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Nation Profile for: Holy Kingdom of Harmonia
Nation Profile Holy Kingdom of Harmonia Stats

Holy Kingdom of Harmonia
Nation Leader:  Kikito
Vice-Leader:  Geddoe
Overseer:  Darko
War Helper:  Ranadiel
Foreign Minister:  Sai Fujiwara
Defender of the Faith:  Geddoe
Capital:  Dusumnek
Total Regions:  7
Total Population:  473527
Mean Cultivation:  23
Mean Public Morale:  31
Mean Development:  21
Mean Culture:  29
Mean Defense:  32
Mean Commerce:  20
Military Statistics
Total Soldiers:  156105
Archer Regiments:  15
Cavalry Regiments:  14
Infantry Regiments:  24
Magician Regiments:  40
Other Regiments:  27
Nation Description
Once known as a nation in which people were heavily discriminated and classified by the Caste System, the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia has gone through countless changes in the recent years. This partly being due to the various men that have taken the helm of the nation as High Priest. Most radical of these rulers was the one known as Vincent Chase who completely abolished slavery within the Holy Kingdom. He quickly began to assign people to high positions that were once reserved for only those of pure Harmonian blood in the years past. Together they worked to unite the nation and break down the class barriers. With the insurgence of the People’s Faction, the Temple Knights and the Southern Fringe Defense Force have become the two most prominent groups in the Kingdom and with the help of the Howling Voice Guild, Harmonia continues to fight to restore its land to its former glory.

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