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Region Profile for: Sun's Crest
Allegiance Sun's Crest Stats

Tinto Republic
Governor:  Esra
Terrain:  Mountain
Population:  76677
Garrison:  200
Agriculture:  51
Happiness:  52
Technology:  24
Ethics:  51
Security:  43
Trade:  41
Region Description
Sun's Crest Details:  Halfway up the heights of Sun's Crest, one of the world's highest mountains, resides a monastery city built atop rich mythril mines. Narrow, serpentine paths lead to Tinto's remote capital, and the mules, camels and llamas of the Guild caravans steadily clamber the arduous roads, closely watched by the ever-present, snow-white mountain goats.
Fortifications:  None
This regiondoes not have a port.

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