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Nation Profile for: Zexen Confederacy
Nation Profile Zexen Confederacy Stats

Zexen Confederacy
Chair of the Council:  Tonberry
Knight Commander:  Seraphblade
Quartermaster:  None
Head Strategist:  Sadness
Master Diplomat:  None
Silver Knights:  Vertius
Capital:  Malinsulo
Total Regions:  5
Total Population:  233487
Mean Cultivation:  19
Mean Public Morale:  31
Mean Development:  24
Mean Culture:  25
Mean Defense:  22
Mean Commerce:  22
Military Statistics
Total Soldiers:  170260
Archer Regiments:  16
Cavalry Regiments:  11
Infantry Regiments:  22
Magician Regiments:  33
Other Regiments:  15
Nation Description


The Land of Coin and Gallantry, where men of economics and war stand back-to-back, united beneath one banner. Wielding prestige through trade, art, craftsmanship and military.

The people of Zexen are split into two types of citizen under the executive order of Chairman Tonberry. The Merchant Guild, headed by Director Zaleria, maintains the internal affairs and economy ensuring the tradition and cultural welfare of the nation is maintained. The other group, the Zexen Knights under the banner of Milan Fiori handles the foreign affairs and security of the nation. Focusing on expanding the nations borders and influence across the world.


Formally a prosperous nation situated between Grassland, Tinto, and the Nameless Lands, she once set off in equal footing, along with the other nations of the world. But the unified actions of other nations stripped her of her lands, and the leaders of this once-prosperous country have been forced to begin anew. With the aid of those she could call allies, her first attempt at returning to glory prospered as she and her people obtained the town of Malinsulo to the very north. Since then, her people have strived to regain their honor, by using her economical and political sway to gain new lands in many places around the world.


During it's darkest hours, when all hope seemed lost, and military might just wasn't enough. Zexen turned inwards, choosing to enhances it's culture and take care of it's people. From these actions many of it's now core institutions were created. From it's famous Colosseum where Knights and the Champions of Nobles fight for Wealth, Honor, and Bragging Rights. To the Merriment Market or dubious Wild Stag Tavern, where the people of Zexen go to retell their greatest adventures, or compete in a Cook-off Challenge, or perhaps just partake in a nice game of cards.

Why Zexen?

Now I'm sure you're asking yourself, why would I want to be apart of Zexen? Rumors and Gossip aside, there is one simple reason. Zexen is a Family. We take care of each other, we worry about each other, we accept each other. It doesn't matter if you arrived in the nation yesterday, or a year ago. We're all the same. That's what makes Zexen Special.

Current Hierarchy of Zexen:

Thanks go Seraphblade for image. *These people have all went above and beyond the call of duty during their time in Zexen. As new members come, and show themselves worthy they will be added to the list.

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