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IGCG: Theory Contest Voting

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Who's the best crazy theorist?
Falcon Critical
 18%  [ 6 ]
 31%  [ 10 ]
 12%  [ 4 ]
 37%  [ 12 ]
Total Votes : 32

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Kanaria, Most Intelligent Rozen Maiden

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2008 9:26 pm    Post subject: IGCG: Theory Contest Voting Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

This contest will run for fifteen days. Good luck to everyone involved.

Judge these on the basis of substance, originality, weirdness, and over all funniness.

The contestants are the cream of the crop, the IGCG found these four the best. It's not that these are the ONLY ones we have received... ^^;

Freaky Falcon Critical wrote:
Leknaat has a fetish for young boys, hence why she had Luc as her apprentice (much like Neclord's fetish for young girls). Hell she's ageless I'm sure she has to keep entertained somehow. That's also why she appears in young mens bedrooms at nighttime, there are no prophecies - just a perveted old lady XD

The true reason why Luc wanted to kill himself? The creepy lady was touching him and since she can teleport there is no escape...

Weirdo Wiseman wrote:
Yuber and Pesmerga are actually old knights of the Kingdom of Aronia. They were both trusted generals in the service of the king. Yuber decimated the kings foes and Pesmerga was noted for his steadfast loyalty, as well as being able to hold his own in battle. The king had once bore the Eightfold rune, but he managed to seal it in the floor of the King’s chambers in his palace with ancient sindarin techniques. In order for the king to retain immortality, he had to stay within his chambers and thus he relied heavily on his knights to carry out his orders.

Hikusaak’s rebellion began and it soon became clear that it was no match for the King’s army. The King of Aronia had given Pesmerga control of the army against Hikusaak’s rebellion. Due to his success, rumors surfaced that once the rebellion was finally crushed Pesmerga would be given permanent control over the army. Because of this, Yuber started to become jealous of Pesmerga.

Aronia’s forces lead by Pesmerga were closing in on Hikusaak. Scattered remnants of Hikusaak’s army as well as civilians that had joined the cause were fighting tooth and nail in the city where current day Crystal Valley is located. After receiving battle reports from the field, the king ordered the advance be halted to prevent further civilian casualties. The king issued a direct order to Yuber --- infiltrate the One Temple, where Hikusaak had been rumored to be hiding, and assassinate Hikusaak. Yuber did as told, and under the cover of night infiltrated the One Temple. It was not long before Yuber had found the exact hiding spot of Hikusaak, and slew the few guards watching over him.

Obviously not wanting to be killed by Yuber, Hikusaak offers Yuber to switch sides. Since Yuber has blonde hair, Hikusaak tells him he can be a 1st class citizen of the new Kingdom and he will basically be set for life after the rebellion succeeds. Eventually due to his jealously of the king’s favoring of Pesmerga, Yuber agrees. Before leaving, Yuber stashes away in his armor a yellow cloak very similar to Pesmerga’s that he found in the temple.

Yuber exit’s the One Temple and informs Pesmerga that he has slain Hikusaak. He suggests that Pesmerga lead the army in mopping up any resistance left while he reports to the king of his success. Pesmerga agrees and Yuber heads back to the palace. Pesmerga sensed an uneasiness in Yuber, coupled with the fact that the rebel’s morale had not died down a bit, so he set off to the palace as well in pursuit of Yuber.

Yuber entered the palace wearing the yellow cloak he found inside the temple, his blonde hair tucked inside his helmet. Due to this “disguise” everyone in the palace thinks he is really Pesmerga, even the king. He enters the king’s chambers and pretends as if the war has been won, then pulls out his swords and quickly executes the king. He kills most of the guards in the room except for one to spread the word of “Pesmerga’s betrayal”.

Pesmerga now enters the king’s chambers, seeing the king lay dead on the floor and Yuber standing over him.Yuber disposes of his yellow cloak and a duel ensues between him and Pesmerga. Yuber can barely manage to withstand the blows an infuriated Pesmerga deals to him. Before Pesmerga can finish Yuber off, the remaining palace guards storm in and kill Pesmerga because they believe he is the king’s killer.

With the only person who could stop him out of the way (Pesmerga), Yuber kills the guards in the room and takes up the Eightfold rune. However, the Eightfold’s powers are too immense for a human to bear and could easily crush one’s soul. This is what happened to Yuber. However, due to the Eightfold rune’s properties of karma and reincarnation, the rune caused Yuber to reincarnate into a soulless shell of his former self with the rune itself attached. The memory of the old king within the rune triggers it to also reincarnate a soulless Pesmerga, whose only goal is to hunt down Yuber and deliver justice or “karma”.

Although soulless, Yuber can still feel pain. The Eightfold rune is a great source of pain for Yuber and the only way he can somewhat alleviate it is by unleashing the runes powers. This is why he is always trying to create chaos and why he hates true runes.

Note: My assumptions on the Eightfold runes properties are related to Buddhism, because I remember Vextor once saying something about there being an “Eightfold path” or something in that religion.

ReallyCrazy RedCydranth wrote:
Suikoden is really the growing tale of Budehuc Castle.

Given what we saw in Suikoden III, Budehuc is a shambled mess at the beginning and a bigger thriving hub by its end. We can easily surmise that the castle itself is an entity, and grows without any need of human (duck, kobold, elf etc.) participation. Since no workers were ever seen expanding the castle, this theory can not be disproven.

Now, how is it that Suikoden is the Tale of Budehuc when it only appears in one Suikoden? Hah, little faith you have in what a castle can do! Budehuc is easily the most vague of castles, what with its plain look and worn appearance. Nothing spectacular stands out, so it easily blends in with the background.

But before I jump into everything, allow me to tell you of its birth.

Chronologically Suikoden IV was the first. Where oh where could a young new castle be from? How about the laboratory of Mao and Nao. Remember the Mint vs. Mushroom game? Yes, there was the budding birthplace of Budehuc castle. The plot of Suikoden IV was really bad because the entire point of the game was to introduce the series real main character, Budehuc Castle.

Budehuc grew up and decided that the watery area of the Island Nations was no place for it, so it decided to venture out and seek refuge elsewhere. It was led to Falena where it was a small part in the events of Suikoden V. Budehuc was in the mountain range where Marscal tried to melt the glaciers. Budehuc was there trying to stop him as well, as Budehuc knew that if Gizel's plan had come to fruition, beautiful Sol-Falena Castle and Stormfist would be out of a home. But before Budehuc could get to Marscal, The Prince showed up and did the job for him. Konami initially programmed the final battle of the game to be Budehuc vs Marscal, but then some upstart hackers got a hold of the final version before it was made and remade the last segment of the game and poor Budehuc's part was cut.

Then the events of Suikoden I occurred. Here's where they really dive deep into the psyche of a castle's lifestyle and abilities. Remember that bandit's hideout in Seifu. That was Budehuc. We only as a small part of the hideout at that point in the game and when the Toran Liberation Army neded a Headquarters, the first thought on everyone's mind was Budehuc. But because of Budehuc's proximity to Gregminster and the fact the place in the lake was more versatile, nobody bothered to say Budehuc.

Suikoden II, Budehuc is actually the meeting place on Jowston Hill and after the Beast Rune was unleashed Budehuc was so pissed it decided to head towards Zexen.

So, what proof do I have that these places are all the same. One thing, and its pretty important. Budehuc's ambiguity. Nobody in their right mind would suspect Budehuc Castle to have played its role in all of the Suikoden Series, but I uncovered the truth. Since initially investigating this, I've killed off 6 mercenary ninjas hired by Konami to shut me up. If that's not proof, what is? So far they've been unsuccess.... Shit. They got me...

Kooky Kikito wrote:
Sapnekur is Crowley

Ever since the discovery of the Makanakuy nation all throughout its fall, Sapnekur has remained one of the more mysterious characters to be walk the land. He’s associated himself with the indigenous Makanakuy, and then migrated east, making a new life among pirates. But even this did not satisfy Sapnekur, after the Makanakuy left to make a settlement in Malsklavejo, he disappeared for a long time, only appearing fairly recently in the cold North. After that, his public appearances ended. Most of us had even forgotten about him until a group of ex-Makanakuy led by Hui-hui Teotoxl, his wife Hui-hui Ture, and Mazus appeared, looking to kill him. Harmonia, after learning of this, offered Sapnekur a safe haven in the snowy mountains of Nordes Mont, where he would be allowed to conduct his research under our protection.

Sapnekur has dedicated decades, if not centuries, to researching a way to eternal life. In recent exchanges with him, I learned that though he is fixated on finding this, he is not as obsessed as some might think. When asked, he seemed to be repulsive towards the idea of afflicting himself with the curse o vampirism or even wielding a True Rune just for the gift of eternal life. He seemed to think the burdens these two options would place on him would be unacceptable. And so, this got me to thinking, and after some time I arrived to a startling conclusion! I suddenly came to me: Sapnekur is Crowley, the famed magician! Let’s look at some proof of this, if you don’t believe me:

1. Sapnekur is looking for a way to have eternal life, without having to wield a True Rune or being a vampire. And what’s the one power that all True Runes bear in common? That’s right, eternal life. So, Sapnekur is looking for a way to have the power of a True Rune, without having to bear one! Does this sound familiar? It should, because Crowley, whose current whereabouts are unknown, had exactly the same goal! Crowley affixed more than 100 runes on his body in his quest to hold the power of a True Rune without having to bear one. Though Sapnekur never expressed having more than 100 runes, they do share this similar goal.

2. Sapnekur has the power to reincarnate. Hui-Hui Teotoxl mentioned that Sapnekur had the ability to reincarnate, and he even brought Mazus to the Northern Horn to make sure he wouldn’t be able to do it when he killed him. After his duel with Mazus, it is widely believed that Crowley and him reincarnated.

3. The last point brings me to my next one. I’m talking about Mazus. Hui-Hui Teotoxl brought Mazus to help in killing Sapnekur once and for all. But what sort of motivation would Mazus have for doing this? Crowley and Mazus fought, but it is never mentioned if there was a clear winner in their duel. It is very possible that Crowley’s apprentice still looks for him to finish the fight that started all those years before.

4. Also, let’s look at their pictures

As you can see, there’s more than one similitude. For starters, their skin tone is very similar, if not the same. You should also note that their hair colors are nearly identical, though Crowley’s seems a bit more grayed out, but this could be an effect of old age as we can all imagine. Many might say that physical similarity is not good evidence, but it’s a necessary condition for a single person to look similar to himself, no? In any case, if one takes this with the rest of the evidence, it is quite clear: Sapnekur is in fact Crowley!


The pursuit of symmetry... Death The Kid, Patty and Liz.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, 2008 4:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

I'll have to go for Wiseman. He's wise.
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2008 6:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Vote for Kikito.

It really just means that Vextor is actually a member of Konami, secretly giving us previews of elements in the next Suikodens.


Celes Tilly wrote:
If one of you were to ask, "Celes, what is Twisted Sister?" I would tell you God's honest truth.

"Butt rock."
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Lords of Foolishness

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 7:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Hands down Wisenheimer.
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 6:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Wiseman definitely gets my vote.

Tonby, while I'm not in Zexen wrote:

I just noticed that if you turn Zexen Activity Levels into an acronym, it makes ZAL. Oh the irony! =P
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Kanaria, Most Intelligent Rozen Maiden

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 05, 2008 7:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Kikito won this contest! Congrats to Kikito! You will receive a trophy at the new fourm for your victory.

The pursuit of symmetry... Death The Kid, Patty and Liz.

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