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Nation Profile for: Tinto Republic
Nation Profile Tinto Republic Stats

Tinto Republic
President of the Republic:  iscalio
Guild Reeve:  Exile
Minister of Finances:  Marlowe
Citizen who doesn't like mining:  None
Foreign Minister:  Dew Dust
Basalt Fist:  Agahnim
Capital:  Sun's Crest
Total Regions:  23
Total Population:  2061411
Mean Cultivation:  22
Mean Public Morale:  28
Mean Development:  24
Mean Culture:  26
Mean Defense:  32
Mean Commerce:  22
Military Statistics
Total Soldiers:  255971
Archer Regiments:  9
Cavalry Regiments:  5
Infantry Regiments:  15
Magician Regiments:  17
Other Regiments:  44
Nation Description
A later nation, an afterthought but not an accident of history. Miners and outlaws from Dunan founded a republic in the deserts and mountain valleys to the west. The frontier and its desolate solitude was the root of republican virtue. A mystery of honor and industry shone like divine jewelry when the new nation was born in the depth of dark mines, defying armies and empires; when the light of a new day was loosened, with the rushing of the eagles and the coming of the name; the name that came like a thunderclap when the world awoke to Tinto.

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