grounds of my house, where you shall be quite lucky if ever you are given the chance to tread, lie still more rose bushes, but other things as well. I have continued to produce my man-eating spores, so successful were they in ridding the world of Gremio. The uninvited guest had best beware, because my house can be a very dangerous place to the unwary Philistine attempting to steal my artistic secrets; or bits from the Imperial Treasury of course.

My house's interior is much as you would expect; a tribute to all of the most brilliant artists, painters, sculpters, poets and musicians of all time. I have a particular focus on the brilliance of the Scarlet Moon Empire (however, a disproportionate number of talented people come from my homeland. I shall leave it up to your imagination as to why that occurs!) and its various delights, but other nations are represented after a fashion as well. In addition to my own private collection, I have managed to preserve a number of artifacts from Scarleticia. My agents smuggled them out even as the Tinto Republic's forces broke through our lines between Dragon's Den and Kunan. Before Tinto could arrive, most of my favourite pieces had already been removed from the castle and returned safely to Gregminster, though Tinto still got the majority in terms of quantity of my art pieces.

Someday, I shall reclaim those!

I favour bright, bold colours, pinks, reds, golds. My house is absolutely perfect in its every detail insofar as decoration and colour is concerned. Many of my fellows do not appreciate how fine a good use of colour can be. However, I am confident that those whom I choose to invite within the walls of my residence would be quite aware of how delightful it truly is. It is too bad that we have fallen into a spot of bad blood with the New Armes Kingdom, where resides one of my most beloved associates. But that is a matter for another day, is it not?

Suffice to say this. My house is perfection incarnate, and all of you should begin to emulate me.
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Order of the Absolute

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 23, 2006 8:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Kikito, the Bishop of Harmonia, lives in the Temple Complex that was made in Sorrow's Peak when Crystal Valley was taken.

Deep inside the complex, inside his Sacred Chambers, Kikito lives a life of luxury. His bed, even though it belonged to the previous Bishop, is still as good as new, and. A slave is always within reach for whatever the young Bishop may require(which is usually just cookies and/or ice cream) Everything is decorated in a grand way, and you can smell the expensiveness of everything in the air. On the stone walls all around the room you can see portraits of previous Bishops, sitting near the door the two most recent ones, Lord UberYuber and Lord Nutflush

To the right straight from the door there's a fireplace, though it's rarely been used. It's for decorative purposes more than anything else, really. Outside the room's only window, The magniicent Tower of the Howling Voice Guild can be seen. Lately, it as also become a sort of meeting place for all sorts of Harmonian higher ups, including the Bishop himself.

A few steps to the left of the bed there's a bookcase, behind which lies a secret exit for use in case of emergencies.

Even though the place is quite luxurious, it doesn't compare to his chambers in The One Temple, where he Kikito hopes he will once again reside.
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Ice Dragons

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2006 5:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Dun Gwydrik is a large castle that could easily serve as the headquarters of an entire rebellion, much like North WindowCastle, Budehuc Castle, Lake Toran Castle or Ceras Lake has in the past. Granted it has so many large rooms, several predominant Nameless Landers reside within its walls. Currently RedCydranth , Marshmallow (Former Zexen Governor of the region) and Ryusei have rooms in the fine castle. Recently, another has taken up living at the castle but more on him later.

From the outside, the castle has a very Scottish appearance. It stands on the edge by the bluffs of what has recenly been called Lake Budehuc, but its more of a large bay than a Lake. Of course, the bluffs I am referring to are called more commonly the Gwydrik Pallisades.

Inside the castle you'll see a combination of Zexen design matched perfectly with the designs of several Nameless tribes. Red, while he governed the region, tried to mainstay the heritage that the casle had. The main halls have large Zexen paintings and statues ornamenting the walls and stands.

In RedCydranth's room however you get a much more Nameless look to it. Scrolls of Kamaro creeds are posted on his wall. The center of his room has a table with a relatively detailed map of the Nameless Lands and several areas around the world, like what has been discovered of the Northlands, detailed maps of Harmonia, Malinsulo Island, and now a small area of maps has accumulated of the Island Nations. RedCydranth's room smells of insence that one would say smelled more of menthol or mint than anything else, but those who know the vice of a Nay-Kobold will tell you its the scent of catnip. Being a Nay, Red enjoys the scent of the drug, however he doesn't actually partake in the consumption of it for he dislikes the mind altering effects it has upon his system.

He has a rug he purchased from a merchant while he was in New Armes, it has a very Armesian pattern to it that somehow matches the decor of his room. The brown tones match the wood around the windows and the frame of his bed. Also, he has an armoire where he keeps his vests and pants which are pressed perfectly by the Dun Gwydrik butler who has served the castle keeper since before Marshmallow even was governor back in the days when Zexen was controlling the region. Atop the armoire is a set of runes that Red has collected over the years. It includes a few water runes, a flowing rune, a sunbeam rune and a condemnation rune. He ahs each on display as he once bore a few of them. However since his retirement from the Nameless Army, he has chosen to not weild any runes.

The window in Red's room outlooks the Lake and in the distance you can see Budehuc harbor on a clear day. Below, if you look at the right angle, you can see Gwydrik Harbor and often boats are seen on the lake fishing or travelling to Budehuc's port. Many nights Red has sat and watched the moon's reflection on the waters as he contemplated strategies to be used in the Nameless Lands affairs.

Atop the castle is a small watchroom which recently became occupied by a vagrant known as Moon Knight. Moon Knight asked Red to stay atop his castle for a short period of time and being the kind sould he is, Red allowed him to stay. Moon Knight himself does not keep any possessions other than the weaponry he uses when he fights. He too likes watching the night's sky and often is seen in the city of Gwydrik at night helping its citizens by warding off burglars and smugglers. Oddly though, during the day, the room on top of Dun Gwydrik is locked and the windows are sealed closed. Some think he is a vampire, however he has stated repeatedly he is not undead or of vampiric nature, however since none has seen his face, rumors arise.

The only change Moon Knight has made to the room he resides in is the crescent shaped moon he engraved on the door of his room. He seems to have an obsession with that crescent shape.
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Les monsieurs de Narcisse

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 11, 2006 1:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Milich Oppenheimer wrote:

Suffice to say this. My house is perfection incarnate, and all of you should begin to emulate me.

M'lord that you have graced us with your presence is wondrous. Before I tell you about my abode I must first explain my name so as not to offend your sensibilities with mimicry. The late Lord and Lady Narcisse, I'm sure you've heard of them, always had admiration for your lordship's endevours in the Scarlet Moon Empire when Lord Narcisse was in their area attending to his ambassadorial duties. When they had their first son, who was to carry on the family line, they named him Oppenheimer Narcisse in your honour. It is a pleasure to hear from my namesake.

Monsieur, I must say my humble abode is not nearly as glorious as your lordship's. After barbarians ransacked Crystal Valley and destroyed my tailor shop there I have taken up residence in Sorrow's Peak along with the other upper class Harmonians. My duties as Commander of the 2nd Class Harmonian armies keep me busy but one of my key duties is the running of my tailor shop. Perhaps word has reached Scarlet Moon about the Narcisse fashion line?

My shop is built into the side of the great hill with which The Tower stands. The cavern, originally a dark and dank place has been lovingly restored for the generous patrons of the Scarlet Seam tailor shop. The tunnels within the cavern, originally created by an unknown means are a snake like string of roughly spherical chambers. Through the entrance way, chiming the bells beneath the door, opens into the display room. No longer having a window to display my wares the wide mouthed cave, the door of which I often leave open, weather permitting, allows passerby's to observe the latest fashion trends I am creating.

Polished wood and gleaming silver dummies hold my splendid outfits in awe inspiring poses. The next chamber further in holds shelves and counters full of marble and golden busts for les élégant chapeaux. Further into the chamber it grows not darker but more brilliant as crystal chandeliers with sparkling incandescent jewels glow of magic, given to me by his holiness the high priest himself from the One Temple. My counter, where I await to lovingly attend to the every need of my patrons is in this third chamber. Near by is a long silver mirror polished to a glimmering sheen with which one can look upon his or herself and your new beautiful outfit.

Beyond this are the lines and lines of my vibrant and beautiful fabrics and thread with which I might custom design an outfit of your choice. I assure you there is not a colour or pattern I do not have that will suit your needs. However, I am often low on fabrics of blue as it is the official colour of Harmonia and is therefore in high demand.

Then there are the oaken dressing chambers, complete with latchable doors for the utmost privacy. Another full length silver mirror lines the walls outside the dressing chambers to catch the first glimpse of you in your new splendor.

Behind the chambers is a curtain separating the next caverns from this. That is because this is where I can do my sewing. Although there is a separate table in fabric chamber in cases where I require the muse of colour in order to fully impress upon the world with my talent, in these back rooms is where I do the majority of my work in solitude. Needles, patterned scissors, buttons, and other wonders galore, I have everything I need in this area to make the perfect dress for any occasion.

Through a heavy oaken door lies my personal chambers. Modestly equipped with a dining table, comfortably seating six, three candelabras, a velvet cushioned chair for quiet time spent expanding my considerable knowledge with a bit of reading, and of course my dressing table with full length mirror, not to mention my gossamer curtained four poster bed.

Beyond this chamber lies a natural hot spring. I use this for bathing and beside it I have installed a tasteful marble statue in the likeness of one of my childhood servants. Upon the likeness of a tray in his hands I place the scented oils and perfumes I don after a rejuvenating soak.

In the final recesses of my chamber, is a fireplace. The smoke and soot of which funnel up through a crack in the mountainside. This allows ventilation to the rest of my chambers. The fireplace contains the other half of the velvet seating set, a lengthy sofa, matching to the chair I have in my room. On cold Harmonian nights I retreat to this back chamber in front of my fire. This chamber also doubles as a kitchen with three modest pantries and deep tunnel which functions as a serviceable cold storage room.

As you can tell, your Excellency, Lord Oppenheimer, my humble chamber with which I lay down my head at night and conduct my daily workings for the good of Harmonian and the world as a whole, pales in comparison to yours.
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Scarlet Assassin

Disciples of Death

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 11, 2006 2:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

The imperial Palace of Graska is an immense structure built for both comfort and function. Surrounded by thick walls of sand colored bricks, the palace appears more of a fortress than anything else. However, upon passing through the main gates, guests are often bewildered by the vast expanse of exotic flora that flourishes in the Kooluk climate. From wild flowers of varying shades to shade-bearing trees, even to creeping ivy of every color imaginable, the outer shell of the palace is bedecked in the wonders of nature.

Once one enters the palace itself they are immediately breathtaken by the expanse of the foyer. At either side of the foyer stand two massive wooden doors that lead to one of the wings of the palace. The grand staircase stands in the center, lined with ivory banisters and deep, scarlet rugs lead up to a massive landing upon which the royal family displays the art and sculpture which they have cquired over the years. Thousands of pieces line the walls and create an ever changing museum that grows by the day. Off this room the artists and writers that enjoy patronage from the royal family stay, expected to draw their inspiration from the art that surrounds them, both manufactured and natural.

To each side of the landing is a winding staircase, large enough to fit twleve men abreast, that curves around and faces the guest first to the crystaline chandelier, then as they climb to the third floor, the stained glass window tapestry that tells the story of the formation of the Kooluk empire. The window's immensity is storied and all stories fall short of doing it justice, as it reaches from the floor to the ceiling of this level, standing just shy of thirty feet tall, and twenty five feet wide.

Opposite the window stands a magnificent double door that takes five men to open. It is composed of a foot and half thick slab of marble and is carved to fit the sixteen foot archway that leads to the imperial throne chamber.

The throne chamber is the most spectaclar of all sites to be seen in this world. From the imported silk that provides shade for each window, streaming the sun light through a curtain of deep red that in turn fills the chamber with the same color, to the monumental columns that stand thirty feet tall with ten feet between each. The room is immesurably deep and takes several minutes to traverse at a relaxed pace. The marble that lines the floors is spotless, even beneath the deep red carpet that leads to the magnificent throne worked of solid gold and bedecked in jewels of every color.

Each wing that is seperate from the main building serves a different purpose. The leftmost door in the foyer leads to the Graska War hall where the strategic minds of Kooluk work night and day on expansionist and defensive plans. The second left wing, positioned more toward the center, leads to a simple, yet immense building that is rectangular in shape. This is the Graska library which is said to be among the greatest libraries in all the world. It houses tomes on every subject one could seek. The center hall, a hidden channel, leads two places and begins in the landing with a secret passage. A pure waterway runs under the castle and it is there that small boats are kept. These boats lead the royal family to their private quarters and also, out to the river in case of a need to escape. The next dorway off the foyer leads to the public offices of the royal family. The Emperor's office, the young heir's playrooms, the immense bathing structures, places that it would be distasteful to describe in a public forum such as this. Lastly, the final corridor leads to the royal artisan's chambers. The goldsmiths and iron workers reside and work in that area, doing only the bidding of the royal family and top officials in the court.

There's more to the palace but I'd hate to get into too much detail. :mrgreen:

Chief of Beat-em-up Honeys Division, Devoted Protector of Lady Tifa Lockhart
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Vincent Chase

1st H.A.C - Spread Your Love

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 11, 2006 2:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

That sounds like a fine palace, Scarlet. Who's it for, again? :P

Circle Manor has been a retreat of High Priests' past for hundreds of years, but Vincent Chase has truly taken the place and made it his own.

Built — Solis 24
Size — 12,365 square feet (plus 2200 square foot guest house)
Style — Neo Gothic-chic open concept
Location — The hills just outside Sorrow's Peak

The home of the High Priest (and his friends) sits atop the longest cobblestone drive in Harmonia in a forested glade in the mountains overlooking Sorrow's Peak. The driveway arcs around a large fountain depicting a younger Vincent with his family, as well as an ever-burning flame to the memory of his father. A large, limestone structure, the mansion and identical guest houses look like faces carved into the mountains. The front door, made from the hull of his now decommissioned ship stands small compared to the magnificent ribbed arch that crests over it, complete with a blue stained glass window in the shape of the Circle Rune at the pinnacle.

The interior of the house stands out even more when compared the grandiose exterior. Despite extremely high vaulted ceilings and a few shapely pillars holding the house up, the house is much more inviting from the inside. Beside the large entrance, stairs go up in either direction and lead to the upper floors of the house (there are only two). The living room and dining room are appointed with the finest amenities available; huge plush couches, solid wood bookcases and tables and a mini-humidor that sat on the largest coffee table. When you look up from the dining room, there are hundreds of small crystals, hanging as if suspended by nothing just above the table. This is really a chandelier, self-illuminating but hung by tiny, narrow filament wire.

The kitchen is also very modern, with color-changing (blue to black) tile floors, marble countertops and the most advanced oven in the world, all capable of cooking the High Priest his meals when he wanted them. The entire west-facing wall of the kitchen is solid glass, and looks out over the thicket of trees that runs through the mountain slopes, and just past the kitchen is the sun room. Also nicely appointed with comfortable furniture, this room had no solid walls and just functioned to allow the sun in. There were many plants, and on one of them was Vincent's pet blue chameleon, named Harmonia, but he wasn't out today. A small shrine and fountain bubbles in the corner of the room and reveals its true function; to give Vincent peace. Back in the kitchen, there are stairs that lead two places; upstairs and to the basement. Let's check out the basement first!

The basement of the house is finished, but extremely cluttered. On one wall lean hundreds of paintings that he'll never get to hang; most of them are gifts or war trophies, so he can't bring himself to sell them. On another wall sits a rack of many weapons, all of which Vincent was proficient in use with, all of which were still used in battle by his housemates, Turtle, Eric and Johnny Drama. Among others, there were a few bo staff, countless swords of different sized, a large double crossbow and a strange snakelike staff, twisted and sprouting flowers. Countless suits of armor also sat, in varying conditions of quality on the floor. There's nothing really to see in the basement, so let's go upstairs!

Upstairs, the first thing worth seeing is Vincent's room. A massive sleigh bed with large draw-curtains sits against the short wall of the room, 100,000 count blue SME cotton sheets and goose down pillows as large as Vincent made it the essence of comfort, while a huge window to the bed's left lets in the sunlight from the morning sunrises. Outside the window, a large hickory tree grows, and Vincent has had a bird house, identical to Circle Manor but to a 1:1000 scale, built and inhabited by a family of warblers who wake him up every morning. The furniture in the room matched the dark woods of the living room furniture, and the room's walls are adorned with two portraits; Vincent, his Father at age 31 (remarkable the resemblance) and a painting of he and his twelve best friends just before he was anointed High Priest (Which included the Entourage, Montgomery Caliban, Darko, Bishop Kikito and Ari Gold). Small saloon doors lead to a circular room that holds all of Vincent's clothes, and on a stand in the middle; his crystal battle armor and sacred fencer. Another set of saloon doors leads to Master Chase's personal bath, with a huge, hot-water tub (Vincent decided to tap the nearby hot springs) and gold everything, as well as a rather tacky mirror that was held within the necks of two kissing swans (lame...). The sink was made of the shell of a Giant Clam, and like the large tub offered both hot and cold water (as long as the well was full).

The only other rooms upstairs were the Autumn Suite (guest room, so named because it overlooked the largest patch of forest and was especially sublime in the fall), which was a mirror to Vince's room, down to the bathroom and only different because of the larger, northeast facing window. The suite looked out onto a smaller, but still nicely appointed house across the small rift that separated it from the Circle Manor. This was typically where the slaves of the High Priest would live, but Vincent Chase didn't believe in slaves; He only had a gardener (who kept the manor grounds gorgeous), a personal shopper (so he never had to buy his own things) and a washer (because washing is lame), and he never made them work more than four hours a day. Just on the other side of the Autumn Suite is Eric's Room. Eric is Vincent's best friend and manager, and he has a hell of a time trying to control Vince's career, but he still does a good job, and for that Vince rewarded him recently with full managerial status; he makes 10% of what Vince makes. In spite of that, with the large stone fireplace, fully stocked bar and huge east-facing window, E's room was the biggest in the house, and the most romantic, which appeals perfectly to his character. Eric's room also has a bathroom, but with no hot water, but he uses the guest room most of the time anyways.

Downstairs, to the right of the dining room a small hallway leads to another wing of the house! Two doors are in the hallway directly across from each other. In the left it Turtle's room, which has a more hip-hop inspired look to it than any other room in the house. His bed, a big huge race car, just goes to add to the room's dynamic colors. At the foot of his bed are over thirty pairs of shoes, and in the corner sits a large, stand-up bean bag chair. His room furniture isn't as new as Vince's, but it did belong to previous High Priest Nutflush, who Turtle was a great admirer of. Posters and pictures on his wall were mostly of beautiful women, but had had one suspicious poster of a large black man who looks exactly like this. Turtle is the token mooch of the gang, but Vince doesn't seem to care, and his room has some of the more expensive things in the house, including a tiny, gold statue of the love goddess that Turtle thinks will bring him luck with women (cost — 360,808 potch). Has it?...arguably.

Johnny Drama is Vince's older brother, and a relative has-been in Harmonia, but he's been on the upswing of late. His room is much more classy and dignified than Turtle's, with solid Mahogany furniture, all of his products lined up on the dresser, and a closet full of midnight blue and black velvet. The walls are a uniform white, and a non-descript key ring holds his keys just beside the door. His bed, unlike anyone else in the houses' is a large canopy bed with huge black drapes. Upon closer inspection, there are 61 notches in the back left bedpost. Much to the chagrin of the two grown men, they have to share a bathroom and (you guessed it!) no hot water!

The most important room is no doubt the kitchen, where Drama cooks all of the meals and the fellas get to hang out before their days take them to different places. Vince's favorite room is his bedroom. As you can gauge from my house, I like a place to be comfortable, not just for me but to others as well. But still, it never hurts to have a few conversation-starters at the ready. *grabs a cigar from the table-humidor* I think that's about it for this edition of ‘Cribs' get the hell out of my place! *chases people*
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Private Godwin Army

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2006 2:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Okay, this is not that much about my house, but more about my alter ego, but hey... here we go!

The Fool's Mansion

Eden Bago, governor of Lordlake, resides about eighty dozen metres south of his town.
His mansion was build not long ago by the loyal citizens of Lordlake, who welcomed their new lord of the manor by building the mansion exactly after the plans Eden gave them beforehand. The inviting builing with the huge measures is surrounded by an virgin forest that protects the manor from unwanted viewers. To see the beautiful mansion any potential visitor has to use either the winding road or to fight his way through the nearly impassable forest. Both this almost hidden location and its environment prevented it from the raid of the rebels that ravaged Lordlake recently.

Within the natural borders of the woods lies a plain that allows the Fool's dozen different animals to live rather peacefully and prosper. The landscape allows both infantry to exercise their marching and cavalry riding in formation as well as archers and other long-ranged regiments to practice their aiming and allows magicians to perform their most dangerous chantings.

The buildings convinces in its easiness. It isn't anything special and shows to the outside its real purpose: Being a refugium for hard-boiled people in times of peace as well and especially in times of war. The windows are protected by heavy glass that is strong enough to get over ordinary attacks, but is at the same time lightly enough to let the sun shine through it. These windows aren't disigned to get opened and nobody can get in or out this way. The facade is smooth as if it is polished and greased what it actually is on a regularly basis to erase even the slightest uneveness that would make it possible for a well trained person to climb up to the roof. The roof itself has many embrasures that allows archers to aim hidden behind this protection to overcome any emeny that comes from any side.

The entrance looks like a huge door, big enough to allow a rider on his horse enter the mainhall, but is in fact only a small one, only big enough to let a man of not much more than average height enter alongside a man with the same measures.
The mainhall is also huge and many doors lead to a dozen different rooms of a dozen different purposes as well. At the far end of the hall is a staircase that leads to the second floor on which are even more rooms. Although it is known by irregularly visitirs that the second floor offers well-equipped rooms, each with a beautiful and luxurious bathroom, only rumours spread by unknown sources tell about the various purposes the rooms in the first floor serve. The rooms are eqipped with running water and secure fireplaces as well as a good amount of weapons of any form and shape and exotic flowers and plants. They are supposed to take hold of approximately 20 adults.

The rumours say that those rooms are class rooms in which Eden's servants are trained to become perfect butlers, who are extraordinary in their attention about the lords and ladies' requirements and are able to protect both the right etiquette and the nobles' life. Well-disposed people, who tend to pay much attention to gossip like to say they are well-trained spies, who will be sent throughout the world to serve the queen's needs loyal, but persons with less well-disposed minds don't hesitate to describe the Fool's men as reckless assassins. But these are only rumours and can't be proven until the queen itself orders Eden to do this, but she is as it seems convinced from his loyalty towards the crown and the queendom.

Yet, another unproven rumour says that the fool could escape if he wants to even if a whole battalion stands in front of his mansion, because hidden tunnels, digged by dwarfs, are under the manor and the entire forest with exits that are only recognisable to a versed trackfinder or to anyone who knows about their exact location beforehand. But as said, that are only rumours.

The Fool
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Falcon Critical

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 7:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

This says much of what needs to be said about the Jhee family estate in Kyaro (even a photo!):

The details on my estate I shall elaborate on briefly. What you see in the picture is the main building in which I live. Not pictured and off the left of the picture is the Highland 4th Company Barracks, where the soldiers are trained for service in my division of the Highland Army.

Inside the main house there are polished wooden floors through all the main thoroughfare areas, often with red carpet lining the way as is the royal standard from L'Renouille castle. There are numerous rooms and paintings of my ancestors hang along hallways and in the gallery.

My bodyguard Geshumaru stands guard outside my main gate, but often strays out and around the estate while on duty.

My guard dogs are werewolves. Enter by invitation or at your own risk.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 25, 2006 11:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Hmmm. It seems there's a lack of Grasslanders over here. Though my house may look simple, it's home sweet home over here!

The Duck Village has always been as it used to be, except you didn't see the governor's house at the bakc. You're gonna have to ride a boat or something just to get there, and you never saw that option in Suikoden III, so tough luck. :P

The house is only about 2 stories tall, and made of strong narra wood. t's a simple design with it's straw and wood-reinforced walls and the rattan and leaf roof. It has a shape of four cylinders close together, giving it an interesting decor ad enough space.

The main entrance is in the 1st cylinder at the front, directly at the port. Upon entering, you'll see a living room with more wooden furnishings and soem nice fluffy chairs for all the guests to enjoy. directly North of that leads to a small terrace overlooking the lake for those who enjoy a peaceful respite after a long day's work.

NE of the Living room leads the the dining room and the kitchen near it. Enough to fit about 12 people in one table, it's a nice ambience of native culture as well with all the greens, browns and the occasional blues. The kitchen is just one flapping door away. Did i mention you can see more of the lake from here as well? The comfort room is at a door withing the room as well.

NW of the living room leads to the small garden area with glass overlooking more of the lake. Inside this same room are circular stair leading upwards to the 2nd floor.

At the 2nd floor, you enter from the W cylinder and into the middle area. If you head South, that will lead you to the Guest rooms for all important guests. The room has about 6 beds and a comfort room, similar to domnstairs. The motif is simple yet elegant. It seems like a home away from home for any guest. There is a window inside overlooking the town.

East from the Central second floor lies the Quarters of the three people who help in the governing of the town: Me, Highwind, and Scrooge McDuck. Mr room as governor is generally simple with just one bed and my own bath. There is a small study table as well in the same room and some chairs t accomodate guests. The room has nice lighting. Windy's room is kind of the same basic style, but the motif has lots of red in it and more pictures of cheesecake everywhere. He has many more paraphernalia and some experiment sheets. His room has it's own laboratory... Scrooge has the same basic objects as both of us except htat he has a room filled with strategies and hard books. He takes care of many things in the town along with the war effort... we all have windows to look upon the scenery.

Finally, heading North from the center 2nd floor is the office of the three of us. We each have our oen tables inside, with Windy as the chief table at the N end. He takes care of local issues here. Scrooge is to the East end who talks more about conflicts and local relations. I'm at the West end taking care of foreign affairs. The room is well lit iwth soem very nice rugs we got from Karaya, care of MMan9000.

All in all, it's a fairly simple (yet large) house. We're all getting along here... somehow... :D

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Fu Su Lu

Hungry Drunken TigerMen

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2007 5:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Me Fu Su Lu. Me wanna live in cave. Beauty cave with floor and walls made of bricks. Me wanna no windows. Neighbours look. And cave must have a straw bed.
Chairs and table made of bones of enemies powerful Fu Su Lu defeated... Ho Ho Ho. :*laugh*:

Kidding. Just a house in Grenhill or the Forest Village from suikoden II would be cool for me. Haruna from Kooluk seems a nice city to live too :D
The drunkest cavalry unit in the world.
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Cute tigers :)

I, FerrousLupusRex, the Iron Wolf King reside in my splendorous barrel of refuse in the Lizard Clan Village. My barrel is decorated with spotty , yellowy banana peels, fish heads, broken bottles, corks and rotten cabbage heads.

My livestock consists of 7 lb rats and diseased roaches that I would be trading someday as far as the wester continent.

Behold my splendor and opulent lifestyle. Bow down you low breed worms!
- 108 Soldiers, 1 for EVERY star.
Keynes' (Chapter 1 Hero) performing his kata
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Blue Rookies

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Ummmmm let's see..... I'll most probably live in the forests of Gaien in a small cottage. In the forests, there will most probably be a mixture of zombies (Fu's work) and flying monkeys (Splendid's fault). In the middle of it all is a cottage where there will be dozens and dozens of books and most probably, floating blueflame all around the cottage and inside the cottage, there's also a computer and a widescreen TV. Beside the TV is another shelf full of dvds. At the back of the house is an archery place and a basketball court :P.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 10:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

I decided to make my home in a plain, humble, floating island in the sky. I recently attatched a giant laser to the bottom for anyone who dares to defy me.

Incidentally, I wouldnt be surprised if that cliche managed to make it into the suikoden series someday.
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The Light Fantastic

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 10:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Well, I have several homes actually. My manor in Saintler Port was my prime home, but now I'm living in a rustic little country cottage in Sanadia. Well, rustic in the sense of hot and cold running water and electric lights (I had Earthquake do some of his tinkering before he moved to Kooluk after all). Roughing it is no excuse not to have creature comforts. The place looks like something out of better homes and gardens for when I'm in my domestic housewife mood.

The manor in Saintler is a feng shui nightmare but hey, its home. There really is no through line since several redecorating movements have came and went. It seems I get it in my head to get new decor, do a few rooms and then get bored. Ah ennui. The result is an asymmetrical mansion with no two rooms fitting the same theme. Some are tropical topiaries, some are Japanese-style rice paper and scroll paintings, some have an "underwater" motif, jungle, desert, mountain, lavish decadent palace, dance club ... you name it, I have an expensively furnished room that will fit the bill. Granted, most of these rooms have nothing in them but furniture and bookshevles, but hey, you can never have too many parlors, I say. My home will someday be the headquarters of the Nameless Lands' 108 Stars, so you have to be prepared for anything. People have such varied tastes I feel I have to have just the right room for anyone. Of course the house looks like its going to topple over from all the extensions and add-ons, but it makes it a conversation piece at the very least.

My current favorite room (and it changes so often) is my Square Gallery. A perfectly geometric room that houses all of the plundered artworks from Crystal Valley (where else did you think they'd go?). The stark contrast of hard-edged furnishings goes wonderfully with all of those circles prevalent in Harmonian art. Or it clashes horribly. I can't remember which. Either way, ugly can be beautiful and people will talk about it. And isn't that the most important thing?
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