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  Topic: Suikoden 5 Character List

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PostForum: Character Discussion   Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2005 9:57 pm   Subject: Suikoden 5 Character List
Sars, you said that Dzerassa's name was derived from Scythian Mythology, and means "daughter of the Sea God". Well, wasn't Troy called the Sea God or something to that effect. Just an observation...
  Topic: Satan`s ship? Something strange in S3...

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PostForum: Suikoden Discussion   Posted: Sun Jun 06, 2004 2:05 am   Subject: Satan`s ship? Something strange in S3...
Also, why would the name Satan even exist in a world that, as far as we know, Christianity doesn't exist in.
  Topic: The Best Swordsman Discussion

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PostForum: Suikoden Discussion   Posted: Mon May 24, 2004 4:21 am   Subject: The Best Swordsman Discussion
1) Augustine Nabor

2) A true swordsman must be strong, skilled, and graceful. When watching a great swordsman fight, it should almost look as if they are dancing.

3) Since Augustine didn't ...
  Topic: Where are you from?

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PostForum: Community Forum   Posted: Mon May 24, 2004 4:03 am   Subject: Where are you from?
Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. I used to hate living here when I was younger, but now, there is no place I'd rather be.
  Topic: The "Hello I am New" Thread

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PostForum: Community Forum   Posted: Mon May 24, 2004 3:47 am   Subject: The "Hello I am New" Thread
Whats up, everyone. I'm Archangel (obviously). I'm guessing that some people remember me from the Suikosource boards or maybe Gamefaqs, where I go by Legnahcra, which is Archangel spelled backwards, ...
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