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Suikoden Interactive Game System (SIGS)

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 20, 2008 11:09 am    Post subject: Suikoden Interactive Game System (SIGS) Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Suikoden Interactive System

~I am not affiliated with the new Game System other than an eager member who cannot wait for it to come out, do not PM me asking questions.
~fuji says: “There is no set timeframe on when the game will be done. The official line is, ‘it'll be ready when it's ready’”
~fuji says: “Please feel free to PM me with comments on what you think and suggestions.”
<Table of Contents [01]>

01 | Table of Contents
02 | Last Updated/Latest News
03 | Changes from the War Games
04 | Player Set-up
05 | Skill System
06 | Battle System
07 | Runes
08 | World System
09 | Random Tidbits/Mailbag

<Last Updated [02]>
September 4, 2008

>User stats and profile information (equipment and the like) are all configured
> Map movement and the idea of AP usage is working right now
> Player vs. NPC combat is working right now. It needs tweaks, but that can only be done once a live beta is up and running and I can see a much larger sample size
> Skills and Buildings are being worked on. I'm going to be streamlining both of these since they are quite ambitious as they are right now. Mundane skills are an open book right now and will change from what they were listed above. War skills too will see a re-work. Combat skills for the most part were easy enough to implement.

<Changes from the War Games [03]>

We aim to streamline and automate much of war and remove the need for admins to actually run things (because we're lazy, get busy or any other number of curves that life throws at us from time to time).

>Attacking will likely follow a very general 3 to 1 ratio of attackers to defenders. Where you require forces 3:1 when attacking an unfortified position. This number increases if there are fortifications built, thus making attacking others very difficult.

>The act of attacking will take a large amount of resources so the likelihood of launching more than 1 attack from a city every 2-3 months is unlikely.

>Mercenaries are something we will be implementing, however we may wait until after we launch the game. Depends on when I get around to actually thinking how it can be implemented within the systems we have.

>Adventuring is a money-sink for us to take money out of the player pool so that the player pool does not get too rich (same for war) so it's designed to cost money and not provide income.

>Overdrafting is not enabled. If you raid (or pickpocket) a city or person you can only take a maximum of what the skill allows. If the max is greater than what they have then you will simply get what they have. They won't go into negatives. This means, if City Blah1 has 50 potch in it, I probably won’t waste the time raiding it... Unless I really need that 50 potch.

>Soldier death is permanent. If you get your unit wiped out, you likely cost your city a lot of potch and food.

>Also, soldiers may be tied to population. Recruiting from a 10k city may yield more soldiers than a 5k city. [UNSURE!!]

>Troops require food -- this means having a farmer in your entourage or guild may be good. Of course you can buy food if your city has a market or trade outpost (I can't remember and am too lazy to check which one of these sell food).

>Map is updated in real-time. You take a city; the game system knows you now control/own this city and so the representation on the map changes.

>There are naval battles and ships. Ships do not have stats. You simply have a ship and you name that ship. There may be more to it than that... but I haven't touched or even looked at any of the naval systems yet.

>Instead of 3 turns of 3 rounds, there is 1 turn of up to 5 rounds (best of 5 wins the battle). The complete war system hasn't been figured out completely but thus far we have the following basic system

>There will be NPC cities (which cannot be attacked as they are needed) that will provide much of the infrastructure needed for nations.

>Separation of IC (In Character) and OOC (Out of Character) will be enforced. Let's say certain forums are IC and certain ones are OOC. If you cross them up, you will get moderated!! Something will happen and it won't be good. Severity fits the crime of course. Remember it is just a game -- there are other things to do besides kill each other. Let's have fun right?

>Nations will be far more hands-off approach. There won't be any bail out for membership. You will need to handle recruitment. If your guild is not working, delete the guild and join another one, or pass on leadership to someone else. Basically, admins won't be doing anything if your guild is struggling to survive. Your ability to recruit and keep members rests solely in your hands.

>Potch is scaled down. 100,000 potch is going to be a lot of money. 100 potch will be useful.

>The game is occurring in IS 478 and will not be on the main continent. The reason we're not on the main continent are numerous. It confines the world and does not allow us to alter. Second, it will be very easy for "Highlanders" to want to be Highlanders again (except in IS 478 Highland doesn't exist). We also don't want old nations to feel compelled to fight their old adversaries from the previous game. While I may catch some flak for our decisions, I feel it is the best course of action. Remember we're giving you the ability to found your own nation/guild. Hard to do that with the established Suikoden realm. That and the little nostalgic bits of notes that will be scattered around in Old Books and region/npc descriptions will be that much better. You may not like it, but that's really the only way we can make our goals work.

>Guild leaders / Nation Leaders will not be global moderators on the forums, nor will they have a nation leader only forum. They will be regular players from the system and forum point of view with elevated privileges (such as setting governors). You no longer decide their fate. They are free to leave your guild/nation and join another very easily.

>You may travel from one port city to another. This happens instantly, costs potch and AP. You basically take a ferry from one place to another. Think in Suikoden V when going to Nirva Island. Of course, there are no safety guarentees.

>This will be an AP-based system. What this means is every day you'll get X amount of AP. Each action, whether it's moving on a map or pick-pocketing Vextor will cost you AP. So, in a sense AP = time.

This way while it limits the amount you can 'play', things are kept fair. A nice side effect is it's easier for me. It keeps things fair in that people who can only 'play' for a few hours a day can still be as strong or as skilled as those who can 'play' all day long, if they're smart about how they use AP. So remember, AP = Time.

>New members take ages to get caught up...
This is a huge one, results in stagnation. First and foremost, with a larger focus on individual actions that people can do (outside of being in a nation) we hope new members always have something to do. We have tried to ensure they can always progress personally or assist their nation the minute they sign up. It used to take a year to get a new member up until they could 'explore' for the nation... now, we hope they can participate right away.

>Given enough time, some characters will be untouchable
We've tried to decrease the likelihood of 'stat gods' like iscalio's character who could both duel or be any war regiment and have a very high chance of success. We've done this in a few ways. First was mentioned in the previous update regarding two different 'stat lines' to make a good combat fighter and a good war general. It's really one or the other or balanced (but weaker) at both. Further, we've put a limit on the amount of skills you can have. Just like Suikoden 3's system. You have X amount of skill 'slots' and you can either train them or forget them. There is no 'unequipping' them like Suikoden 5. This means you need to be smart about the skills you choose. It also means when forming a group or nation trying to get a nice mix of combat, war and mundane skills available to you would be ideal. This is the kind of teamwork that is at the very core of a "Suikoden" game.

>Only some people got to play the 'war game
For the most part it seems that there were only a select few who got to fully play the war game. A lot of the actual decisions fell to a small group of members within the nation. Nation Leaders attempted to create positions and went out of their way to involve people, however still, only a smaller group got to actually play. This will change in a number of ways. First we gave more power to a governor to, well... actually govern things. A governor of a city (remember city, not region) can do a lot of good for his nation... or a lot of bad. Next, we've worked out a system where members must work together to accomplish goals. Whether it's building a large building or marching to attack another nation, working together will accomplish these things much quicker. Of course, the final piece to this is addressed in mundane and combat skills which allow the character to do things outside of the 'nation' they are in.


<Player Setup [04]>

Character Creation

Character creation involves a number of variables to determine your final 'character'. You choose a race, choose a skill, choose an element (more on this below) and of course choose some other things and allocate points to statistics. It's all pretty normal stuff. You have to choose a name and it has to be a role-play kind of name. There will be rules enforced on the names... so no, chuck norris will not be a valid name. You get to name your weapon and choose your weapon time. Each weapon type has it's own bonuses to your stats as well. The bonus (and damage value) increases the higher you sharpen it. So yes, a mage with a rod (bonus to MAG I think) will want a level 16 rod because it will grant a bonus to his/her ever-important magic stat.

On sign-up you get 1 skill at level D. you get to choose from a limited selection. After that, you can forget it if you like or keep it... but then you must learn the other skills you want. This may involve traveling to different cities.

You can name your weapons. There are specific weapon types you get to choose from. No, a book is not a valid weapon. We aren't EA so just because it's in the game, doesn't mean it'll be, in the game.


Each character chooses their element on signup. The element you choose grants you an affinity to it. This comes into play with magic and elemental defense the most, but is also worked into other places. Your character's element is not changeable.


We all like stats. The default Suikoden stats work great for combat. They are in fact all based on combat. However, if you attempt to create a game where there is more than just fighting, well you need more descriptive stats that can actually be used in a role-play sense. Here are the stats you have.

>Hit Points
>Magic Power

The success rate of your skills is based on the skill levels (S, A-F) along with the corresponding stats. Out of these, only some are used for actual combat. How stats are raised, that will be a bit of a secret for now.

The stats below are used to derive your combat-based stats effect and response.

>Magic Damage
>Magic Defense

As well as our classical war stats -- You'll note that being good in combat will not necessarily make you good in war. It's two different stat-paths I guess you could say...

>Regiment Attack
>Regiment Defense

<Skill System [05]>

The skill system we will be using is based off the Suikoden 3 system, where there are specific skills for specific things. There are 3 categories of skills to start. Combat, War and Mundane.

Combat involves things like Swing, armour Protect, Repel, etc. War skills are based on the classical system. Things like terrain bonus skills, attack and defense, leadership bonuses. These are for war, or your military regiment.

Mundane skills are the “meat” of the new addition and will let you actually do things other than fight. In this category we have basically any skill that provides an action, or an ability to do something. A skill rank in the Cooking skill allows you cook. Cooking produces food, which is consumable by fighters to heal HP. Another mundane skill is the ability to craft items, weapons, armour and all that other STUFF. Crafting may sound like a nice individual thing but a kingdom that has someone that can craft could work together to outfit it’s members very well. Imagine a nation with a person with the 'Mining Skill' out getting materials for the 'Armour Crafting Dude' to outfit their nation with some badass gear. It's almost Suikoden-ish.

Skills are trained higher the more you use them. If I go kill random monsters, I will raise my combat skills. If I fight in a war, I raise my war skills, and so on with mundane. However, you may also train them in buildings. If you own a nation and a building in your nation offers the ability to train skills, you can train them up to Rank Y by just paying cash and/or AP (UNSURE) while non-nation people can only pay to train to Rank X. I use Y and X (where Y is +1 of X) because I don't know if Y will equal B or C. The point is you get to train your skills higher without actually doing a lot of combat or war or other stuff

Store ownership, trade outposts, and many other facets of the game open up via mundane skills.

Skills are trained like any other Suikoden game, but they also get more powerful the more you use them.


Next we will discuss Mundane skills. Before we continue please understand that this is all subject to change. Remember, 'subject to change' ... subject - to - change. What are Mundane skills? SUBJECT TO CHANGE!!

These are some of the initial mundane skills. Some may be cut, some may be merged some may be added.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>>>
Administration -- This is a very specialized skill. It basically makes a governor better at his job. Suggestion: Leaders and governor-type characters would benefit from this.

Alchemy -- Allows the creation of Potions and other consumable items (not food)

Alertness -- Nothing to do with the similar rune. When traveling in a dungeon (oh yeah, there's gonna be dungeons to explore), it basically detects hidden treasures, hidden trAP, hidden things.

Appraise -- Should be self-explanatory

Armourer -- Crafts Armour. (Duh.)

Construction -- Allows you to 'build' buildings. Buildings offer a lot of positives to your city, very few negatives.
Expansion:Each building usually has some kind of pre-requisite to be built. One that is shared by all is a required Construction skill level. Basically the better or more powerful buildings require a higher skill. Low-level buildings can be built by anyone.

Cooking -- Turns stuff into food. Food is consumable to heal health and other things

Diplomacy -- Affects your dealings with other people and has a war-related use if you are the governor of your city

Farming -- Produces 'crops' which are needed by your army

Fishing -- Gets fish to be used/sold

Herbalism -- Gets herbs for use in crafting or to be sold

Hunting -- Gets meat for cooks, or to be sold

Intrigue -- It is the negative to Diplomacy in the sense that it is ‘underhanded’.

Lore -- Used in dungeons to decipher unknown text or hieroglyphs (like maybe that giant sign that says 'beware of fire')

Medicine -- Heals HP on others via items

Mining -- Gets ore to be used in crafting, or to be sold

Open Locks -- Disarm trAP and open locks in dungeons

Perform -- You can 'perform' to earn money, be that dance, sing or whatever you wish. Basically you're doing something for someone else and they're paying you money. It's a generic name but you can role-play it however you wish.

Pick Pockets -- Steal money from people on the same ‘Map Square’ as you. Limited use so you can't just sit there and pick pocket someone until they're broke.

Refinement -- Turns ore to metal for crafting, sold, etc

Ring Smith -- Crafts rings and other accessories.

Rune Sage -- Ability to equip or remove runes. Like Jeane, a mobile rune shop skill.

Scroll making -- Turns runes into scrolls.

Stealth -- Can hide in places and avoid detection. Also used in any situation where you are sneaking around.

Trade -- First you get a bargain when shopping (like Ace's skill in S3). Next once you're high enough you can open your own shop. Your shop will get stock from your crafting, adventuring or any other places you can buy equipment. More on owning a shop later

Weapon Smith -- Mobile weapon sharpener (like Dongo in S5) with the right civic building. Further it allows you to repair a weapon. Weapons have 'condition'. The more you use it, the more it gets damaged so it must be repaired. Using a damaged weapon may result in it not working. So, you must keep the weapon in good condition to be effective.


<Battle System [06]>


Despite all we add to offer the game other avenues than combat, it still will be a fun portion of it. While Suikoden has 3-types of combat as it's defining feature and the goal was to implement this; I have come to the realization that it can't really be done. More on this later.


This war game is basically an extension of the old game. Much of it will feel very familiar to you if you knew the previous game. However, there are some added wrinkles. The main feature that I feel has been added is Logistics. Since we're removing the magic-box type banks of the previous game, each city is instead a bank. It stores soldiers, potch, AP and other things. This means, if you want to attack from one city, you need to ensure you have enough troops there, potch there and AP to launch the attack before you actually attack; likewise for defending. A border city will probably want a larger store of troops than an interior city. Outside of that, we'll be streamlining the battle process a lot.

Regiment list will be cut down drastically, as well as the amount of soldiers. We're thinking 5,000 is fully loaded and 500 is the minimum soldier amount. Regiments will fall to 8 with only 4 categories. Melee, magic, ranged and mounted.

Given the AP changes we've implemented on a personal level you may think that War will be real-time. This isn’t' the case. real-time war would be unfair since you could just attack when the other leader is sleeping and win. Instead, war works differently and has been automated a lot more, yet still offers enough time to get your commands in.

The complete war system hasn't been figured out completely (as I said, we're still working on things) but thus far we have the following basic system


· Nation Cyan owns city Asdf.
o 100 Infantry
o 100 Archers
o 50,000 Food
o 5,000 potch
o Governor name: Nayc
· Nation Red owns city Qwerty
o 50 Cavalry
o 10 Magicians
o 20,000 food
o 10,000 potch
o Governor name: Der
● Governor Nyac will attack City Qwerty (governor: Der)
Okay, so this should cover it. You can't see anything normally unless certain conditions are met including the resources another city has. A quick look over this should indicate that nation Cyan has an advantage in soldiers by about 2:1. It would seem Governor Nayc has caught governor Der in a bad situation.

From Governor Nyac's point of view
- First I need to ensure my city has enough AP to launch an attack. Let's, as an example say that I can have a maximum of X Ap. It will require Y Ap to launch an attack. Y Ap will always be much much greater than X ap. This means I'd need to donate AP or pool AP in my city before I can launch an attack. Not just the governor can do this. Other nation members can as well. There is a limit and other security measures here to prevent abuse. Let's assume I now have my AP necessary to attack.

- Now I need to get all the generals I want to participate in this war to meet me at city Asdf. Once they're in position I order the attack!!

- Check is made that I have soldiers > 1, that I have food for the soldiers, I have at least 3 people on my city. If all are true (and a few more things which aren't decided), the attack will go through.

- I submit battle plans for 5 rounds. Slot my generals, attach soldiers to them by filling out a form for all 5 rounds. I can change my plans right up until the first round is executed as long as the general is in the city. This means if I can get Vextor to arrive in 6 days this is what I will do. First, I will organize my forces and submit a plan. However, as soon as Vextor arrives, the most feared cavalry general in my kingdom, I quickly re-do my plans now that Vextor is here. However, All my other forces must remain in the city as well when I re-do my plans.
--- This means when doing my plans, my roster is determined by the generals I have in the city at that very moment. This also gives generals the opportunity to CHOOSE if they want to fight. They just don't show up to the city. So, if I do my roster on Wednesday and my kingdom has fuji, iscalio, synchysi at the city right now, I configure a 5 round battle with these 3. On Thursday Vextor arrives but for some reason fuji ran off to go kill things. Well, now when I re-do my lineup, the tool notices that only Vextor, iscalio and synchsyi are in the city so those are the only units I have access to. Maybe confusing now, but it should make sense when you're actually using the tool.

- Now I wait for 1 week + modifiers (1 week will be minimum). The 1 week is given for OOC reasons (such as sleep and the like)

Governor Der point of view

I get a message that Governor Nyac has attacked me!!

- First, I realize I'm under equipped so I go hire some more soldiers. I also request from my kingdom to send me more soldiers from a nearby village. They send it and it indicates it will take 3 days for the soldiers to arrive. This is good since I have 7 days until I need to submit my plans.

- Now I order my defenders to arrive at this City location

- I fill out my battle plans for 5 rounds, slot my generals, attach soldiers. I too can change my plans right up until the first round is executed (maybe less an hour)

Okay ROUND 1 is executed 7 days after governor Nyac clicked the 'ATTACK' button. Result is Nyac wins round 1 since Vextor arrived in time to put the hurt on someone.

ROUND 2 starts. Your rosters have been locked in so you can't add new people. You have who you chose with their soldiers. This is pretty standard old war-game stuff. Round 2 is run 3-7 days after round 1 (time is being toyed with). However, during these 3-7 days both governors can change their lineup. Maybe move iscalio up a round. Maybe re-use Vextor!!! Like the old-game, the guy vextor beat is eliminated and done.

Round 3 starts 3-7 days (there's a 3-7 day delay between each round). Same stuff. Best of 5 wins it and takes the battle. City is taken, no governor is installed, leader needs to assign one.

That's the gist of how WAR works.


Using your combat skills (damage, magic damage, etc) you can duel people. It's basically a mod of the existing battle engine but to make use of combat skills. You won't choose 'attack, defend, deathblow' at launch. However, that's not to say it can't happen.... But for now, at least at launch we'll just mod the existing engine. Should be familiar.


Okay, you can control your single character and as that single character you can travel the map. There are random encounters on the map. This means you can fight or you can run. But, you're fighting solo and that sucks right!?!? Well, it's good in some cases, but not good in others. So the question is obviously how can we have party battles.

Party battles can be achieved using the combat system in place. Here's how I would do it. Let's say I want to go fight a tough badass thing. I get 4 of my friends who are online at the same time to join me. Well, here's how it goes.

1. I know the enemy is two squares left from the city I'm on. I head there and get everyone else to head there.

2. I hop on MSN or IRC and create a little mini-room for my group. We all go to that one spot and each beat the thing down. Once it's dead, all 5 of us are on the same 'tile or map square'. We decide to go hunt for some other bad guy to attack so we decide to move as one. Someone in chat says, let's all move left, left and then up. So we do that.

In this way, you are working as a group.

Party battles couldn't be done in the traditional Suikoden sense because in Suikoden, you are the only player. At Suikox, you're traveling with 5 other real people. Someone would need to give commands for the group. This means 5 others are doing nothing but watching. Not fun and against our goal.

When you die, you don't die... you are just knocked out and it is role-played that some dude out of the niceness of his own heart carried you back to the nearest town or something like that. Basically you 'wake up' in a town with some lost skill exp and stats. Just enough that getting knocked out sucks,

Creating an adventure-only character such as all combat skills will make life difficult. Remember, you can't just write lots of words for potch. Monsters do not drop potch btw. They may drop an item (rare). This means you need some mundane skills to help finance your adventure-only-ness. You could join a nation to take advantage of some discounts (and free healing at the inn!). Or perhaps join a nation who will sponsor you -- who knows... but you need to make money because without money, you will find it difficult. Remember, there's weapon condition that means you need money to repair your weapon too!

Partying up with people in different time zones is difficult, but not impossible. Sadly, this is just something that cannot realistically be addressed without completely removing any control you have over your character. Generally speaking weekends would be great for big adventure parties. Difficult to organize, but if you do manage to do it, I bet it will feel pretty good.

<Runes [07]>

Runes that WILL be used are as follows: Fire/Rage, Water/Flowing, Wind/Cyclone, Lightning/Thunder, Earth /Mother Earth, Killer, Fury, Doublestrike. Other possibilities include Haze, Godspeed, and Pale Gate.

Runes that have a next to zero chance of showing up are the weapon type specific runes and the shield runes.

Runes that have a chance of appearing are the signature runes like Shrike and Falcon and the Sword of Magic Runes.


<World System [08]>

Latest for world map stuff: Go to the latest post. I ain’t reorganizing all that.
Let's talk about actual “nations”. Nations are, by and large completely re-done. As mentioned in the previous update, in just about every nation there was a small group of people who got to do 'nation-type' stuff. This gave a select few a lot of power, influence, stress and responsibility. It almost became a job of sorts. Job = stress = bad = the dark side.

>Creating a player nation isn't an easy job. It will require certain requirements. First off is the creation of a guild or organization. You see, you don't get given a city of your own (or 10 of them) at the start. You must earn it just how every other Tenkai did (except S3 who was actually given one - which really hurts my example, ah well). How you will earn it will be revealed at a much later date.

>The map is not shown in detail. You must explore the map and even then, you will not have a single detailed map with all the roads and dungeons and cities to view (there's no map person in this game to give you that). If I were playing and not an admin, I'd begin mapping out areas and sharing it with others who mapped out other regions. The map uses a standard x,y grid reference so you could conceivably create a map in Excel or any other application. Or, maybe I'd draw my map on the back of a scrap piece of paper and keep it to myself.

>First you need a group or organization (I'll call it 'guild' for now until it's actual name is decided). This guild will require a leader who will form it.

>As a guild you get your own forum and a few other fringe benefits. Now, as a guild you get to roam around and do what you like. You can work together and use the forum to plan out your stuff. Like organize guild-only adventures or guild-only item crafting... whatever - Guilds allow you to create a group and do group-things.

>Maybe you create a small elite group of pirates and just run around raiding people -- Should you or your Guild decide you want to have an actual home, you must earn a city. Once you earn a city, your nation is born. Your leader becomes your governor and more nation-specific features are opened up to you. Remind anyone of a game we know? -> The leader gathers recruits for a while and when the guild is ready, they take their HQ.

> Discounts. If you build buildings that sell or buy stuff, as a nation member of the city you get a discount. Such as the ability to rest at an inn for free (very important for adventurers).

> So you can see, forming a nation seems to require a lot of different skill sets. You're right, it would. However, that's not to say there's not more than one way to do this. In fact, I know my character will aim to specialize in a few mundane skills and I will travel the land offering my services. You need a weapon taken to a smith, bring me materials and I'll do it for you... for a fee. Maybe I could be a traveling construction worker. This is just one method of providing things.

>NPCs will not be characters you can use at will. They will likely not ever join your kingdom but will maintain their NPC cities. Basically, NPCs will be very hands off and not something that will join you or your group. Maybe a NPC will travel the world offering his Ring smithing ability. He won't join your kingdom, he'll just be some S-ranked ring smith that you go to when you need that uber accessory.

Other Important Info!
- Governors will be very important. Choose them wisely.
- 'Nations’ or the ability to group up will be present. Yes, you get your own forums and the like
- Terminology change -- Regions are now referred to as Cities.
- Terminology change -- Regions are now considered a group of cities. Regions share the same basic trade price structure, control spawn points for encounters and other fun things.
- Each 'city' can have a number of buildings. Buildings provide things like a Training Hall provides a place for people to train. Buildings are built by people who have the “Construction” skill. If I were starting a 'Nation', I'd get me one of those Construction peoples.
- Each city is a bank and the governor must manage the resources.
- Trade Outposts will 'consume' goods and their prices will fluctuate either bi-weekly or monthly (not sure).
- There is an actual map that you can walk around on. Maybe one day I'll put up a screen shot.
- There are dungeons with tough creatures to fight. Definitely a 'party' kind of thing since you may not have enough AP to get very far if you're fighting on your own.
- 'Nation's' political points from the old system are gone. A new system is being implemented.


<Random Tidbits [09]>

- Earning potch will be a lot harder. No more posting lots for potch. You'll need your in-game character to earn it by spending AP doing actions.. Time = Money now.
- Player interaction is a goal. Each feature or system is designed while keeping in mind that player interaction is a good thing. Such as the way Party battles are done above.
- Skill checks are based on the d20 system. If you are pick pocketing, a check is done in classical d20 style.
- Characters do not have 'soldiers' on them.


<Credits [10]>

Original Material: fuji and iscalio
Editting and Formatting of Guide: Aesa

The setting sun means the rise of a new day...
...excepting for Ragnarok, of course


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The setting sun means the rise of a new day...
...excepting for Ragnarok, of course

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This is due for a revamp and an update, so I'll get to work on that today.

The setting sun means the rise of a new day...
...excepting for Ragnarok, of course

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Verteidiger Von Natur Armee

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i hope this SIGS will be finished in short time...honestly..myself not understand with the game just feel itchy to not have play that game..i miss that so much... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Those Who Slumber

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 12:02 am    Post subject: Re: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

[quote="nature_imbz":2yg145wd]i hope this SIGS will be finished in short time...honestly..myself not understand with the game just feel itchy to not have play that game..i miss that so much... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Well, even though fuji is a complete beast when it comes to trying his darnedest to script and think of ideas, even he needs rest and like it says at the top, there is NO official schedule for release yet.

The setting sun means the rise of a new day...
...excepting for Ragnarok, of course

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Those Who Slumber

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 6:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List


The setting sun means the rise of a new day...
...excepting for Ragnarok, of course

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 03, 2009 2:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

ok then when is this game going to end ,but didn't get the point how it will be
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Those Who Slumber

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:15 pm    Post subject: Re: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

[quote="jowy220":3s8kxi5d]ok then when is this game going to end ,but didn't get the point how it will be

First off, what?
Second off, don't post in this thread please.
Third off, read the top of the section, PM fuji with questions.

The setting sun means the rise of a new day...
...excepting for Ragnarok, of course

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