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# Regiment Name Icon Description
 1    Amorphous 
Monsters with an amorphous form, whether they are vaporous or fluid--making them difficult opponents. They are nearly impossible to defeat without the use of magic or fire.
 2    Ancients 
Ancient races of monsters that are seldom encountered. Being extremely powerful, one must simply curse their luck when one of these races are encountered. They will only be seen in large numbers unless prompted by some exceptional cause, and in such cases they can only be countered by very powerful magic or by a powerful cavalry charge.
 3    Aquatic 
Monsters that dwell in water that show great power in their native environment. Even outside water, they are effective against many units. They are very difficult to command, requiring high strength to control.
 4    Arcanist 
Arcanists are a special breed of wizards specializing in all matters occult and forbidden. In many ways, they combine the fields of necromancy and summoning, for their powers draw from the darker powers. Considered to be the bards of the macabre, they know the secrets that man dreads to hear spoken. Arcanists are very few in number, and rarely do they decide to lead other magicians in war. However, when they do, they are able to magnify their power to awesome proportions.
 5    Archers 
Soldiers that use bows and arrows to attack enemies from a distance. They are effective against magicians and flying enemies. They are weak against infantry and other melee-attack regiments. They function best when led by those with high SKL.
 6    Armored Cavalry 
Armored Cavalry
Cavalry protected by thick armor and barding. This unit is nearly unstoppable due to their armor and speed. Most units have difficulty attacking them with the esception of magic oriented units. However, even magicians will suffer heavy casualties from an armored cavalry charge.
 7    Ashigaru 
Footsoldiers typically armed with polearms who comprise the bulk of troops within the Shogunate of Katana. They are armored and have great mobility, making them equally effective against cavalry and archers. They are, however, relatively defenseless against magic of any kind.
 8    Bandits 
Outlaws typically living in rough terrain who sometimes raid local villages for sustenance. They are often poorly equipped, and function much like weaker versions of infantry. Due to their nature, they fight better in mountains, forests, and badlands.
 9    Bank 
Each nation has one bank. A bank can not participate in battles, but is a repository for that nation's income; thus, they are still very important.
 10    Beastmaster 
This regiment can be used to summon random animals to fight against an enemy. When used as a battle unit, it is very effective against mounted and hand-to-hand units, but can be destroyed easily by those with the ability to attack from afar. Best led by those who are wise and magically gifted.
 11    Beasts 
Beasts in the wilderness or those brought in from other worlds through magic. At times they are commanded by non-beasts, but most of the time they have a pack leader that functions much like a regiment leader. They display common beast-like tendencies, and most conventional military forces shouldn't have much trouble unless faced with vast numbers of them. They thrive on rough terrain, and are generally afraid of water.
 12    Berserkers 
Fierce warriors who have a disregard for their own life. These fighters are deadly in the battlefield; even though their lack of armor makes them easy targets, they will still take many with them into their next life.
 13    Black Sun 
Black Sun
For many generations the small Black Sun tribe have been feared for their skill in combat. As harsh and deadly as their desert homelands they are experts in both melee and guerrilla warfare, able to mix the two combat types flawlessly. The recent arrival of the New Priest-King has seen this normally independent tribe ally themselves with the Theocracy and after negotiations are now counted as the most deadly troops in the Priest-Kings army. Each warrior has a holy blessing cast upon their weapons and is oath sworn to fight the enemies of Nagarea. Despite this oath their well deserved reputation can hinder their ability to make the most of all advantages.
 14    Bladesinger 
A regiment of swordsmen led by a swordmistress who has perfected the art of swordsmanship. Led by their powerful leader, the trrops are often inspired to acts of brazen bravery. The need of agility forces them to use light armor, making them vulnerable to most forms of attacks, but their attack power often overwhelms any opposition.
 15    Bujutsu Teacher 
Bujutsu Teacher
Various teachers and trainers in the martial arts that have given up their fighting ways in order to train a new generation. Or due to bone-idleness. When used a support unit, provided the unit they're attached to survives, they will provide an extra +50 regiment experience to the unit and an extra +25 to all allied units that see battle in the same turn.
 16    Bunjibuunj 
A mysterious cavalry regiment composed of vicious mounted nay-kobolds equipped with hatchets and battle axes. Wherever they pass a trail of death, destruction, and entrails is all that remains. Although they are nay-kobolds, nobody knows if they actually are from Nay, and some say they are demons taking a less threatening form. Despite being a powerful force, they have a tendency of being distracted by anything that they find interesting--and have been known to suddenly abandon battles on a whim.
 17    Catapult 
A siege engine that can hurl large objects at defensive structures and render them ineffective. When used with another battle regiment, a catapult can nullify an enemy's fortification bonus. When used by itself, they function much like crossbowmen, although their attack power is higher at the expense of their defense.
 18    Cavalry 
Armored soldiers mounted on horses that charge into enemies. They tend to be defenseless against magicians due to horses getting frightened by the magic, but they are powerful against footsoldiers. They become a deadly force on plains, but are less effective on mountainous, desert, and badland terrains. They are most effective when led by those who have high SPD.
 19    Cavemen 
Humans who live at a lower cultural level than most others, cavemen lack education, and are thus very weak as a combat force. When a region's citizens become too uneducated and uncultured, there is a chance that some of the soldiers defending such a region will be replaced by cavemen.
 20    Civilian 
Normal people who typically have nothing to do with battles. In rare occasions when they are forced to fight, they end up being very weak units that are easily defeated by all other types of units. It's impossible to command civilians because they have no military training.
 21    Clairvoyant Minds 
Clairvoyant Minds
Fortunate Bugganes that was lucky enough to be born with runes. As they're not as strong as the Hive Soldiers, they're forced to wear heavy armor which slows them down making them weak against the fast, but allows them to battle with forces up close or far off.
 22    Clerics 
Dedicated to the holy path, clerics are professionals when it comes to dealing with magical creatures, particularly the undead. However, they tend to be weak against physical attacks. They are best when led by those who understand how to defend oneself from magic.
 23    Critters 
Insects, arachnids, and other types of critters that inhabit a wide range of terrain, often being an extreme nuisance to those who encounter them. Although threatening in massive numbers, they are no real threat to trained armies.
 24    Crossbowmen 
Armored soldiers trained in the use of crossbows. Although their armor and secondary weapon makes them at part with infantry, they are weak against cavalry due to their slow fire rate. They are strong against magicians, and are effective when led by those who are strong in body and soul.
 25    Crystal Cavalry 
Crystal Cavalry
Knights mounted on pegasi charged with the defense of the Circle Rune. Trained in the One Temple of Crystal Valley and dressed in the classic blue of the Circle Rune and armed with large and powerful halberds, these fierce soldiers ride white horses into battle who according to myth, grant them increased magic resistance. In battle, these units will charge into opponents switfly enough to disrupt magic chanting and fell most physical foes, but will be victimized by projectile weapons.
 26    Darkmaster 
Dolvanian Sentinels who have proven themselves by maintaining their sanity after witnessing the "primoridal darkness." Having achieved oneness with nature, their existence is no longer bound by their body, although this fact is impossible to see or understand by those who are not equally "awakened." In battle they become immaterial as ghosts, striking with ethereal weaponry that strike directly at the soul of the living, and sever the dark cords of undead-kind. Although they are powerful in many ways, they have a weakness against clerics and those of other faiths due to the strength of their piety negating the power of the "primordial darkness."
 27    Deceased 
A regiment that no longer exists because the leader has passed away. A dead person obviously can't fight, so this regiment has no combat purpose whatsoever.
 28    Disciples of Death 
Disciples of Death
The Disciples of Death are the best kept secret of the Kooluk Empire. They are not so much soldiers as they are trained murderers. In recent times, the Kooluk Emperor has brought outsider philosophy into the secretive clan to expand their power. The fighting styles of berserkers, powerful swordsmen, and the strongest of spear wielders have all been incorporated to strengthen and develop the already dominating force that is the Disciples of Death.
 29    Dragon Cavalry 
Dragon Cavalry
Knights mounted on aquatic dragons that can move on water and land with no penalty. They are nearly invincible when fighting on water, but on land share similar strengths and weaknesses as cavalry.
 30    Dragon Knights 
Dragon Knights
Knights mounted on dragons based at the Dragon's Den. Attacking from above, they are a deadly force against most units, but are terrifically weak against archers. They can also ambush enemies in tandem with conventional forces, softening the enemies before they clash with the main contingent.
 31    Dryad 
Powerful spirits of the forest who have comprehensive dominion over all plant life. They are an unstoppable force of nature in their native habitat. They are uninterested in human affairs and do whatever they can to protect their own forest from unwanted intrusion, although they have been known to cooperate with other humans and humanoid species. In battle Drayds will summon many plant-type monsters to aid them as well as commanding local flora and fungi--becoming a virtual army of one.
 32    Ducks 
A race of humanoid ducks that are native to parts of Grassland. Although defensive in nature, they are wily warriors who utilize group tactics and cunning to overcome stronger enemies. They possess a mild resistance to magic, but can be overcome quite easily by a cavalry charge. They are also adept at fighting in watery terrain, such as in wetlands and out in the ocean.
 33    Dwarven Skirmishers 
Dwarven Skirmishers
Dwarves who have taken up arms to defend their homeland. They are tenacious fighters with great strength, and have a natural resilience against magic. Spending most of their lives in caves, they excel at fighting in the mountains.
 34    Elk Rider 
Elk Rider
Soldiers who have trained in mounted combat on elks. Armed with bows and a spear, these soldiers can fight melee and long-ranged all at once, but their light armor makes them weak against concentrated attacks.
 35    Elven Warparty 
Elven Warparty
A band of elven fighters who are skilled with sword and magic. Due to their connection with their land, they are nearly undefeatable in their native region. However, the further they are from their native land, the weaker they become.
 36    Ethereal 
Entities that don't have a corporeal form, which make them nearly impervious to physical attacks. Although they are comparatively vulnerable to magic, they are still a force that is best un-encountered.
 37    Failure Urn Merchants 
Failure Urn Merchants
In Zexen's darkest hour, the merchants themselves rose up to defend the crumbling confederacy. They were clad in nothing but ordinary clothing, and due to the collapsed Zexen economy, were armed only with failure urns. Their failure urns, thrown at high speeds, shatter the skulls of their opponents.
 38    Falcon Swordmistress 
Falcon Swordmistress
A swordsman regiment based in Kanakan, led by the legendary swordmistress, Rounider Haia. Under her leadership and training, the regiment is known as one of the most deadly in the continent. The regiment is the backbone that allows Kanakan to maintain its political neutrality.
 39    Fire Bringer 
Fire Bringer
The Fire Spirits dance and swirl about these elite warriors of the Grassland. Born with a deep connection to the Spirits, the magical power offered these fierce warriors by the Fire Spirits is nearly unsurpassed. Having fire runes on both their body and weapons, the Fire Bringers combine these two arts into a devastating force. They are known for their ability to destroy the most highly trained forces, running like the wind over the plains into battle, enfolded with the power and protection of the Spirits.
 40    Fire Spears 
Fire Spears
Soldiers equipped with spears that spew fire, turning them into a deadly force against enemies who have no means of long-range attacks. The soldiers themselves are not very well protected, and are vulnerable to long-ranged attacks. Due to being lightly encumbered, they can be deployed in any terrain with little difficulty. Soldiers in this regiment must be quick and skillful to be able to properly handle the spears.
 41    Flyer 
Groups of monsters that are able to fly. They tend to be very easy targets for archers, but are effective against many other regiment types. They are most effective when led by those who have high speed.
 42    Gaien Knights 
Gaien Knights
Sworn to protect the Dukedom, these most excellent of warriors swear to serve both the land and it's people. Fierce with their dual swords, they swiftly take down any who would dare stand in their way, on land or sea. As the old Gaien saying goes: "On the sea, even the great Curruid is just a Gaien Knight's mount."
 43    Golden Cavalry 
Golden Cavalry
Cavalrymen on white horses and decked in golden armor who ride proudly, doing what is right and just in the world. Protected by powerful runic forces, the cavalry is nearly impervious against magical attacks, and fares well against most other attacks.
 44    Griffon Riders 
Griffon Riders
After capturing griffons in the mountains of Harmonia, Nameless Lands has been taming them and traning them into mounts. In battle, this unit can bombard enemies with a wide variety of weapons while maintaining a height advantage, resulting in shaving off a significant amount of enemy soldiers before battle. Horses also fear griffons, giving them an advantage against them in battle.
 45    Gunners 
Although trained since their childhood in all manners of combat and espionage, gunners are known most for their use of guns. Consequently, they are able to deliver powerful volleys to cut down enemy forces regardless of their defensive prowess as a support unit or as a combat regiment on its own. They are formidable as a combat regiment, but their fewer number can make them surprisingly vulnerable against opponents that can attack en masse, as well as those who are relatively unaffected by bullets.
 46    Heavy Cavalry 
Heavy Cavalry
A cavalry regiment wearing heavy armor and magical talismans, using melee weapons to crush enemies in powerful charges. However, they remain vulnerable against spearmen and powerful magic. They are best when led by those who are both strong and fast.
 47    Heavy Infantry 
Heavy Infantry
Dressed in thick armor and protected by magic talismans, heavy infantry are even tougher than normal infantry in terms of withstanding enemy attacks. However, their slowness makes them a very easy target for faster enemies.
 48    Heavy Spearmen 
Heavy Spearmen
Heavily armored spearmen who are trained to be the ultimate anti-cavalry weapon force, they are effective against nearly all types of cavalry. Although they can stand their place against other types of enemies due to their armor, infantry and powerful magic can still cause them trouble. They are best led by those who are strong and and both physically and magically defensive.
 49    Highwaymen 
Organized gangs that often roam around more populated areas to terrorize merchant caravans and other easy targets. Often equipped with sophisticated weaponry, including various melee weapons and mechanical crossbows, they sometimes end up teaming up with bandits and thieves. Some of them have even taken up the path of piracy. When involved in massive combat, they try to use their range as an advantage.
 50    Hive Soldier 
Hive Soldier
Foot soldiers of the Bugganes. They're extremely savage and will continue fighting even after loosing limbs, though they're not terribly bright. They generally don't carry any weapons and are not adapt at magic, but up close they are a brutal adversary.
 51    Hive Wings 
Hive Wings
Freak Bugganes that were born with wings. Most of them don't survive very long after birth, but those that do quickly become graceful and skillful flyers. Teaming up with a Hive Soldier, these airborne warriors are completely loyal to Mother and will fly headlong into any onslaught to win the battle.
 52    Hoplite 
Lightly armored soldiers with shields, armed with javelins they either throw or use in melee. These soldiers are lightly encumbered and have excellent endurance--allowing them to traverse the harshest terrain with ease. However, when faced with powerful regiments, this unit will more than likely be unable to hold its own.
 53    HrÝm■ursar 
Frost giants that inhabit the hinterlands, raiding human villages every winter. These massive beings are individually powerful and their massive swords can cut through stone with ease. Coupled with their knowledge of runes, these giants are tough opponents for anyone.
 54    Humanoid 
Humanoid monsters of various sizes that roam the world and at times team together to attack human settlements and garrisons. Although they are mostly low in intelligence, they are at times led by powerful sorcerers in which case they may act in a more organized, military manner. Typically scared of magic, they tend to be nimble warriors capable of adapting well to most battle situations.
 55    Ice Mage 
Ice Mage
Magicians who have specialized in spells that involve ice. Due to their intense studies, their skins take on a blueish hue and give them a chilling touch. They share similar traits as magicians, but are also powerful in naval combat due to their command over water.
 56    Immortal Guards 
Immortal Guards
The Immortals went through rigorous training all over the City-States of Jowston. Years of physical training at Mt.Rakutei and Lake Dunan, endless strategic lectures at Greenhill New Leaf Academy, and countless mini-combat training against the Matilda Knights' best had proven that they lived up to their names. However, arrogance could lead to their downfall when not careful against the swift simpletons.
 57    Imperial Myrmidon 
Imperial Myrmidon
Most loyal and most elite of the Scarlet Moon Empire's troops, the Myrmidon regiments will execute their orders instantly and without question, and with no regard to the moral or ethical consequences of their actions. They fight with the most savagely effective weapons the Empire can produce, allowing them to overwhelm ranged attackers. However, the Myrmidons are highly reliant on pure aggression to achieve their goals, and units which can stay the course against their attack can often defeat them.
 58    Infantry 
Footsoldiers armed with various one-handed melee weapons, armor, and a shield. They are able to withstand arrows effectively, but are relatively defenseless against cavalry. They function best when led by those who have high DEF.
 59    Invincible 
A regiment that is quite literally impossible to defeat. Even the strongest known regiments have been completely destroyed. Nobody, other than the Invincible, know the source of their powers but they are feared wherever they go.
 60    Kachi 
Armed retainers who often serve under a local leader, whether they be a daimyo, kokushi, shugo, or even a yakuza kingpin. Often poor and without good lineage, they come poorly equipped and skill levels with their weapon varies widely. Some of them leave their service and become ronin and wander the lands searching for a new master to serve. In battle, they can hold their own in melee but their lack of armor makes them fairly vulnerable.
 61    Kamaro Knights 
Kamaro Knights
Heavily armored free knights who serve no lord and instead dedicate their lives to their "quest" in order to complete their own personal "saga." They act similar to heavy infantry with an additional penchant for magic, making them a formidable force in battle. They are however vulnerable to cavalry and have slight disadvantages against magic-using regiments.
 62    Kibamusha 
Mounted samurai often armed with spears or bows. Because of the expense of their equipment, kibamusha are often high ranking samurai or come from powerful clans.
 63    Kuge 
Aristocrats of the Shogunate of Katana, mostly serving the Mikado. Versed in the classics, they are versed in Onmyo sorcery and train from an early age in the use of longbows. However, they never wear armor, considering it barbaric. They also function poorly in rugged terrain.
 64    Light Cavalry 
Light Cavalry
A cavalry regiment wearing virtually no armor, specializing in quick hit-and-run attacks to confuse enemies using javelins. Effective against infantry and spearmen alike, they are somewhat vulnerable against longer ranged enemies and magicians. They are best led by those who are quick and evasive.
 65    Madrigalist 
A priesthood within the Archonate of Nor­eland known for their form of sorcery known as the madrigal. The madrigal consists of spells woven through lyrical poetry, and are sometimes sung. Madrigals take time to execute, but tend to affect a very large area depending on tuning--an act of amplifying an original madrigal by other madrigalists.
 66    Magicians 
Lightly armed rune mages who are devastatingly effective against cavalry and magical creatures of certain types. They are very weak against long range attacks. They function best when led by a leader with high MAG.
 67    Mamluks 
Highly trained light cavalry who are experts at mounted combat. They are deadly under most circumstances and despite being cavalry, they are equally effective in desert combat.
 68    Mantor Riders 
Mantor Riders
Aerial units native to Le Buque involving mounts that are large flying bugs. These bugs are able to project searing beams to bombard enemies from above, making them formidable weapons against many enemy units. However, they are very weak against archers and other long-range attackers.
 69    Marine Knights 
Marine Knights
Knights of the Island Nations Federation who are highly trained in naval combat. Due to their specialized purpose, they are lightly armored and often carry pairs of swords. This makes them somewhat vulnerable on land, but they are nearly undefeatable at sea.
 70    Medics 
Doctors and nurses that follow armies into battle in order to help and heal the wounded and dying. Useless as a battle unit but when used in support they will cure 20% of the unit's fallen forces provided the unit survives the battle.
 71    Merchants 
Merchants who have grouped together in order to protect their vast wealth. Though they have passion, they lack skill or any real power in battle and are often as useless as civilians. Richer and better dressed civilians, however.
 72    Mountain Cavalry 
Mountain Cavalry
A type of cavalry that uses special mounts that can traverse mountainous terrain without penalty. These mounts also require greater strength to handle, which means leaders of this regiment must be strong. Otherwise, this regiment has the same strengths and weaknesses as standard cavalry.
 73    Mounted Archers 
Mounted Archers
Cavalrymen who are typically trained from their youth on horsemanship to the point that they can use bows on horseback. Due to their speed and long range capabilities, they are effective against a wide range of enemies. However, their attacks are weak against heavily armored opponents and their speed suffers in treacherous terrain, reducing their effectiveness.
 74    Nether Gate 
Nether Gate
Trained since infancy in assassination techniques, the Nether Gate assassin is known and feared throughout the world for their unrivaled prowess in battle. It is said that they are completely loyal to the Crown of Falena, and than they will follow their prey to the ends of the earth and beyond. They are dangerous opponents in terrain that provides ample cover.
 75    Ninja 
Those who have been trained since their youth for covert operations. This unit is deadly against most all regiment types, and can also be used to ambush enemy forces on battlefields. It takes a lot of skill to command these elusive warriors, however.
 76    Obel Guards 
Obel Guards
Soldiers who grew up in Obel and have passed rigorous tests within their ruins to be accepted within the ranks of the Obel Guards. Being trained in hand-to-hand combat and magic-use on the sea, they are versatile fighters on sea--but they are also skilled in conventional battles. However, because cavalry is a foreign concept in Obel, they are very weak against cavalry charges and are no match against those who are highly specialized in their own path.
 77    Onmyoji 
Skilled in the disciplines of alchemy, astrology, and geomancy, the onmyoji are bureaucrats and sorcerers. They are particularly effective against monsters, but are weak against archers, much like most other magicians.
 78    Paladin 
Powerful knights hailing from the Warrior's Village in Toran who follow the path of Klift the Paladin. Known for their skill and tenacity on the battle field, these holy warriors are difficult to overcome in close quarters. Rigorous training and special charms have helped in reducing the effects of powerful magic.
 79    Panserbj°rne 
A regiment comprised entirely of heavily armored bears from the north. Due to their armor this regiment is incredibly powerful, weak only against those who don't use weapons. Due to the weight of their metal only the strongest can lead these warriors.
 80    Pirates 
Skilled at naval combat, pirates are deadly enemies when encountered in the high seas. They are also used to dealing with aquatic monsters. On land they are nearly useless, especially against cavalry.
 81    Plant 
Animated plants that have their own will. They are very difficult to kill due to having no blood or vital organs. They are resilient against arrows and are deadly against magicians. They have a weakness against hacking weapons used by the infantry.
 82    Raiders 
Rogues who take a liking to pillaging defenseless villages and hamlets. Equipped with various types of weapons and attacking from land or sea as they see fit, they strike fear in the hearts of innocents. When forced to engage in military action, they show surprising discipline, grouping together for defense while using ranged weapons for attacks while front ranks engage in melee.
 83    Rangers 
Magic-using swordsmen who dwell in the forest. Those who are fast and skillful are the best leader of these forest men. They are strong against infantry and other melee units, but tend to have difficulty against archers.
 84    Rebels 
Rebel soldiers and other staff that operate in rebel strongholds. In their day-to-day attire, they lack the ability to fight as effectively as they can due to lack of equipment and proper preparation.
 85    Relics 
Animated structures that are individually powerful in battle. Each of these are equal to a few dozen men, and swaths of men can be defeated by a dozen of these. Although they are weak against clerics and summoners, they are nearly impervious from attacks by all other regiment types.
 86    Reptiles 
Reptilian monsters of various size that inhabit a wide range of terrain. Lacking organization, they are no real threat to trained armies even when encountered in massive numbers.
 87    Republic Knights 
Republic Knights
Elite guardians of the Tinto Republic, trained from their youth in numerous combat arts as well as runic magic in the monastery on Sun's Crest. Effective even in smaller numbers, these knights are a formidable foe against any who dare to defy them.
 88    Rimal Kahin 
Rimal Kahin
The Rimal Kahin are ascetics living in the desert, trying to attain oneness with the sprits that inhabit the arid terrain. They serve as prophets to their people, and are able to use unique spells that are quite formidable in their local terrain. Due to the desert being a product of wind and earth, these magicians are able to control both, although they show great weakness against water-based attacks. Otherwise, they share most of the strengths and weaknesses of magicians.
 89    Rose Cavalry 
Rose Cavalry
A colorful cavalry regiment commanded by aristocrats, typically consisting of cavalrymen who are also adept at using runic magic. They are extremely powerful against most enemies, but are dreadfully weak against archers due to their ornate clothing providing little protection against long ranged weapons.
 90    Royal Guardians 
Royal Guardians
Thicker bred Bugganes that were born to be Mother's specific guards. Appearing as stone, their impassive features betray nothing of the cruelty to fulfill the Queen's wishes. Their bone armor is incredibly resilient and even absorbs all but the strongest magic.
 91    Rune Sage 
Rune Sage
Those gifted enough to use runic magic but lacking the training to make them an effective battle unit. When used to support another unit in battle they will destroy 10% of soldiers of the enemy forces from behind allied lines.
 92    Runic Vampire 
Runic Vampire
A powerful magician who has acquired vampirehood through direct contact with the Blue Moon Rune. A runic vampire can summon an undead horde at will, and are individually exceedingly powerful sorcerers who are nearly impervious to magical attacks save a select few types of magic. They are very rare, and prefer to remain hidden.
 93    Runic Werewolves 
Runic Werewolves
This already elite regiment of seasoned troops have been enhanced by using the power which emanates from the Beast Rune. Using this power the soldiers are able to transform themselves into a powerful and deadly humanoid wolf. Whilst transformed they retain all of their discipline, skill and intelligence along with a massive increase of strength, stamina, speed and reaction time. Only the strongest and most experienced soldiers are successfully able to fully absorb the power of the Beast Rune.
 94    Saikan 
Shamans and priests who protect shrines decidated to guardian spirits and other divine entities. Bound by strict tradition, they perform important ritual functions within the community through music, drama, and art. Versed in the maintenance of purity, they are highly effective against netherworldly creaturs as well as monsters. Although they have some training with weapons, this is typically for ritual purposes and their physical prowess is limited, although shrines focusing on military affairs tend to produce apt warrior priests.
 95    Samurai 
The equivalent of knights within the Shogunate of Katana. Samurai fight both mounted and on foot, and also train from their youth in the use of spears and bows. They think of their swords (katana) as an estention of their soul, and will use it only as a last resort. Although they are skillfull fighters, they are often weak against magical and supernatural beings, and their armor is relatively ineffective against crossbows and other powerful ranged weapons.
 96    Sentinels 
Guardians of nature known to invest a lot of time in mental training to attain a high level of awareness and a sense of oneness with nature. Often using weapons made from natural materials, they also possess magical powers derived from nature itself.
 97    Skald 
A regiment of warriors led by warrior poets known as a "skald." The litany uttered by these wise warriors invigorate the regiment into achieving acts of bravery, while sending fear into their enemies. Although versed in magic and swordplay, these fighters wear very little armor and can be vulnerable to long-range attacks.
 98    Skeletal Cavalry 
Skeletal Cavalry
An undead unit commanded by a powerful necromancer or a higher class undead composed of skeletal knights mounted on skeletal steeds. They emobody the same strengths and weaknesses of undead and cavalry units, making them either deadly against some, while making them an extremely fragile opponent for others.
 99    Sohei 
Warrior monks who serve their temple, often in defiance of both the Mikado and the Shogun. They are often experts in the use of the naginata, and gravitate towards wearing moderate armor. Spending much of their time in meditation, they are skilled in defending themselves against magic, and are effective against the undead. Although they have no outright weaknesses, they can not effectively match ranged attacks as well as focused melee.
 100    Sons of Sobki 
Sons of Sobki
An elite group of spearmen from the Sobki tribe, located near the swamps of Madra, renowned for their crocodile gear and prowess. Each warrior is trained a great deal from birth through a number of odd rituals including rigorous training fighting on or near the seas. The test of manhood in the Sobki Tribe is to kill a crocodile unarmed. The Sobki tribe views the crocodile as the gateway to strength and as such, every part of the crocodile is consumed or used in a man's warrior garb either as armor or as decor in order to try to go through the gateway of strength during battle.
 101    Spearmen 
Armored infantrymen armed with spears. These haughty men will only follow leaders who can wield their spears and wear their thick armor. They are strong against cavalry, but tend to have difficulty against infantry.
 102    Strategist 
Those with exceptional knowledge in the art of war. They are useless as a battle unit, but when included in a nation's battle roster, they can help steer the battle away from certain disasters.
 103    Summoners 
A magician regiment that is led by a summoner. Although summoners can not lead as many magicians into battle, they are capable of defeating monsters very easily by sending them back to the World of Emptiness. Alternately, a summoner can summon monsters from the World of Emptiness to fight for them. Otherwise they share the same strengths and weaknesses as magicians.
 104    Swordsaint 
A regiment of foot-soldiers led by a powerful swordsaint. A master of swordplay, use of runes, and combat tactics, a swordsaint has the power to single-handedly turn the tide of battle through being an inspiration and an unstoppable combat force. Overcoming them would require overwhelming force.
 105    Temple Guards 
Temple Guards
Harmonian soldiers who have been trained to protect their temples and engage in various other activities to aid the bishops and priests. Only Harmonian 1st class citizens are allowed to become Temple Guards, and its members are trained in melee-combat as well as in the use of magic. Not intended to be a combat regiment in large-scale war, they are not suited to engage in close-engagement battles, but are effective in dealing with long-ranged attacks and irregular units.
 106    The Vague 
The Vague
Indeterminate warrior-mage-candy canes from the Nameless Lands, who astound opponents with their sheer incomprehensibility. As a deconstruction of the heroic archetype, they confuse both the simple-minded and the pedantic, rendering them helpless on the battlefield. They might also be a bunch of cuddly puppies. No one knows.
 107    Theurgist 
Extremely powerful sorcerers who have the ability to invoke great powers with the aid of their arcane knowledge and symbolic rituals. Often holed up in their lab and rarely seen in combat, their powers are often used for more subtle ends.
 108    Thieves 
Horsemen who move around in groups, raiding villages and merchant caravans. They function much like weaker versions of cavalry, although they tend to be more effective in forests.
 109    Treasure Hunters 
Treasure Hunters
Not interested in land or politics, these people are only interested in profit and adventure. Joining with the army is only a way for them to make more money and beat the opposition. When used as a support unit in a defensive battle, the treasure hunters will provide double the amount of potch that would normally be received.
 110    Undead 
Animated skeletons of the war dead controlled by powerful wizards. Venerable magicians are best at controlling these abominations. They are strong against archers and weak against magicians.
 111    Valkyrja 
Warrior maidens who wield spears with devastating effect. Although they ride into battle on their steed, they prefer to fight on foot once they arrive at the battlefield. Typically small in number, they show a supernatural resilience in battle.
 112    War Elephants 
War Elephants
With their thick hide and massive strength, war elephants are behemoths in battle. They are literally unstoppable, and archers perched on their backs provide additional firepower. However, they are very difficult to train and control, making them rare.
 113    War Miners 
War Miners
Miners who have practiced their own brand of combat arts using mining tools and contraptions. With their strong armor and engineering skill, they function much like infantry with an added strength against enemies made of inorganic materials and wood. They share similar weaknesses as infantry.
 114    White Wolf Guards 
White Wolf Guards
Elite infantry units of the Highland Kingdom trained from their youth to be loyal to their King. Possessing the strength of infantry while having no apparent weaknesses against other inferior regiment types, they tend to have considerable difficulties against other irregular non-military type regiments. They are trained to fight adequately in any terrain.
 115    Wingers 
A group of highly trained soldiers who were trained by the old Prime Minister of the City-States. Organized and disciplined while fighting in what modern military defines as unconventional methods. Assembled in force, they are able to successfully overwhelm units unable to match their speed or range.
 116    Winghorde 
A race of humanoids that are born with bat-like wings. Although their wings are not fit for extended flight, it allows them to glide with relative ease. In battle, they can fight on foot or us projectile weapons while they glide. Although they naturally possess a high resistance against magic, they are forced to wear light armor due to their fragile bones and because they can not fly with too much weight.
 117    Yakuza 
Gangsters within the Shogunate of Katana, they are neverthless part of the governing structure within their nation, preserving order within the nation in exchange of being allowed to run illegal businesses. They have their own code of honor, and at times take whatever weapon they have to protect their land. Considering ranged weapons as "dishnorable," they engage entirely in melee with a variety of weapons. Nearly unarmored, their greatest strength is in their numbers.
 118    Yamabushi 
Ascetic warriors who live in the mountains, trying to attain a oneness with nature as they hone their survival skills in the wilderness. These crafty warriors are skilled with the use of bows as well as magic, making them a difficult opponent, especially when faced in the mountains.
 119    Zexen Knights 
Zexen Knights
Armored knights mounted on horses that are native to the Zexen Confederacy. Due to the lack of aristocracy, these "knights" are hardened warriors who climbed the ranks from being mere foot-soldiers, and will fight on foot when faced with enemies who are weak against infantry or when on rough terrain. Otherwise, They share common strengths and weaknesses as common cavalry.
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