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Ethical Question
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PostPosted: Tue May 23, 2006 10:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Add User to Ignore List

Sigh* the more morally upright in me would say "of course!!!" but the more realistic side of me would be saying "What? no more suikoden,ragnarok online,no more chatting, no more posting on messege boards no way id could never do that!!!" Still I'd probable try. Dont know if i could for very long though.


if they arent killing each other they are spreading STDS

then americs gives african countries billions of dollars and the selfish leaders over there use to for there own needs!

i read this book about how african mothers will have over 10 kids normally because most dont survive!
You shouldnt keep reproducing if you cant substain the life of your offspring!

this may sound racist but its not, skin color isnt the issue here its ethics and how differnt people do things.

Personally i found that offensive. First I dont think they would intentionally spread STDS!!! Also its mostly people supported by the government who's going around killing people(how the heck would they obtain the guns otherwise) or are terrorist. The general citizenry of Africa only want to live as best they can.

As for the whole aid donation by america. Well its not the people fault there government is corrupt. It just happens that they do not have the power to change there government for the better. And even these "donations" usually have very tight strings attached. And sometime these donations, although neccesary, are usually detrimental for long term development. It a lose-lose situation for people in africa.

The reason they have lots of kids is economical and part of human survivalist nature. It only natural people have lots of kids in order to ensure the survival of there dna. On a more economical reason the more kids you have the more likely you will be supported for old age.

If there is one thing I learned in "economic development" class its that "Poverty is a trap!" It hard(nearly impossible) for people to escape this trap.
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