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[Pre-Phase 15] Archonate of Nordeland: The Grand Madrigal

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At Illingaard, within the Temple of the Lais

"Leemon, are we prepared?" Eugent calls out as he adjusts a strange mechanical contraption over his mouth.

"Yes, demi-precentor. The "Key" has been activated. The Archon awaits our tune." Leemon replies as he turns a knob on a massive device.

Suddenly, somebody approaches the antechamber, running. "Sorry I'm late!" a young voice calls out.

Eugent scorns, "Yngleif! Be still, you must not disturb the air! You're also not late... Lord Precentor has not arrived yet."

Yngleif blushes, "Sorry demi-precentor... I will go find Lord Precentor..."
Yngleif leaves the chamber.

"Leemon, what do you think of Yngleif's progress, is he 'compatible?'" Eugent peers up while Leemon busily adjust various wheels.

"I would say he is a natural, sir. His tune is clear and does not wander. He is not "disturbed" like many of his peers."

"Glad to hear that..." Eugent says as he flips a small switch on his strange contraption over his mouth. "The tuner seems in full order."

Footsteps approach, "sorry to keep waiting gentlemen..." an old man, Ivan Kjall VIII, enters the chamber followed by Yngleif.

As he proceeds into the room, he attaches the the same mechanical device on his mouth. Leemon climbs down from above using a steel ladder, and attaches a similar device over his mouth. Ynglief follows suit.

The four start to hum various noises, gradually creating a harmony. They twist some knobs on their "tuners."

"I think we are now aligned, gentlemen." Ivan says.

"Let us proceed to the presence of The Archon..."

The other three repeat, "Let us proceed..."


At the Ostegrod High Tower

Tuule and Illudmilla arrive at the High Tower to report their victory over the Nameless Lands. Cyrdic greets them.

"Excellent work my dear sister! We didn't fare as well at Schiavik, but on land I am sure we will have better luck! Please come, we have a banquet ready..."

As the party prepares to leave, Cyrdic notices that Tuule is frozen, "Tuule...?"

Tuule hears the voice of Ynglief...

"my sweet Tuule... you have a purpose... it is time..."

Suddenly, Tuule draws her sword, stabbing Cyrdic deeply in his chest.

"What the..." Cyrdic gasps in disbelief. "You have gone mad... you murderer..."

Tuule replies coldly, "your pathetic 'plot' was merely distraction. Svanunn has been freed, your story is complete. I also can not kill you, your story will remain with me forever alive as the words of my madrigal."

A low vibration is felt in the area as Tuule utters a word. Cyrdic disintegrates into pieces of light, which swirls into the palms of Tuule.

Soldiers and other attendants witnessing the scene gasp in terror, frozen as they watch the scene, trying to comprehend what exactly occurred. Tuule breaks the silence, "Iludmilla, your father should be okay now. The Archon has healed him. With your father, you will save Ostegrod, everything will be as once it was..."

Hearing that, Iludmilla runs into the tower to see her bedridden father.


At Novgrod Castle

The voice of Ivan Kjall VIII and Eugent echo within the throne room of Novgrod Castle. as Bjornar and Rijnhild listen. Svanunn and Svetlana at their sides.

Bjornar and Rijnhild... The Archon is most appreciative of your efforts... you have saved her nation... you will be rewarded handsomely for your loyalty...[/b]

Bjornar kneels, "It was my duty, and my life is with The Archon."

Rijnhild waves off the complements, "Just doing my job..."

[i]The madrigalists are ready... we will proceed... the Grand Madrigal will commence, and everything shall be redeemed.


Across Nordeland

Suddenly, the air in the whole of Nordeland starts to vibrate. A low rumble is heard in the sky as singing voices start to fill the air. The voice is light and melodious, soothing the minds of those who listen.

"The voice of The Archon!" People of Illingaard cheer as they hear what they were waiting for. The air becomes warmer as the song continues, and Ostegrodians cheer as they cast off their thick coats made necessary after Pinkeldorf "breached" the grand madrigal. Farmers in Novgrod cheer as they can finally sow their fields with crops again... the people of Nordeland hail the return of the Archon's voice.


At Illingaard, within the Temple of the Lais

"Kiersten does not respond..." Leemon whispers as the four tuners continue their humming.

Eugent replies, "send a 'noise' to her... she may be 'stuck'"...


At Transnistria, within Lohengramm's mansion

"No...." Kiersten the Rou lies strapped onto a bed. "I can feel it... they are coming... coming to me." Her eyes are bloodshot as she grits her teeth.

Lohengramm busily leafs through a tome, as Ynhild sits beside Kiersten in prayer.

Suddenly, a huge boom is heard, and Kiersten's body convulses.

"Kieresten it is time for you... you have a purpose...'

"No!!" Ynhild interrupts.

".... why the Duke's daughter... you have learned how to hear our 'tune'? How clever... however, Kiresten must comply... you will... CEASE YOUR PATHETIC DISSENT NOW

Ynhild is hurled backwards by powerful vibrations. She bounces off of a pillar, but stands up, grasping her staff. A streak of blood streams from her forehead, but biting her lips, she starts chanting runic magic while Lohengramm sprinkles a strange, shimmering dust over Kiersten's body.

"You will not touch her!" Ynhild yells as she spreads her arms. Bright light envelops the room as a green aura surrounds Kiersten. Suddenly the vibrations within the room cease.


At Illingaard, within the Temple of the Lais

"Damn!!" Leemon curses, "something is strange... I can't get through. Ynhild managed to disrupt the tune... how is that possible!?"

Ivan Kjall VIII replies, "peculiar... it's too bad to waste a madrigalist... but as the part of the body of The Archon, we must now ask her to replace Kiersten... otherwise the Grand Madrigal can not continue..."


At Transnistria, within Lohengramm's mansion

"It seems we have done it, your Grace." Lohengramm looks at Ynhild as he gasps for some air.

Suddenly, Kiersten screams in agony, "The pain... the pain..." her scream intensifies into a dreadful cry. "The Archon is going to kill me..." she utters.

In a horrific display, Kiersten's body starts to shrivel-- a symbol of a key appears on her forehead, turning into a glowing red. "So it is true...." Lohengramm says as he remembers, "Madrigalists are merely created beings... mere puppets of the archon... of the Rune of the Key" Kirsten's hair turns white and her skin wrinkles.

Ynhild looks on, walking over to Kiersten. She looks into her eyes. Kiersten looks back at her in horror. "I don't want to die, Ynhild..." Kiersten utters with a dying whisper.

"I will not let you..." Ynhild says, and kneels down in prayer.

"By the connections derived from the stars, I beg the powers to give upon this being--life--as it partakes from my body the essence of what it requires for sustenance. Here is my sacrifice..."

Ynhild abruptly pulls her left eye out. Blood gushes out on the bed as she raises her left eye, holding it in her palms. "Let her live, my star of destiny, her time is not up as she now shares my star." Ynhild collapses over Kiersten's body as she continues her prayer.

"I have witnessed your will," a soft female voice echoes in the room as a robed, translucent figure appears in shimmering light. "I am Leknaat, some call me the executor of balance... others call me the Guardian of Fate. Nordeland has been under the powerful influence of the "Key Rune," one of the 27 True Runes that represent the power of creation. For centuries, the power of creation has been used to 'close' and the strength of your will has shattered its grasp over this created being. I have witnessed your will, Ynhild, and will keep witness as the "four keys" are saved by your compassion..."

Leknaat vanishes.

"Ynhild..." Kiersten whispers as she opens her eyes. Lohengramm grasps as he sees Kiersten fully recovered, her hair no longer white and her skin no longer wrinkled and cracked.

"Get a doctor!" Lohengramm yells for attendants as he rushes out of the room.

Kieresten wakes herself up, caressing Ynhild, "Thank you, you didn't have to..." tears well up and interrupt Kieresten, "...I wasn't even human..."

"No, you are, Kieresten. And I promised to you that I won't let you die," Ynhild replies with resolve as she wakes herself up, using her veil to dress her wound.

Suddenly, Kieresten whispers, "I hear it... they're still around..."

A faint buzz can be heard in the air as Kiersten scans the area.



At Illingaard, within the Temple of the Lais

"!? I'm getting a tune from Kiersten" Leemon says in a puzzled tone.

Yngleif replies, "Maybe she became compatible?"

"Impossible, she should have already been appropriated by The Archon!" Eugent replies in an annoying tone. "Perhaps your tuner is malfunctioning."

"No, it is you who are malfunctioned... tuners..." Leemon speaks in a strange tone of voice and starts convulsing.

Ivan Kjall VIII gasps, "She's backfeeding, she got into Leemon! Send her a killing sound!"

"Impossible... she no longer registers as... a creation..." Eugent gasps.... "how is this possible..."

Ivan Kjall VIII barks out, "Hurry, shut down the tuning vehicle! We'll all be affected!"

Eugent climbs up to the console of the "vehicle." "Damn, this is in Leemon's configuration, Yngleif, go get the Tome from Leemon's chamber!!!"

Yngleif quickly runs out of the room.


At Transnistria, within Lohengramm's mansion

"Does that really work?" Ynhild questions as a bright light pulses on Kiersten's palm.

Kiersten replies as she maintains her concentration, "Yeah... I captured the tuner's mind. We can speak through him... to the whole of Nordeland... we don't have much time... you must speak what happened-- the truth."

Lohengramm returns with a doctor, "wait a minute... what's happening??"

Ynhild and Kiersten explain the situation while the doctor attends to Ynhild's wounds.
"I think this is our time... you Grace..." Lohengramm bows.

Ynhild starts speaking into Kiersten's palm.

Ynhild's voice echoes throughout Nordeland--

"Dear citizens of Nordeland, I am Ynhild, Duchess of Prandt. I am here to tell you of a story, a story about ourselves, a story about centuries of slavery under the powers of a twisted cabal of those bent on keeping you imprisoned within this world. Using her madrigalists-- beings created from her Key Rune, she has carried on an ancient tradition-- a cruel tradition.

The Archon has imposed upon this land a cruel fate, using her powers to pacify your will under the phantom menace of 'outworlders.' However, there is no such menace. Her song's warmth-- also an illusion. It is her powers that have kept Nordeland a frigid world of ice, using the Key Rune. She has made you dependent on her... and we must free ourselves!

My father, Pinkeldorf wished for the same. However, he confused the goal with his personal ambitions, resulting in unneeded wars. This is a legacy I must inherit as well...
but if you wish for your own freedom, please take up your weapons and join under my banner. We will fight for our freedom... and put and end to madrigalism... for eternity!
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