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[Phase 17] Grassland Exploration south of Naskavalo

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2007 7:10 pm    Post subject: [Phase 17] Grassland Exploration south of Naskavalo Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Grassland explorers HarmonianHiccup, Spell Breaker, and Yumi head south of Naskavalo in search of the bandit leader Vermillion. They finally catch up to the bandits, and a battle ensues!

[Grassland vs Bandits at South of Naskavalo]
Grassland forces engage Bandits forces on the vast plains of South of Naskavalo!

Troops on both sides let out a warcry!
HarmonianHiccup: For the sake of our lands and our families, we will not be defeated!
Spell Breaker: One thousand gold pieces on each of their heads, dead or alive! I prefer dead.
Yumi: Anton... I am ready...

Thieves: Gimme!
Vermillion: The power of balance... the golden scythe... the moon... I see it...
Bandits: Haha!

----=<Round 1>=----
HarmonianHiccup's Over-Enthusiastic Archaeologists (Rangers) and Thieves's Thieves (Thieves) engage in battle!

Over-Enthusiastic Archaeologists attacks with the Dragon Coils Around A Pearl formation while Thieves attacks with the same formation!

Thieves's regiment suffers 3700 casualties, leaving them with 0 soldiers, while HarmonianHiccup's regiment suffers 72 casualties, leaving them with 4928 soldiers.

Thieves: Buh?
HarmonianHiccup: The Spirits have seen fit to grace us this day.

HarmonianHiccup's regiment wins!

----=<Round 2>=----
Spell Breaker's The Long Patrol (Archers) and Vermillion's Slave Traders (Sentinels) engage in battle!

The Long Patrol attacks with the Fast Arrow Pierces formation while Slave Traders attacks with the same formation!

Vermillion's regiment suffers 258 casualties, leaving them with 3242 soldiers, while Spell Breaker's regiment suffers 1194 casualties, leaving them with 1806 soldiers.

Spell Breaker: Boy, when we try to tick someone off, we really do the job.
Vermillion: You reap what you sow...

Vermillion's regiment wins!

----=<Round 3>=----
Yumi's Mysics of the Forlorn (Magicians) and Bandits's Bandits (Bandits) engage in battle!

Mysics of the Forlorn attacks with the Fast Arrow Pierces formation while Bandits attacks with the Back Against Open Water formation!

Bandits's regiment suffers 2744 casualties, leaving them with 2456 soldiers, while Yumi's regiment suffers 322 casualties, leaving them with 4678 soldiers.

Bandits: Oh...
Yumi: Finally...

Yumi's regiment wins!

Grassland: 2 wins.
Bandits: 1 wins.

Grassland wins this turn!

Round 1: HarmonianHiccup (Rangers) 5000 - 72 = 4928
Round 2: Spell Breaker (Archers) 3000 - 1194 = 1806
Round 3: Yumi (Magicians) 5000 - 322 = 4678

Round 1: Thieves (Thieves) 3700 - 3700 = 0
Round 2: Vermillion (Sentinels) 3500 - 258 = 3242
Round 3: Bandits (Bandits) 5200 - 2744 = 2456

The bandits scatter, leaving Vermillion behind.

Caerulia: Brother... haven't you had enough? Do you remember the voices of those you sold for gold and silver?

Vermillion: Caerulia... of course I remember. I remember every one of them. Filled with the dread of uncertainty or resigned apathy, their voices live on inside of me, making their mark on my soul. You won't understand, dear sister.

Caerulia: And you left your mark on my soul, dear brother. You wouldn't understand the voices inside of me, what I have heard, and what has been spoken to me as I searched for you, wandering these lands on my own.

A figure in a pitch black robe materializes out of thin air!

Arandan: Then the two of you must expose the darkness within you--unleash its raw power.

Caerulia: Master Arandan...

Vermillion: Master Arandan... are you suggesting that we must fight?

Arandan: Both of you quaify for the final trial to join the ranks of the darkmasters... however, there is only one seat open within the cabal. You must fight to the death!

Caerulia: Then I forfeit my right, I can't fight against you, brother.

Arandan: Then you must slay Caerulia, Vermillion. Those who have felt the nox primordia must be with us within the cabal. Only the cabal can provide the proper exegesis of nox primordia. Without our guidance, the darkness will take you, and cause you to harm other life.

Vermillion: That's insane!

Arandan: Trivial compared to your past travails, Vermillion. You know this. All you need to do is gaze into your own depths.

Vermillion: ...

Caerulia: All I wish is for you to return... if that means I must die, I am ready...

Vermillion: What the... damn this...

Vermillion mumbles to himself as he draws forth a golden scythe. Caerulia throws a surrendered gaze at the tool of harvest.

Arandan: Excellent! The creation of a new darkmaster...

Vermillion removes his blindfold and towers over Caerulia, raising his scythe.

He aims it at Caerulia's thin neck.

Vermillion lets out a sigh, and brings the scythe to his own neck.

Vermillion: This is the right answer... isn't it, Arandan?

Vermillion swings the scythe at his own neck.

Arandan: !!

Arandan vanishes and reappears behind Vermillion, holding the scythe blade with his bare hands to stop the blade.
His blood trickles down Vermillion's neck. Arandan snatches the scythe away from Vermillion, casting him down to the ground in the process.

Arandan lets out a laughter.

Arandan: Well done... the last trial before becoming a darkmaster... it is love. The single beacon that conquers all darkness. No man can become a darkmaster-- one who stands above darkness-- unless they can hold this burning torch that melts away all suffering with its prevailing sublimity.

Vermillion looks up at Arandan in disbelief.

Caerulia removes her blindfold and casts herself at Vermillion, holding him tightly.
Tears well up from her eyes as she wails audibly.

Vermillion: I'm sorry, Caerulia.

Arandan: ...however, Vermillion-- in seeking the depths of your own darkness, you have comitted many wrongs. You must undo these wrongs before you may enter the cabal as a darkmaster.

Vermillion: I understand, Master Arandan.

Caerulia: I will go with him, Master Arandan...

Arandan: And as you wish, Darkmaster Caerulia... the "Second Sea" of the cabal. You are free to come and go as you please. Might I suggest that you ask for help from your friends from foreign lands? I also wish to have a few words with them.

Arandan and Grassland Explorers discuss issues between both nations.

Caerulia and Vermillion joins Grassland!
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, 2007 6:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

The GRIM REAPER hovers above the battlefield, ready to harvest the dead...

Spotting his quarry, the reaper swings his gigantic scythe!


18 soldiers under HarmonianHiccup dies! 444 remain!


298 soldiers under Spell Breaker dies! 122 remain!


80 soldiers under Yumi dies! 170 remain!


925 soldiers under Thieves dies! 0 remain!


64 soldiers under Vermillion dies! 11936 remain!


686 soldiers under Bandits dies! 0 remain!

A total of 2071 soldiers have been killed!

[Axiose] [Fliktor]
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